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9 Jun 2009
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Terri, Love ETC., General Orders No. 9, CFP: My Beautiful Laundrette
3 Jul 2011
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The emWave has been a terrific help for me in dealing with my Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Talk therapy has helped a bit, drug therapy was a disaster - with side effects I don’t wish on anyone. The emWave helps us to deal with anxiety and stress in the privacy of our own home. By learning the things that bring us peace, calm, joy, love, etc we can learn to replace these positive thoughts for the negative thoughts that cause us stress and anxiety. Please join me at www.lowermypressure**** to view my five-part series on the emWave and find out if it might be the perfect fit for your stress and anxiety relief. Don’t worry; I don’t sell emWaves, so there’s nothing to buy just helpful information if you suffer from stress and anxiety like I do. Regards,Joel.
18 Jun 2008
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About manufacture jewelry, I can only say that I had an extraordinary revelation and that in my spirit, inspiration has come down on to me when I created my first collection. Unique is the most appropriate word to define these jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, broches, fibulae, pins. These pieces are made completely by hand, from natural stones and Murano glass, all of them up to now being unique. The uniqueness is also conferred by others of the interesting details which characterize my jewelry collection: 1. In the past two years I have traveled around the world to personally select the precious and semiprecious stones assembled in these creations. 2. I have studied the energetic properties of these stones and crystals and have combined them in accordance with their power and natural potential. In this way my jewelry contains codes and special energetic formulas which attract desire, success, love, etc... 3. Order made I create jewelry which coordinates perfectly not only with the physical characteristics of a person, but also with the aspects connected to their zodiac sign. My creation celebrates the woman, her beauty, eternal femininity and to this effect I wish that all women can discover, with fascination, the jewelry created especially for them. SOON THE GOLD AND DIAMONDS COLLECTION...
6 Sep 2008
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for further information visit the link below: *******www.createyourhealth****/wordpress/ecstatic-embrace Steve Maher Steve discovered this most human phenomenon from a simple vision while meditating 10 years ago. He discovered that when two human beings hold one another for a prolonged period of time, a sense of ever-deepening comfort washes over them, obviously referencing the physicalized bond between infants and their mothers during the early months after birth. From that state of safety, participants go on an experiential journey.(what Steve refers to as a “magic carpet ride”). Withheld feelings related to daily stress, loss, trauma, unexpressed love etc. surface naturally and show themselves in their fullness.
3 Sep 2009
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Song: All of You Artist: Reba McEntire i used clips from her other videos that looked like memories of love, etc.. this video took a long time but i really enjoyed making it:D It's a beautiful song by one very, very beautiful person...Reba! Love ya Reba!!! Please leave nice comments thank you! This video won contests! contest links: ***********/watch?v=WyMJxmbXEkE contest 2: ***********/watch?v=zX-sf8rnrtk results video: ***********/watch?v=zxDLVn_BmUk
30 Nov 2009
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Photo talks will bring talk and fun to your photos. It detects people's faces on a selected photo and automatically generates dialogs shown as speech bubbles (comic clouds) for the people on the photo. The result is a funny talking photo. You can get it on Google Play, Amazon, SlideMe, GetJar, Apps.Opera, AndroidPit,... ✔ automatically detects FRONT facing people faces on the photo ✔ automatically generates dialogs suitable for the occasion the selected photo was taken on like wedding, party, children, couple in love etc.
4 Dec 2012
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Wedding is the beautiful moments which include lots of color such as fun, emotions, love etc. We , at byron bay wedding photography captures all the moments by the help of creative photography.
28 Dec 2017
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