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Teens Encouraged to Pledge to Safe and Sober Partying During Prom It is prom season and time to THINK about that special date. Mothers Against Drunk Drivings (MADD) THINK.Prom program, which is nationally sponsored by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company (Nationwide), asks students to pledge to be alcohol and drug free during prom. THINK.Prom is part of the THINK. year round, alcohol use prevention program launched last fall by MADD and Nationwide to empower students to pledge to be alcohol and drug free all year. The peer to peer, accountability program provides consistent, positive and lifesaving messages to young people who receive many inconsistent messages about alcohol from friends, siblings and even parents. For the first time this year, high school students can enter the THINK.Prom Video Scrapbook Contest. Keeping the Party Safe. Party Sober theme in mind, students can submit a video up to two minutes in length starting February 22 through April 2. The winning student will receive a $500 award and the students school will receive a $1,000 award from Nationwide. The THINK.Prom video contest is a creative way students can share lifesaving messages and encourage their peers to think about their choices, said Bill Windsor, Nationwide associate vice president of Safety. Teens use technology as a way of communicating with one another and listening to one another. We view this as an opportunity to showcase their work while promoting a fun prom without alcohol. Everyone wins when students have a safe, sober and memorable prom. Statistics show that traffic deaths among teens during typical prom season weekends (March 1-May 31) are higher than any other time of year. In 2005, 290 young people ages 15-20 were killed in alcohol related crashes of those 198 deaths involved a 15-20 year old impaired driver. We cant stress enough that the choices students make today affect their world tomorrow, said Glynn Birch, MADD national president. We want to encourage teens to make a pledge to party safe and sober at prom so they can remember every detail of one of the biggest nights of the year. We are asking students to make a promise to each other leave alcohol out of prom, never ride with someone who has been drinking and to buckle up. We are proud to work with Nationwide to provide the THINK.Prom program because young lives shouldnt be cut short due to alcohol. Students can receive a number of rewards for making good choices including free Napster downloads, text messaging, screensavers and cell phone wallpaper. Schools participating in the THINK.Prom program receive a pledge pack that includes a giant pledge signing banner, individual pledge sheets, a powerful DVD to show in the classroom or to an entire assembly, artful awareness posters, ID cards, event hand stamp and giveaways such as penny stickers, party mints and rear-view mirror tags. Schools also receive safety posters for spring break and graduation. Alcohol is the No. 1 drug problem among youth killing more young people than all other illicit drugs combined. More than 6,000 young people die each year due to alcohol-related causes including traffic crashes. In 2005, 2,035 15-20 year olds were killed in alcohol related traffic crashes. Of those, 1,387 youth aged 15-20 died in crashes involving a 15-20 year old alcohol impaired driver. THINK.Prom Video Contest Rules The contest runs from February 22 through April 2. Students can upload their video entries at the video service Web site of their choice. The winner of the video scrapbook contest will be announced in early May and will receive a $500 cash award from Nationwide, and will be featured on the think.madd**** Web site and in the THINK.Prom 2008 school assembly DVD. The winning entrants school will also receive a $1,000 cash award from Nationwide. Students must first review and accept the official contest rules at think.madd**** before submitting their entry. For more information on the THINK.Prom program, video contest or materials, visit think.madd****. To download the broadcast quality video news release (VNR), sound bites, B-roll and audio news release (ANR), please go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/madd/26893. About MADD MADD has a long-standing history of supporting safe choices among today' youth in schools and in communities. MADDs in school education and prevention programs for elementary to high school students include Protecting You/Protecting Me, multimedia assembly shows and class packs, Youth In Action, AlcoholEdu for High School and Red Ribbon week materials. MADD also works with young people, law enforcement and the entire community to limit alcohol access to youth. Founded in 1980, MADD' mission is to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking. MADD's Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving calls for intensive, high visibility law enforcement, mandatory ignition interlocks for all convicted drunk drivers, development of advanced vehicle based technology and community support. MADD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, grassroots organization with approximately 400 affiliates and 2 million members and supporters nationwide. For more information, please visit www.madd**** or call (800) GET MADD.
21 Mar 2007
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Thank you for taking the time to consider our #TAXI PSA in support of MADD and its fight against drunk driving. In 2005, an estimated 16,885 people died in alcohol-related traffic crashes-an average of one every 40 minutes. These deaths constitute 39 percent of the 43,433 total traffic fatalities. Of these, 12,945 involved a driver with an illegal BAC (.08 or greater). The attached #TAXI 15 Second PSA video (Martini version) emphasizes how critical this December/January holiday period is and we appreciate your support in helping to prevent further drinking and driving incidents during this critical holiday time frame. A non-seasonal 15 Second BEER Version is included that can run all year round starting now and added to the Martini spot to make a 30 second spot.
2 Jan 2008
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MADD - Drunk Driving Awareness
13 Jan 2008
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With the 2008 prom season just around the corner, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company (Nationwide), ask students to pledge to be alcohol and drug free during prom and year round. THINK.Prom, part of the THINK. year-round, alcohol-use prevention program launched by MADD and Nationwide in 2006 empowers students to pledge to be alcohol and drug free all year in schools across the country. "Underage drinking is a prelude to drunk driving," said Glynn Birch MADD national president. "Research shows that the earlier youth drink, the more likely they are to be alcohol dependent and drive drunk. Students who sign the THINK.Prom pledge show their commitment to staying healthy and alcohol free." To view Multi-Media News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/MADD/31903/
9 Feb 2009
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kimya madde bilgisi soru çözüm
11 Jan 2009
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madde of glass
9 Nov 2009
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www.bedava-mac-izle.azbuz**** Tüm Tehlikeli Madde Raplerini indirebilirsiniz...
16 May 2009
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Mc Serkan (Tehlikeli Madde) - Dayanamiyorum Ben (By-MC.Oktay)
2 Aug 2009
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Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Nationwide Insurance launched “The Power of Parents, It's Your Influence by MADD™” today to give parents of high school students the communication tools they need to stop teen alcohol use. The program features resources at thepowerofparents****. A GfK Roper Youth Report showed 74% of kids (age 8-17) said their parents are the leading influence on their decisions about drinking. Data also shows that a zero tolerance message from parents to teens is the most effective in deterring underage drinking and it also supports the lifesaving 21 drinking age law, which is in all 50 states. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******multivu.prnewswire****/mnr/madd/40311/
6 Nov 2009
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10 Mar 2010
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Kuran mucizeleri; Madde nakli
3 Oct 2010
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Madd Marv talks about the Maury Povich show.
24 Feb 2011
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