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How this woman managed to hide so many groceries under her garb is quite astonishing. Nonetheless, she got caught.
10 Sep 2019
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BY EMOKE BEBIAK ANCHOR JIM FLINK You're watching multisource US video news analysis from Newsy. The death of Osama Bin Laden has sent most of America and the world into a state of euphoria, yet some people are upset over one detail of the operation: its codename. “A senior US official says that military operation that killed Osama Bin Laden was codenamed Geronimo. The name refers back to a well-known Native American leader of the Apaches, who was active in the 19th century.” Geronimo, an Apache leader, fought against Mexico and the US to defend his tribal land against gold miners. Geronimo was wanted “dead or alive,” yet he managed to hide out for years until he finally surrendered in 1886. The BBC explains the codename probably comes from the Bush administration-era of urgency in capturing Bin Laden. “George W. Bush's call for Bin Laden to be caught ‘dead or alive’ mimicked the posters of the old Hollywood westerns, while borderland Pakistan became the Old West reincarnated in the minds of many commentators.” But many point out the comparison between Bin Laden and Geronimo is offensive to Native Americans. A blogger for the Stir writes, “It's true that, like bin Laden, Geronimo showed to be difficult to catch. In his time, over 5,000 soldiers were sent to find him. But unlike bin Laden -- and that's a very unlike -- Geronimo was out to protect his land. Not to wipe out all of Western civilization. A little offensive?” A reader commenting on CNN’s website agrees with the claims of those opposed to the name saying, “[I] think it's a slap in the face that the code name for that swine was Geronimo. Geronimo was a warrior who fought to save his people from invading whites. To use his name in this capacity is incredibly disrespectful.” But Channel 4 News points out -- while Bin Laden was a terrorist to many, he was a freedom fighter for some. “...the 19th century … Apache hero ... was a perhaps questionable choice of code name for Osama Bin Laden; given the numbers of people who do regard him as a hero. His story is laden with symbolic parallels for those who choose to regard Bin Laden as a great warrior." To be clear -- “Geronimo” was the codename for “capture or kill.” Bin Laden himself was codenamed “Jackpot.” 'Like Newsy' on Facebook for updates in your feed. Get more multisource US video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
7 May 2011
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Playing exclusively at the Cine Lumiere from July 13. Bankrobber Franck Adrien serves a prison sentence after successfully robbing a national bank, but before he gets caught he manages to hide the money and it's not just police that are looking for the money. His cellmate is Jean-Louis Maurel who is suspected rapist/child molester but he claims his innocence and the court finds him not guilty, Maurel promises to look after Franck Adriens family when Maurel gets out. But one day, a man called Manuel Carrega tells Franck Adrien that Jean-Louis Maurel is suspected serial killer and that Franck Adriens family might be in danger. Franck Adrien escapes from prison and police officer Claire Linné and her team takes up the chase.
13 Jul 2012
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