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LTTE (tamil tigers) provide ARMY tranning to the CIVIL people! they use GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS for these works! AND THEY GIVE 5000 RS (LKR) for CIVIL FOR EACH GOVERNMENT SOLDIER THEY KILL!!!!
17 Jun 2007
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Sri Lanka Security Forces closing in to LTTE's Beiruit camp complex: Thoppigala
26 Jun 2007
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Commandos and soldiers of the SL Army have reached the Baron's Cap (Thoppigala) this morning (11 July) , said Defence sources in the East. With this victory, troops have captured the "nerve centre" of the LTTE terrorists' in their last stronghold in the Eastern province. Meanwhile, troops have also gained the full control over Narakamula, and Tharavikulama areas where, the LTTE leadership had its' Eastern headquarters and other fortifications. The victorious soldiers are presently clearing enemy "pockets" scattered in the dense jungle and are pursuing the LTTE cadres who are on the run. According to The Media Center for National Security (MCNS), army during this operation has captured two 120mm mortar guns and number of vehicles including five tractors, one bulldozer, one cantor truck, and two double cabs abandoned by the fleeing terrorists. The MCNS further added the troops still have to wipe up a large amount of booby traps, land mines and anti personnel mines left by the terrorists to claim the area fully cleared of the terrorists. SL military undertook their noble mission to liberate the Eastern Province form terror clutches when the LTTE terrorists closed down the Mavil Aru anicut in June 2006. The terrorists launched a massive offensive against the security forces in August 2006 with the intention of capturing the areas South of Trincomalee district. Having crushed the terror offensive successfully, SL military liberated Sampoor , and Vakaria by January 2007. After liberating Vakarai, LTTE domination had been restricted to Thoppigala area where they had continued to attack civilians and the security forces in the Eastern province. Since February this year, the security forces commenced their march into the remaining LTTE dominated areas in the East . Police Special Task Force (STF) personnel moved from Kangikaidichchiaru northwards, wiping out LTTE bases up to Pillumalai while the SL Army soldiers moved westward form Vavunativu capturing Kokkadicholai, Ayittimalai, Unnichchai and Karadiyanru LTTE bases. By April 2007, the troops were able to capture the part of the A-5 main road between Chenkaladi and Mahoya. Since then, SL Army soldiers were engaged in the Herculean task to capture dense jungle terrain in Thoppigala, which had been under the LTTE domination since 1994. The troops advanced form three frontiers namely; Karadiyanaru Northward, Sittandi Westward and Welikanda southward up against terror barricades, booby traps, land mines in the rocky jungle terrain. The Eastern Province of the Island is made up of 9,965 square kilometers in extent and covers around 16 per cent of the total land area of Sri Lanka. The maximum length is 286 kilometres from Kumana in the south to Pulmoddai in the north-east. The maximum breadth is 89 kilometres from Ulhitiya in the west to Kirankulam in the East. The province is enriched with a 420 kilometre coastline (Ampara 110 kms, Batticaloa 100 kms and Trincomalee 210 kms). It is the only province with three airports at Trincomalee, Batticaloa and Ampara.
12 Jul 2007
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Troops conducting search operations in the Thoppigala jungle have found a Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) of the LTTE terrorists in the Omunugala area at around 12:00 noon, today ( July 18). The MBRL is one of the important items of heavy armour of the LTTE terrorists, and had been used against both troops and civilians. According to Defence sources in the East, the troops had dug up the MBRL which was found dumped at a location close Omunugala, West of Narakamula. This is a part of the heavy armour the LTTE had abandoned when it fled the Thoppigala jungle as troops moved in for the final assault on Baron's Cap. The LTTE terrorists had damaged some of heavy armour and vehicles they left behind as they fled Thoppigala. It is believed that some more heavy guns of the terrorists could be lying hidden in the jungle terrain of Thoppigala. More search operations will be under way to recover these. The troops made today's find amid the campaign by certain political elements in the South to bring disgrace to the soldiers who won an important victory against the terrorists in the Eastern province. Some of these politicians have even gone to the extent of insulting the soldiers by raising ill-informed questions about the fate of the LTTE's arsenal in Thoppigala.
19 Jul 2007
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This battle wins SL ARMY.LTTE can not save there camps in Topigala. This is great victory of SL Army.
17 Aug 2007
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LTTE Hospital complex found from the Thoppigala Kulawadchcholai area in Sri Lanka on 20 August 2007.
23 Aug 2007
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Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets targeted a hideout of a very senior LTTE leader which was located at Vishvamadu, in the north of Iranamadu this morning (October 2). Air force sources said that the targeted location was completely destroyed in the air raid that took place at 6.30 a.m
9 Oct 2007
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Army rescues LTTE child soldier - Mannar (Sri Lanka)
12 Jun 2008
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Security forces continued multi-pronged offensives at Wanni and Northern battle theaters yesterday (August 15) killing 19 LTTE terrorists while injuring 13 others according to finalized military reports received
15 Aug 2009
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she comments who are the LTTE
9 Dec 2008
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57 brigade of SL army found this LTTE training centre...
16 Feb 2009
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Recently sri lankan forces found LTTE boat/submarine factory...Live scenes from that yard...
25 Feb 2009
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SL forces found LTTE's swiming pool in the thick jungle...Top leaders of LTTE might have used it...
26 Feb 2009
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