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Make the dough using the food processor and then simply follow these instructions to make the famous Roti. Indian flat bread. Over 100 million households in India make these roti fresh before each meal. Very simple and any one can make it. You can too.
17 Jan 2009
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The very famous Salman Khan seems to be having fun with his celebrity friends on his popular show Dus Ka Dum. In his recent episode of the reality show Dus Ka Dum Salman Khan was seen having fun with the murder actress Mallika Sherawat. Looks like Salman Khan is ready to do anything for making his show a hit and what about Mallika Sherawat, seems like she is ready to do anything for money. On the launch of Salman Khans show Dus Ka Dum season 2, when he was asked whether Mallika Sherawat would be invited for the show or not, he made fun out of her name and didnt quite respond positively. However, may be in the effort to increase the TRP and make his show a hit he called Mallika Sherawat to the show. He entertained the crowd quite well and almost proposed her in Haryanvi language and on the other side Mallika Sherawat was seen making Rotis at the show, hampering her girl next door image. All this and moretake a look
1 Jul 2009
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This video just show hot to make roti(Indian Bread)
7 Sep 2009
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During the launch, the price of Rotimatic in UK was around $599 USD. But I was not sure about the machine and the company. Therefore, I decided to wait and check all the user reviews. I saw so many people in UK, in my neighborhood purchasing Rotimatic. And then I went to their place and used it myself. And then I decided to buy it for myself. But I was too late, the discount offer had ended. And now the Rotimatic was available at $999 USD. My family and I were so much in love with Rotimatic that we were ready to shed out some extra money for the machine. And we booked it. Last year in February end we received our Rotimatic. We were so excited to use it! In this video, I have added all the photos of unboxing. We got Rotimatic and along with it, we have received tools to clean the machine. There are various kinds of brushes to clean various parts of Rotimatic. There is a manual to guide us how to set up the Rotimatic and how to start making rotis. There is also a recipe book from which we can make so many fun things. Rotimatic has 3 containers - flour, water, and oil. You need to fill in these containers to start making rotis. After you have filled the containers, you need to set the thickness level, roast level, and oil usage and then press the start button. The machine will warm up for 5 minutes on it's every first roti. The first two rotis might not come as expected but then going forward it will start making perfect round and thin rotis. The kneading section will knead the flour into a dough ball and push it towards the rolling section and that section will flatten the dough ball into a thin disk and push it further. Once that is done the hot pan will touch the roti disc and it will start fluffing. And will get roasted. There you will have a perfectly roasted, puffy and soft roti ready. After you have completed making the rotis, you have to switch it off or change the setting to the cleaning mode.
14 Jun 2018
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