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Even though the toy missed the dog's mouth, it managed to hold it with its paws! Good catch, doggo.
6 Oct 2019
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Long before Kathy Griffin's "D List", Chris Aable and Gilbert Gottfried made fun of themselves and 1990s Hollywood at the annual "B- Minus Movie Awards". The Show was co-hosted by Emmy Awards host Gottfried for "USA: Up All Night". Invited to the show were dozens of other good natured actors making fun of themselves, including David Cassidy, Gary Coleman and fellow Talk Show Host, Arthel Neville, the nation's first high-profile black entertainment reporter, who Chris Aable also interviewed. Gilbert Gottfried is known by fellow actors as one of the best character actors around today. The evidence is that so many people think he is really obnoxious. In fact, he is a real gentleman in real life. Well, most of the time, but nobody's perfect. You may see for yourself at the end of this clip, which features an outtake of the commercial break before the hilarity began. Chris Aable, former Psychology Instructor, Actor and Host of the Cable TV Shows "Hollywood Today", "The Chris Aable Show" and "Misadventures in Hollywood", plays along with comedian Gilbert about Gottfried 's own lifespan and self-evolution. In this unrehearsed interview, Gottfried purposely is as obnoxious and hard to interview as humanly possible, but Chris Aable manages to hold his own and brilliantly keeps the ball rolling for both of them. Music for opening and closing credits, written and performed by Chris Aable
13 Jul 2007
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it's a bit shaky at first, but i manage to hold it steady after a few seconds. this is my 9.5-month-old son dancing to some reggae on his daddy's laptop!
24 Aug 2007
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Alright, the Brand New Day finally starts showing a little more life. This marks the twelfth issue since spiderman has gone almost weekly. That means in the last 4 months we’ve gotten a year’s worth of Spiderman and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. It has definitely had it’s ups and downs but it looks like things are finally starting to come around. This issue has some pretty sick action as Spidey takes on the Mayan god and while the way he defeats him is a little campy there is no denying the quality of the action leading up to it. Our favorite wall crawler wins the day by managing to hold off the god king keep his sacrifice alive long enough for the time necessary for the right to be performed to pass. In the end spidey gets to let off some steam and share some humor. This issue is a good read but the real excitement comes in the comment section at the end of he issue when it editor Stephen Wacker discusses the future of the title and the issue to come next week when the characters and stories that were started in the earlier brand new day issues finally come back around. This week I’m a fan of the Brand New day but who knows where I’ll be next week.
28 Jul 2009
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I've captured Kimi Raikkonen's all the way through season 2008. He did not manage to hold the world champion's title but he proved ( 10 fastest laps in season) that he's still motivated and fast enough to fight again. Keep Flying! (visit for more videos)
8 Feb 2009
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Managed Property leased the property within two weeks for $1000 per week and the owner enjoys a flat management fee of only $22 per week!  That is a fee of only 2.20% of the rental collected. Nothing more to pay!
Landlines, no matter how expensive or inconveinent, have managed to hold on despite the wireless revolution. MetroPCS is the latest carrier trumpeting some landline replacement features, so what's it going to take for the traditional telephone system to go the way of the dinosaur? We talk to Maggie Reardon, telecom reporter for CNET News and Matt Burns of CrunchGear to figure out when the plain ol' phone system will be extinct. Also on the show, Digitimes dug up a report of Apple ordering 100 million Samsung flash memory chips, the chips that are used in the iPhone, iPod touch, nano, and Shuffle. Some, including me, speculate that it signals the imminent arrival of a new iPhone in June, while others aren't as 100% sold on the idea. What do you think? Does Apple need to update the iPhone yearly to stay competitve with upcoming threats like the Palm Pre?
10 Apr 2009
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In this video, Khachiyan goes over a very instructive game where he converts a seemingly hopeless endgame position into a draw. Making a dubious opening move, he played at a disadvantage throughout most of the game, but manages to hold on through skillful defense. Imagining positions and knowing what the opponent wants to do is emphasized; he demonstrates the points with examples.
10 Aug 2009
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Robert Irwin, who has come up with several sex-bestsellers in the past once again comes up with another much-needed-and-not much written about subject Sexual fun and games for Christian couples. The book is an amazing description of everything that can convert a monotonous sexual experience into fun. An established author of the field, Robert Irwin has written vividly about various techniques that can be followed to achieve a more enthusiastic and a better sexual life. The best feature about the way Irwin writes is that he takes into account the religious and cultural sentiments and makes sure that his writings are in no way even close to being pornographic. He also takes care that he does not, at any point of time, hurt anybodys ideas or prove his thoughts incorrect. The idea of this book is so unique in itself, and the book manages to hold the readers attention till the end.
12 Oct 2010
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Buy: ******* iTunes: ************/us/album/lot... Beatport:*******www.beatport****/release/lotus... Renowned Dutch DJ Marco V Teams Up With Doctors In Florence and Jade Ross To Unveil "Lotus (Limitless)" Marco V's latest effort with Doctors In Florence and Jade Ross entitled "Lotus (Limitless)" will hit digital stores in the US and Canada on May 14th via Radikal Records. Visit *******radikal**** for more information. Marco V has long established himself as one of the most inventive, diverse and creative electronic music minds working today. To reflect this, he's made it inside DJ Magazine's Top 50 list for 7 consecutive years. Now for the first time on Radikal Records, Marco V teams up with Doctors In Florence and Jade Ross to revitalize "Lotus (Limitless)," one of Marco's fiercest releases in 2012. The complete single package with be released by Radikal Records in the US and in Canada, on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon and other digital streaming services May 14th. In addition, the tracks can be streamed for free or purchased directly from Radikal Records on their website *******radikal****. With the technical sorcery of the Italian progressive house heroes Doctors In Florence also behind the production, this is a combination that was destined to result in an explosive hit record. The Doctors have shaped a fearsome collective of house music professionals that together have proven their expertise with a string of devastating releases. Now combined with the experience and vast talents of Marco V, it's a recipe for success that will have any EDM enthusiast licking their lips. Packed full of typically stadium-scale melodies and thunderous bass lines, "Lotus (Limitless)" has all of the characteristics we've come to expect from one of the world's leading producers. In typical Marco V style the release is an action crammed EDM masterwork that has now been super-sized with the addition of Jade Ross's beautiful vocal work. The production is pristine and Jade adds a striking layer of euphoria to the already rapturous instrumental. There's no shortage of big-room vocal tracks in 2013, but you would be hard pressed to find many that pack the combination of stunning vocal lines and rip-roaring bass hits with such dexterity. With a Darwin & Backwall remix reinforcing the package, you can be sure that this EP is an essential acquisition for the EDM enthusiast Every time Marco V returns with new music, his reputation grows ever more. Only a handful of acts have managed to hold strong at the pinnacle of Dance music for so long. When you talk about masters of the electronic music world, it would be rash to not mention this pioneer of the music we know and love. Always at the front of the ever-changing EDM landscape, Marco had called upon the expertise of these hugely gifted Italians and the product is nothing short of earth-shattering.
27 Jun 2013
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