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We're a manufacturer of horizontal parting flaskless green sand casting molding machine and automatic molding line in China. There're some customers bought 800x800 molding machine for making manhole cover. If you want to know more details, please contact Mars: +86 139 2623 9002 (WeChat & WhatsApp).
1 Nov 2019
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There is no other force on the face of the earth as strong as a mother's instinct to protect their child at all costs. This mother lifts up the manhole cover like it was nothing to save her child.
4 Nov 2019
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After watching this, we are sure that you will be much more wary of manholes out in the streets. Barely averted disaster.
17 Oct 2019
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The lifting of heavy manhole covers is the major source of injury. Slippery or corroding manhole steps are common causes of falling injuries :)
10 May 2006
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Power outages in New Jersey and the extreme heat have caused exploding manhole covers. This reporter sees it firsthand.
6 Aug 2006
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More info visit www.newsinfusion**** September 2nd 2009 -Rising commodity prices for metals, combined with the crisis in the housing market, have created a unique opportunity for thieves who are stealing scrap metal from abandoned and foreclosed homes and selling the material to unwitting recyclers. Thieves have also created public safety hazards by targeting public sources of valuable metals, such as manhole covers, traffic lights and telecommunications and electric infrastructure. Because in many cases the recycling facilities were taking the heat for accepting the stolen materials, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI), the national trade association for the $87 billion industry, began working aggressively to combat the theft problem by creating coalitions with local law enforcement agencies.
9 Sep 2009
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14th st manhole covers
6 Oct 2009
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ALR-150 - Wabco Brake Adjuster ALR-151 - Wabco Brain ALR-152 - Wabco 24 W bobbin ALR-153 - Axle Lifting button ALR-154 - Load adjusting valve ALR-155 - Wabco cable ALR-156 - Wabco extension cable ALR-157 - Wabco level valve ALR-158 - Wabco ramp arm ALR-159 - Wabco sensor holder ALR-160 - Knorr Brain ALR-161 - Knorr cable ALR-162 - Landing Gear ALR-163 - JOST/Module Landing Gear ALR-164 - Complete bellows ALR-165 - Bellows ALR-166 - Bellows ALR-167 - Bellows ALR-168 - Z-suspension ALR-169 - Suspension ALR-170 - Side protection ALR-171 - Trailer rim ALR-172 - Suspension ALR-173 - Landing gear arms ALR-174 - Bottom loading valve ALR-175 - Manhole cover ALR-176 - Vapour adaptor ALR-177 - Convertor from 4" to 3" ALR-178 - Dust cap ALR-179 - Level Sensor ALR-180 - Vapour Recovery Valve ALR-181 - Pneumatic Vapour Recovery ALR-182 - Bulk trailer valve ALR-183 - Unloading cover ALR-184 - Bulk trailer manhole ALR-185 - Security valve ALR-186 - Sabo/Shock absorber ALR-187 - Hooks ALR-188 - Reflectors ALR-189 - Signposts ALR-190 - Trailer belts ALR-191 - Chock ALR-192 - Tool box ALR-193 - Trailer air hoses ALR-194 - Trailer water tank ALR-195 - Kin-pin protection ALR-196 - Hand Winch ALR-197 - Cable/8mm ALR-198 - Globe Valve 3" ALR-199 - King-pin ALR-200 - 3" Filter ALR-201 - Optical Socket ALR-202 - Bottom Valve 4" ALR-203 - Regulator ALR-204 - Butterfly Valve 3" ALR-205 - Hydromotor ALR-206 - Door Lock ALR-207 - Mudguard ALR-208 - Brake bads ALR-209 - Hub Cap
24 Nov 2009
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An explosion caused the manhole cover to lift up and hit a car from beneath. The powerful impact lifted the car up in the air.
21 Feb 2018
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Qualitech Metal Industries has been one of the leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of a wide range of high-quality iron products, steel forging products, M.S. pipes, pipe expansion joints, pipe dismantling joints, M.S. flanges, flanged adaptors, pipe fittings, manhole covers.
2 Sep 2019
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