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i need one my car
4 Jan 2007
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Horn-y car drivers just make their own way to get cursed! Next time someone plays loud horns near my bu*t I’m slapping it out!
23 Apr 2019
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This is what happened. In our town we have a four lane highway that follows the river. In between the highway and the river are a BP gas station,(where 4-7 cops can be seen standing around drinking coffee at any given time) and a large doctors office to the right of it. Behind those are train tracks with a tunnel underneath for legal access to the river. Well, as we are driving up the doctors office parking lot, we can clearly see from the highway that there are two cops in the doctors office lot,(one from another jurisdiction), with their cars parked, beside each other facing opposite directions, talking to each other. My son (16) says, "let's just go somewhere else". I say "why, where not doing anything wrong." So we we drive down into the parking lot and park about 3/4's of the way across the parking lot from them, (its Easter sunday, we are he only three cars in the lot, so we are clearly not acting sketchy.") we get out and walk all the way across the parking lot and halfway down a pretty long muddy tunnel when we hear an extremely loud horn which makes us both jump.(Thats right, they called us back like dogs, using a horn when they where well within calling distance). So we turn and see two cop cars pulled up at the end of the tunnel with two cops standing next to them with their hands on their guns, looking at us. We walk all the way back to them and the conversation went as follows. Me: "Happy Easter guy's, whats up?" Them: "What are you guy's doin'?" Me:"Nothin' just gonna take a walk by the river." Cop:"Why?" I say "huh?" and look at him a little confused. Then he says,"Well most people that we see going to the river have fishing poles with them." I say,"Its Easter Sunday, I'm his father and we can't go my house right now so we where just gonna go walk around at the river to spend some time together. Why?" Cop says,"Well, it's illegal to be down there unless your fishing." This time I looked at him even more confused and said in a fairly sarcastic voice,"I can go get a fishing pole if you want me too." Then the cop, visibly flustered said,"Whatever!" Here is where I punk out, avoid conflict, and leave. I got halfway home when I began to think about Ademo's video's, and how this situation is very similar to what they fight every day. Then I thought to myself,"What would those guys do?" The answer was simple, they would go back, find that cop and in some way, let him know how wrong he was for doing what did and I will not be complying with any of his orders. So thats what I did. I was very careful to mind my tone inside the police station. I kept my voice down, (even though he immediately began yelling), I did not use foul language and I spoke clearly and with conviction. I did not make any aggressive moves toward the officer knew when and how to end the conversation. This was very effective. When I exited the police station he was visibly shaking. He did not like that I followed him back the station, confronted him and flexed my rights in front of their cameras so he couldn't crack my head open in a tunnel by the river, then give me a disorderly conduct charge. PittsburghCopblock****
1 Jan 2012
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