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28 Jan 2010
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While in Miami for Man v. Food Live, Adam scopes out the best places to chow down for the big game, including Sarussi, famous for their massive Cuban sandwich. Man v. Food LIVE airs Wednesday, February 3 at 9PM E/P on Travel Channel. Visit: ***********/Man_v_Food_LIVE/?refcd=mvf-yt
2 Feb 2010
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Man v. Food returns with the biggest and boldest challenges yet June 16 at 9pm on Travel Channel. Visit: *******travelchannel****/manvfood?refcd=mvf-yt
20 May 2010
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The MvF hand-sign has become the unofficial symbol of the show, and Travel Channel wants you to take it to the streets to help spread the word that Man v. Food is back with all-new episodes June 16. Learn how to do the MvF hand-sign, then get the camera rolling and upload your video here: ******* The first 50 people to submit their video will receive a limited edition MvF T-shirt.
3 Jun 2010
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Adam gets tips on attacking the Stupid Wings Challenge in Richmond -- 8 jumbo wings drenched in habanero, cayenne and pure chili extract. Man v. Food is all new Wednesday at 9pm on Travel Channel. Visit: *******travelchannel****/manvfood?refcd=mvf-yt
29 Jun 2010
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At Alice Cooperstown in Phoenix, Adam stops in for the Big Unit Hot Dog, nearly 2 feet of meat packed in an entire baguette loaf and smothered in chili, cheese, bacon, jalapeño, grilled onions, relish and sauerkraut. Man v. Food is all new Wednesday at 9pm E/P on Travel Channel. Visit: *******travelchannel****/manvfood?refcd=mvf-yt
9 Jul 2010
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Adam knows he's in for a challenge when he sees what goes into the wings he's about to attack. Man v. Food is all new Wednesday at 9pm E/P on Travel Channel. Visit: *******travelchannel****/manvfood?refcd=mvf-yt
19 Aug 2010
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Adam visits Heid's of Liverpool in Syracuse, where he tries a Double Dog and meets Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim. Man v. Food is all new Wednesday at 9 on Travel Channel. Visit: *******travelchannel****/manvfood?refcd=mvf-yt
31 Aug 2010
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Angry Woman In Walmart Throws Fit Over Man Using Food Stamps
15 Sep 2018
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At Big Lou¿s Pizza, Adam witnesses the construction of the biggest, baddest pizza in the West.adam digs into pound pizza on man food
7 Aug 2009
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Adam preps for the Big Badass Burrito challenge at the NASCAR Café in the Sahara Hotel & Casino by taking a ride on the rollercoaster Speed the food takes ride on his prize big badass burrito nascar cafe sahara hotel &
21 Jun 2011
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As a doctor, I am always telling people to eat fruits and vegetables (these end up replacing sugar for the most part), move to sea salt, get excited about eating quality whole grains and turn to good fats like avocados, nuts or olive oil. I'm human though and of course there are times when I want to have some sugar. That's when making the choice to have raw (turbinado) sugar or stevia makes sense. Sea salt naturally helps your release excess water -- who needs water retention -- AND it has higher mineral content. Quinoa is a food that is so undervalued yet it has amazing properties. Not only does it taste great, but it is high in protein so when you have pasta made from quinoa, you end up loading up on the healthiest of proteins while scaling back on all the white, processed junk from typical white flour or rice pasta. Good fats like those that come from coconut or olive oil, nuts and avocados actually taste better than lard, which should only be used as a skin moisturizer and not as a food, mind you. Here's what I have to say to Paula: We all love tasty food. In fact, I enjoy comfort food whenever I end up having it -- probably once a year around Thanksgiving. But take it from someone that has a lot of color in her life; make the simple switch to natural products. You need to get out of that southern mentality at least when it comes to the ingredients in your delicious southern foods -- and start infusing a LOT more color into them. I feel bad that Paula is sitting on top of worldwide scrutiny after signing on with a drug company as their spokesperson almost days after revealing to the world she has diabetes. But how much of this is really her fault? What could be worse than having to share your personal plight with a totally preventable disease, than to have an international pharmaceutical company pounce all over you while only considering what's in it for them? Shame on the selfish company Novo Nordisk (the maker of the diabetes drug Victoza) for taking advantage of Paula at a time like this! -- *******www.AskDrVeronica****/ *******www.blogtalkradio****/WellnessForTheRealWorld *******www.facebook****/DrVeronicaAnderson *******www.facebook****/DrVeronicaEyeMD *******www.twitter****/DrVeronicaEyeMD *******www.linkedin****/in/DrVeronicaAnderson ***********/user/WeLLness4REALWorld *******www.DrVeronica****/blog
9 Feb 2012
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