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Skyline Publishing is a family owned business established on November 11th, 2005. The Lindsey family has over 12 years experience in the publishing and marketing business. Having begun with 7 employees we currently employ over 50 full-time staff including 7 Graphic Artists with over 18 years of combined experience in the field. We produce and publish 8.5 x 11 Community Relocation Guide Booklets for many areas of the United States, with local advertisers featured in FULL COLOR. We produce and publish 3.5 x 2 business cards (laminated or non-laminated) for many businesses in the United States, with the advertisers featured in FULL COLOR. We produce and publish 11 x 17 City maps of many different cities in the United States, with the advertisers featured in FULL COLOR. To view samples of the maps, booklets, or business cards, please click on “Samples” at the top of the page, or the individual links for more detailed information. If you would like additional information please click on the "Contact" page.
This is an Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics RMS which allows you to set up a Loyalty program for your customers. Loyalty keeps your customers coming back for more and helps build your customer database. Who in Retail could not use MORE CUSTOMERS? If you are so busy that you don't want or need to build your business any further, then ignore this video. If you would like to insure that existing customers come back and buy more, watch this video to learn how we can help. Call us TOLL FREE 877-627-0636, Visit us on the web at www.ASSUREDCOMPTECH.COM or Email: SolutionsAssuredCompTech****
28 Nov 2008
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The automotive marketplace is becoming more and more competitive every year, providing customers with plenty of options. According to research from R.L. Polk and Company, nearly half of all Americans are easily swayed about their personal transportation and end up buying a completely different brand or model car each time. But while analyzing over 9.5 million retail purchases last year and tracking to see if customer loyalty was to stay with a manufacturer within a brand, there were some winners. General Motors won big for overall loyalty to manufacturer by retaining 62.5% of its owners who bought cars in 2008. Chevrolet won four individual model awards for their vehicle categories proving loyalty to some automotive brands may be more than skin deep. Polk suggests, if carmakers want to maintain their owner's loyalty, they need to focus on three things: maintaining quality, creating brand excitement, and improving technology. Produced for General Motors
9 Feb 2009
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10 Dec 2009
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******* - Increasing loyalty through customer service is a sure fire way to ensure success in your business. For more articles on leadership and personal development, check out Kris's blog on Attraction Marketing at *******krisdeleon****
21 Feb 2010
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*******www.retrievernpc****/cms/services/gift-loyalty-cards?=GiftandLoyaltyCardslink1 Gift and Loyalty Cards - Retriever card gift cards can replace paper gift certificates. Gift & loyalty card programs are designed to increase your customer traffic and encourage customers to spend more money. Retrievers card program can also be used to keep track of purchases to reward customer loyalty. For more info on Gift and Loyalty Cards visit our website. *******www.retrievernpc****/cms/services/gift-loyalty-cards?=GiftandLoyaltyCardslink2
29 Apr 2010
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*******www.fourqp**** gaining the loyalty of all under heaven
16 May 2010
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In a world of darkness, loyalty lights the way in Dungeon Siege 3.
9 Feb 2011
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Q:Can you tell us how your loyalty program works? Jerry: One of the things that the business need which is critical is the database. It can be the life blood of that business, future income forever. Now what we do when we work with restaurants, we provide comment cards we print them we send them to the restaurant and there's information on that comment card. For instance, how did you like the restaurant? Did you like the service? Did you like the food? That information's for the restaurant. We're not interested on that. What we are interested in is name, address, birthday, anniversary, and of course, email. That's the type of information that we want. As I said we print those cards for the restaurant, the restaurant then takes those cards, put them into the priority envelope what we send them free, put a label on it, and they send it back to us. Once we get that then we database it and we put the all information in the database which by the way belongs to the restaurant. It doesn't belong to us. So that database is always the restaurant's database. Within two weeks what we do is we send out a thank you card. These cards as well as the birthday and the anniversary cards are all paid for by us. And I just wanna show you the type of quality that we provide. These are some of the cards that we have produced they are four-color cards. They are sent by the way first-class, not slow mail so people get them the next day. The first of each month the birthday cards go out and the first of each month the anniversary cards go out of course the thank you cards go out every two weeks so we keep up to date with that. Once they do that and the people get these cards the other thing that we have as far as the limitation is, they must come back with at least a party four or more and that's very important. You don't want to see people coming back and getting the same cards. You wanna develop the database or increase the database so you are inviting them to bring their friends particularly birthdays they have parties many times you find one card come in with 10-12 people very easy it's an increase of people. They hold on to these cards. They use them when they want and absolutely will increase the businness. We're so sure about that. We guarantee you 500% ROI.
18 Aug 2011
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It's amazing how well QpINs**** works for businesses! Sometimes a new method of attracting and retaining customers seems too good to be true and just has to be experienced. From the restaurant and food service industry featuring Ben Horwath of Ben's Yogurt N Deli from Spokane, Washington! Ben explains that in only a short time he has built a powerful database that he uses to drive traffic to both of his stores. He sends VIP customers specials, time sensitive deals that drives traffic with around a 10% response rate which drives revenue into the cash register! Ben's stores become more profitable each month with the QpINs**** mobile loyalty marketing system! Customer satisfaction has increased as well!
30 Aug 2011
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Q: Could you tell us a little bit about how the email portion loyalty program works? Jerry: When a restaurant uses our program including the cards we will give them unlimited free email blast. These are the type of email blast that we send out for the restaurant. They can send them out in thousands, hundreds how ever much the restaurant and how often the restaurant wants to do it. We also send out emails for birthdays and anniversary and these are very personal. In other words the computer that we have will print "Dear, John / Dear Mary" in a list thank you or happy birthday on July 4th or July 8th. It actually puts that in so when they received it, it appears that they getting a first very personal invitation from the restaurant. Most of the restaurants use the cards solely and the email blast some the restaurants duplicate the cards with the birthday and anniversary emails as well.
9 Sep 2011
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If eighty percent of your business comes from twenty percent of your customers, what are you doing to bring those customers in more often? If you could bring in those customers for one or two additional visits during a normal sales cycle, what would that mean to your bottom line? When you partner with QpINs dot com and implement our loyalty marketing services, you will soon find out. Picture this, a customer comes into your place of business and joins your loyalty marketing database by simply entering in their cell phone number into your touchscreen loyalty kiosk. The sytem sends them a text message welcoming them and giving them an exclusive, vip only offer as a thank you. Its that easy! Fast forward a week and now its time to invite those customers back in for another visit. A text message is sent out, and received by all your loyal customers! Today ONLY, show this exclusive text message to get today's VIP ONLY offer! Now watch your customers roll in, cellphones in hand, ready to redeem that amazing deal or limited time special. If you are looking for a trackable marketing method that provides strong and consistent return on investment with a integrated, hands on level of service then its time to partner with us and implement the most impactful loyalty marketing solution around. QpINs****
25 Oct 2011
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******* Repeat Returns Loyalty marketing has increased my sales by 35%. Really easy program and very affordable. ******* For more information 888 406 1036 *******
28 Nov 2011
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