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A soccer/football video containing some of the best skills and goals in the world. Made by Deadlydevices :]
6 Dec 2006
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More goals and skills from around the world in the game we love, football (soccer :]). Check out my other videos for more fun.
13 Apr 2007
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Baseball Highlights Tyler Fiske - Home Safe! Everett Memorial Stadium Home of the AquaSox
12 Sep 2008
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Song: Come Together Now (Main Mix) Artist: The Game, Celine Dion, Nick Carter, JoJo, Ruben Studdard, Faith Evans, John Legend, Jesse Macartney, Wyclef Break, Kimberly Locke, Anthony Hamilton, Joss Stone, Brian Mcknight, Kelly Price, Stacie Orrico, Chingy, Glenn Lewis, Mya, Natalie Cole, Lee Ryan, Gavin Degraw, Patti Labelle, Garu, Angie Stone, AJ Mclean My 4th Amv and my opinion worse than my 3rd... but love the song and thought scenes went with song..
21 Jun 2009
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Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love with lyrics
4 Apr 2011
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Got bored and decided to show off my skills in DDR. I'm an average player but love the game.
6 May 2007
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God I love this series, plus I love the game Ridge Racer as well.... And I could not get this idea out of my mind, so I just had to make this video. It's my first try with tekst, that comes up on the scene, showing up what the singer sings about. Please enjoy ^^
17 Aug 2007
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I used scrabble to lure more than 1000 women into bed with me because if I had told them I wanted sex with them, then they would have ran a mile but to tell them I wanted to play scrabble with them, this seem to get them more interested because most women love the game and all have played it but little did they realize that I was using scrabble to get them to have sex with them, so they came here in their hundreds to play scrabble with me over a glass of wine. Playing the Game sitting next to them while they drank wine got them exited and as the wine went to their heads, their eyes would light up with a big smile on their face, soon they would be enjoying the game with me rubbing into them as we played, then we would start kissing, the kisses would get longer and warmer and they would soon be wanting more, the game would be on hold as would just fall over and make passionate love, it worked every time, Google Me, Clive Worth but there are 4 Google searches of me, My 100,000 lovers, Clive Worth News, Clive Worth blogs and Clive Worth,
17 Jun 2008
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In this episode we cover: -Our perfect days -The perfect day game -We ask you your perfect day -We recap our talk about authenticity! So we just played a great game called "What's Your Perfect Day?" with a big group of people and we love the game so we decided to play with you! Record a video and let us know what YOUR perfect day is! WE LOVE YOU! Jenny & Otis *******www.funkmeyers****
13 Mar 2009
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*******blastoffcommunicationsreview****/ Damien is skeptical if blast off communications is a scam or something that he can really use - he's shocked and amazed and LOVES the games!
17 Sep 2009
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY MAURICE SCARBOROUGH You're watching multisource sports video news analysis from Newsy. Heisman Trophy winner and BCS National Champion Cam Newton has announced he will enter the 2011 NFL draft. Newton, who helped lead the Auburn Tigers to a National title, is rated as one of the top quarterbacks in the draft, but some are speculating whether his talents will translate to the NFL.... Newton has received praise for his natural athleticism, leadership skills and overall ability as a player. But ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper says, he isn’t without his flaws. “The BCS title game did bring to light some flaws and Cam Newton projecting into the NFL. The inaccuracy on the throw, the short throw -- this could have been a touchdown. The overthrow on the deep ball that could have put that game out of reach, the interception as well. Again red flags for Cam Newton in that game. Now he does have ideal size, a great arm, mobility all of that, but I think he is a developmental quarterback. If they need him to be the guy right away, don’t draft Cam Newton. If you have time to develop him, he could be the right man for the job two or three years down the road.” A writer for sports blog Mocking the Draft says, love him or hate him.... “Cam Newton will be the most polarizing player in the 2011 NFL Draft...Newton is a rare talent. With his size, athleticism and arm strength, Newton has more potential than any player in this year's draft. That alone will get him picked in the first round...But his negatives may scare some teams off completely. Newton will have to greatly refine all of his mechanical flaws if he wants to succeed in the pros.” On FanHouse, former NFL player LeCharles Bentley says critics be damned. “He loves the game, he has what you call the intangible facet to him as a football player, and more importantly as a quarterback. Now as far as his ability as a quarterback right now, everything that he doesn’t have he can learn. He can learn how to read coverages, he can learn how to take snaps from under the center, he can learn how to do those things. His throwing mechanics, you can improve on those." And a blogger for CBS Sports says, he’s not sure if Newton will be a great pro, but says the quarterback is already in better shape than some other high-profile first round picks. “I will say this: I think he's a better passer than both Vince Young and Tim Tebow were coming out of college. Some will say that's not hard to do, but both were first-round picks. Should Newton be a first-round pick? Time will tell.” So what do you think? Is Cam Newton ready for the NFL? Get more multisource sports video news analysis from Newsy.
18 Jan 2011
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Follow a beautiful and inspiring story of four young golfers as the take a journey to becoming champions in this riveting tale. In 1957, when very few Mexican-Americans were familiar with the game of golf, and even less actually played it, a group of young caddies which had been recruited to form the San Felipe High School Golf Team by two men who loved the game, but who had limited access to it, competed against all-white schools for the Texas State High School Golf Championship. Despite having outdated and inferior equipment, no professional lessons or instructions, four young golfers with self-taught swings from the border city of Del Rio, captured the State title. Three of them took the gold, silver and bronze medals for best individual players. Mustang Miracle tells their story from their introduction to the game as caddies to eventually becoming champions.
17 Oct 2011
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