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Almond oil is a good source of vitamin E, magnesium, copper, and phosphorus. Moreover, its consumption helps in lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
25 May 2021
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What will happen if you mix up black powder and magnesium?It'll start burning...
31 May 2006
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Magnesium ribbon and turnings are placed into the center of a block of dry ice and ignited. This energetic reaction produces Magnesium Oxide and elemental carbon.2Mg + CO2 --> C +2MgO***Note-This was my only take this year, I used so much magnesium I burned through the block. Also, that is the bell not the fire alarm. Still funny though.
17 Dec 2006
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Dr. Benzinger from secondopinion**** with health information on The Magnesium Miracle.
24 Jul 2007
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Music: Kevin MacLeod Halloween 2007. Has it been a year already? Well it is time for my halloween demos. Thanks to Metacafe, this years halloween show will have 250 pounds of solid CO2 (dry ice) for my chemistry demonstrations. This reaction is between metallic magnesium and carbon dioxide. Magnesium reacts with oxygen in the air to form magnesium oxide, but when the only source of oxygen is from CO2 the reaction becomes much more energetic. The products are white magnesium oxide and blck carbon.2Mg + CO2--> 2MgO + C
30 Oct 2007
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Magnesium combustion- Ultra strong white light
7 Nov 2008
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A mix of powdered sulphur (sulfur)and magnesium with a ration of about 1:3 hope you like it!
21 Dec 2008
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Magnesium is one of the most commonly used structural metals, being light and strong. It's necessary for living cells. And was used in early flash photography. But what you really want to know, is it 'splodey? Let's find out!! Oh, and there are also special appearances by "Chris Crocker" and the "Cookie Monster" (both impersonations done badly by me) as they drag you kicking and screaming through a few Internet Memes of 2007. You can refer to WebElements (*******www.webelements****/magnesium/) for more on Magnesium. Or just use Google, silly. Special thanks goes out to Martyrd (www.myspace****/martyrd) for the rights to use "Blue and Black" in this video, and to Andrew (www.myspace****/morbidcaffienejunkies) for being an excellent camera-using minion.
31 May 2008
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Watch the Reaction between the Burning Magnesium and Added Carbon Dioxide Ice.
9 Sep 2008
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Enjoy the benefits on magnesium on your skin, with a luxurious, relaxing magnesium bath. Available at *******www.swansonvitamins****
25 Jun 2009
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31- Magnesium Osteoporosis, 32- Pregnant Women: Does magnesium chloride work on osteoporosis, bursitis and arthrosis? Yes, because it regulates the whole calcium metabolism. It fixes the calcium where it should be, for example, on osteopenias, and osteoporosis and removes the calcium from where it should not be, from arteries, joints, it removes calcium oxalate stones from kidneys removes general calcifications in calcified bursitis. It removes the calcium when it is in the wrong place and fixes the calcium where there is a deficiency provided that at the same time the person has a diet rich in calcium, so for those who take magnesium chloride there is no risk at all of taking excess calcium. There is a risk of excess calcium, arteries and joints calcification for those who are not taking magnesium, which regulates the distribution of calcium, in this case really there is a risk. Many people think that those who have arteriosclerosis cannot take calcium because it will harden the arteries, it will, if is not taken with magnesium, but if taken along with magnesium, no, because the calcium is only going to fix where it should be. The magnesium is the regulator of calcium. Can pregnant or breastfeeding women use auto-hemotherapy? Pregnant women can have auto-hemotherapy, there is no danger whatsoever. When breastfeeding, the milk will contain more antibodies than if she were not having auto-hemotherapy. The child will receive an immunological boost.
9 Jan 2010
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15- Pure Magnesium, 16- Mag dosage, 17- Warts, 18- Humid Magnesium: Pure Magnesium Chloride: At the shop where I buy it, B. Herzog, at Miguel Couto Street, it is sold as packed at the Sao Pedro da Aldeia factory. Now there are many factories that remove the magnesium from the salt to sell it separately. Dosage of magnesium to be used: It is the simplest thing to prepare: 20g (twenty grams) or two level tablespoons in 1 (one) litre of water. If the person doesn't have any problems, as a food supplement, drink 1 (one) small cup per day, the size of an expresso cup. But if the person already has a spine with osteophytes (osteophytose), arthrosis, take 2 (two) small cups a day, the size of an expresso cup of magnesium chloride solution. For kidney stones, I prescribe 3 (three) a day, when they are calcium oxalate stones. This strong solution of 20g (twenty grams) in 1 (one) litre of water is not used to wash wounds. An isotonic solution of 20g (twenty grams) in 2 (two) litres of water is used. This solution works better than disinfectants. Because, besides working as a disinfectant, it stimulates the Immune System in the area of the wound. And in cases of warts? Warts happen due to a lack of magnesium. And due to this deficiency viruses are able to multiply and warts are created. What if the chloride becomes humid inside the bottle? There is no problem, it is not important at all, the salt has no expiry date, magnesium has no expiry date, it is eternal.
14 Jan 2010
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14- Magnesium Chloride: Magnesium is vitally important and needs to be taken on a daily basis; everybody should take it, because food today is low in magnesium. The reason is very simple, being that plants greatly need magnesium in order to breathe. Their chlorophyllic mechanism, i.e. fixation of carbonic gas and elimination of oxygen, is the opposite of what we do. In plants, chlorophyll does this through magnesium. What happens is that the chemical fertiliser used nowadays is NPK - nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Magnesium in the earth is not being replaced. In the past - when cities were made up of houses with septic tanks - the magnesium eliminated through feces went back to the phreatic zone. But today everything goes into the rivers and the sea, resulting in an increasingly low rate of magnesium in the soil. The two most important functions of magnesium are the regulation of the metabolism of calcium in the organism, and the fixation of calcium where it should be and the elimination of calcium where it should not be. Spinal calcifications, joint calcifications, artery calcifications, happen due to this lack of magnesium. Kidney calcifications, calcium oxalate stones, happen due to a lack of magnesium. It is sufficient to give patients magnesium because it dissolves their kidney stones, provided they are not urate and phosphate type stones. Professor Pierre Delbet, a medical doctor, applied magnesium to wash wounds in the 1914 to 1918 war, without knowing why. Later he discovered magnesium also activates the Immune System. The proof is that, in France, the cancer map and the magnesium map show that the southern half of France has a lot of magnesium and the death rate from cancer was less than 3.5% (three and half percent). And in the north of France, where the land is poor in magnesium, more than 8,5% (eight and half percent) of people died from cancer. In Italy it is much worse, the experience is very interesting, due to a decree by one of the Caesares in force until today. Many people die from cancer without knowing why. In Professor Pierre Delbet's book The Preventive Policy of Cancer, he shows the incidence of cancer from the north to the south of Italy. Because of a decree still in force, from an emperor, one of the Roman Caesares, it was forbidden to carry salt from one region to another in order to prevent salt becoming more expensive, this was the reason. Because of this - and as the north of Italy is very rich in rock salt mines, earth salt that only contains sodium chloride and zero magnesium - the incidence of cancer ranges from 7% (seven percent) to 10% (ten percent). On the other hand, in central Italy, where the capital Rome is located, people use sea salt. But, as they can afford more, they use a salt that has a tiny little bit of magnesium, 0.08% (zero point zero eight per cent) of magnesium. The incidence of cancer drops to 4.5% (four and half percent). And in the south of Italy, because of the poverty, people use the salt that is given to cattle, which is a salt very rich in magnesium, but turns into water, it becomes brine. So they use wooden vats, where they put the salt to season the food. This is their tradition. And for this reason in the south of Italy the incidence of cancer doesn't even reach 2% (two percent), because of the amount of magnesium it contains. Do you know where the magnesium chloride we use here in Rio de Janeiro comes from? It comes from the salt produced in Cabo Frio, where the magnesium chloride - which is highly hygroscopic - is removed so the salt can be traded and have a higher value.
12 Jan 2010
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Dr. Rocco explains a new test available to our clinic that determines if someone is magnesium deficient. It isn't a blood test and all you need to do is scrape the cheek of your mouth for some cells. People with headaches, muscle cramps, sore muscles should look into this.
12 Mar 2010
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