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Kids Make A huge mess with a brand new bottle of baby powder,
3 Jul 2008
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*******www.expressionsink**** Now it’s time for the most exciting part of printing with a yudu machine, the printing. This is when you actually use the ink and run it through the screen and on to the item to be printed. The process is really pretty simple. First you need to place an item to be printed on the machine. T-shirts are very common items to be screen printed. The yudu machine makes this very easy. For an adult size shirt use the adult platen. This is a plastic piece that goes inside the shirt giving it a rigid support and some alignment capabilities for both the shirt on the platen as well as the platen on the machine. With the item in place you them put the screen into the lid part of the machine. Then drop the lid down to where it is just above the item to be printed but not touching. We then grab our bottle of ink. Yudu ink is a water based product and really easy to work with. You will want to make sure it is well shaken up before using. Always put your finger over the cap to make sure you don’t make a huge mess. With the yudu ink shaken up, you then place a nice thick ribbon or two just above the design to be printed. The amount of ink is dependant upon the size of the design. You then use the yudu squeegee to pull the ink over the deign and flood the screen. If the entire image does not fill with ink you didn’t place enough ink on the screen. This judgment call will get better with some practice. With the yudu screen flooded you can then push the screen all the way down onto the item to be printed. Put another ribbon of ink above the image and then use the squeegee to draw it down though the screen again with a firm medium pressure. If an adequate amount of ink was supplied the print should be done. Lift the lid and inspect the print. If it is not a good print you can usually put the lid down again and repeat the last step and make a good print. With that you can then remove the platen and set it aside for the ink to dry. If you have another platen you can then place it on with another item and run another print. Make sure and work quickly. The ink can dry in the screen and ruin it. If it is going to be too long before you print through that screen again it is best to wash it out to avoid damage.
30 Mar 2011
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Ever go to the store, buy beer at room temperature, come home, place a beer in the freezer, only to forget it & come back later to a freezer full of exploded beer? We have & we’re sick of it. it makes a HUGE mess & more importantly... IT WASTES BEER!
14 Jun 2011
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