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Look at this dog totally going at it with the ball. It has more skills than a lot of humans. About time to start Dog Football matches.
18 Aug 2019
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More complicated to make than you think, a lot of human interaction goes into the making.
9 Oct 2006
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show you a lot of human pressure points
23 Jun 2010
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******* Cancer doesn’t seem like an obvious subject choice for date night at the movies, does it? Well how about a funny, charming, romantic, heartfelt film about cancer? I’m Keith Kelly. My review of “50/50” coming up right now. Cancer is a very tough subject. Just about everybody has been touched by it-directly or indirectly. Cancer is not prejudiced. It devastates the young and the old, the rich and poor, the good and the bad. It’s a horrible way to leave this earthly plane. So why would anyone want to spend an hour and a half in a theatre watching a movie about cancer? Given the main storyline, I don’t think people will be swarming to see this film--but don’t let the topic scare you off-you should give it a viewing. “50/50” (named after the survival chances) is a very sweet film inspired by a true story that’s really about more than just cancer. Joseph Gordon-Leavitt plays Adam- the uptight nice guy that gets the bad news. Seth Rogen is his slacker stoner buddy Kyle that helps him deal with the lousy hand he’s been dealt. The film uses the diagnosis of cancer as an agent of change, and as a source of discovery for the characters individually, and also in their relation to others. It’s a tale about the human condition-not so much about the disease. The characters are all genuine and recognizable, helped especially by the chemistry and acting chops of Rogen and Gordon-Leavitt. Adam and Kyle are longtime best friends, almost an “odd couple” and have a great casual, loose relationship. Both change for the better because of the battle that needs to be fought. There’s lots of humor here-not exactly what you’d expect in a cancer movie, but what you WOULD expect with Seth Rogen being involved. But this time he brings lots of humanity to his role. The laughs come from real places, which makes sense once you learn that Rogen’s buddy Will Reiser wrote the script. It’s his own story that inspired the film. All the leads put in strong and nuanced performances, including a softer than usual Anna Kendrick as the therapist, Bryce Dallas Howard as the emotionally cool girlfriend and Anjelica Huston as the smothering mom. You’ll laugh a little, cry a little and rejoice about life after viewing this film. I give “50/50” directed by Jonathan Levine, a grade of “B+”. I know I’ve been given out a lot of those lately, but that’s one of the things I like about movies that come out in the fall and winter. Many of them are actually exceptional, and not just big and loud popcorn movies. I’m Keith Kelly. Get your business greater visibility, brand awareness and increased sales with online video. Contact Keith Kelly at Innovative Communications to get started. It’s easy! *******
4 Oct 2011
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******* Single dad talks about how one thing in a lot of humans holds , us back from being successful!!!
8 Feb 2013
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Good Forex training will make you aware of where the pitfalls are in trading and therefore why some traders. Armed with this information you can ensure that you do not fall into the same traps as others have. In discretionary trading, there is a lot of human psychology involved. Probably more traders lose money because of a failure to understand the various cognitive biases than through using bad trading systems.
19 Apr 2019
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