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The incomparable comedy radio duo Lum ‘n Abner took their enormously successful act to the silver screen in the nineteen forties. A gladdening distraction from the Depression, So This is Washington finds the two country bumpkins taking their invention to Washington to help the war effort. The idea: licorice as a substitute for rubber! Lum and Abner brand of family friendly humor continues to tickle audiences today. So This is Washington is one of their best.
7 Dec 2007
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Lum and Abner were the biggest stars at the height of American radio. The ulta-successful team would move on to motion pictures later in their career, ever enhancing their unhinged popularity. The Bashful Bachelor finds the country bumpkins engaged in staged accidents and rescues in order to woo the beautiful Geraldine (Zasu Pitts). The high jinks continue with everything from horseracing to wrongly delivered engagement proposals. Lum and Abner delight with jokes and melodrama at a time when America needed a pleasant distraction from World War II. The Bashful Bachelor filled that need then, just as it enchantingly fills it today.
7 Jan 2008
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Lum Yati Nazeeru *******www.iecrcna****
22 Oct 2009
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LMA – who hasn't heard of it? The LUMS Media Arts Society, undoubtedly one of the largest and most happening societies at LUMS, inspires all those who recognize the ever growing importance of media as a powerful channel for human expression. LMA is dedicated to creating, producing and promoting all forms of media amongst students. Through varied media ventures related to photography and film making, this society fosters excellence in creative expression, aesthetic appreciation and practical incorporation of media.The event that LMA organizes and holds are geared towards understanding the importance of media and server as outlets for innovative and productive activities. The main events are FiLUMS, the annual All Pakistan short film festival; Olympiad, manifold event celebrating art and media; and Film Realm, a short film, photography and photo essay competition. Not only are these events attended by the leading universities and schools of the country and many talented individuals, but they also receive immense media coverage and celebrity attention.
10 Sep 2010
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GCU comics: LUMS chapter brings you "LUMS Culture", ********www.facebook****/hellofgamers
17 Apr 2013
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Traditional thai music
9 Mar 2007
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Traditional music of North-Eastern of Thailand
14 Mar 2007
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8 Jul 2010
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I stalked my ex on Facebook to find out she's dating a stripper!
6 Aug 2010
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7 Jun 2011
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22 May 2013
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An advertisement of CADBURY PERK CHOCOLATE made by LUMS students for PLAY IT: Ad making competition hosted by LES ( LUMS entrepreneurial Society). Won first prize.
31 May 2007
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