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"A Day Late and A Dollar Short" by David Hart It was a cold dreamsicle night A blackbird colored sky dripped Rice Krispie snow bits down On a cracked dirt ridden street An egg yoke colored taxi shuffleslides by, blowing smoke rings from its rattling rear pipe. I was worn out like an overused dish rag. I sat spinning semi-circles on a swivel stool at Joe's Open All Night greasy diner. An angry cup of coffee winked at me with Mud puddled eyes and dared me to drink it. A rag doll woman with shredded wheat hair Sat sucking on a bent cigarette Her smeared lipstick put on like a bad coloring book. Two yellow bug eyed eggs squinted at me and said they'd like to get to know my aching heart. I gave a slight half smile to my smeared redded up mouthed fellow epicurean. Her nostrils flaired as cigarette smoke and makeup powered fell from her boozer nose. This could be my 208th love affair -- This one will last I am sure of it. A couple of burgers on the once silver grill now screamed their last thoughts on life. Another day late, another dollar short. Hart2007
16 Oct 2007
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