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Hello ! Friends..I am Rajesh Maurya from India. My biggest passion is without a doubt drawing, I really love the feeling of creating something emotional, beautiful and unique. Drawing is my biggest passion and has been since 2000. Each day I grow to love it even more. I have been drawing on and off since I was a little boy, it was a great way of getting through sad times. I drew my first real portrait when I was about 12 years old of Joohi Chawla. The following years I didn't draw as I was busy with school and I didn't really feel the passion for it. When I was 17 years old I started drawing people again and slowly I began to love it more and more. When I was 21 I really started drawing like crazy and today I love it more than ever. My biggest inspiration is my feelings, things I have been going through in life. I find inspiration in the music I listen to as well as it has an amazing way of giving you a certain feeling of either joy or sadness. I love to portray feelings, especially sad ones as it has a great deep meaning to me. My favourite motive is the human face as well as fairies and angels, there's something magic about it. I love to create something based on an emotion, whether it be my fantasy drawings or portraits. I think art should always have emotions as it makes you feel something and can move you in so many different ways. I hate: Winter and cold - though I think snow can be very beautiful and mesmerizing on a sunny winter day. Wind - it always messes up you hair. Fake dishonest people. People who steal other's artwork and claim it to be theirs. Spiders and last but not least brussel sprout. Rajesh Maurya 91-0522-9454322927 me.sunny317gmail**** me_sunny317yahoo***.in
17 Jun 2010
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