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MORE TRAINING TUTORIAL VIDEOS Want to learn more about video production but have not had the chance. I produce a series of on-line tutorials and DVD tutorials that will help you learn more about video. If you like my on-line free tutorials you will love my training DVD's. I cover so much more material than I could in a short on-line video. Learn how to fix problems with your chroma-key, How to build a cheap light kit, How to light for interviews, How to use your camcorder like a professional, etc etc etc!
This video covers what chroma key is, basic lighting for chroma key (green screen), and where to get green/blue screens on a budget and not. Go visit my website for more detailed videos on Chromakey and more! www.markapsolon****
27 Feb 2007
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I did a short stupid commercial with green screen and this is what was created. CLONE BE GONE!!
7 Feb 2007
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Is giving away an awesome CHROMA-KEY SUIT!!!! Here are the rules, guidelines, and deadline: Make a 30 sec to 3 minute video highlighting the special effects you know. Make it a story using comedy, drama, horror, etc! Upload the video onto youtube and attach it to this video as a video response. The deadline for all videos will be May 3rd 2008. There will be no exceptions on that date, so get moving and make those videos! Special thanks to tubetape for sponsoring another awesome contest! Go check them out at: The entries will be graded in three catagories for a total of 30 max. The catagories are listed below: 1. Did you make this video for the contest (10 points, that a freebie if you did) 2. Plot and Story (10 points possible) 3. Effects and Usage (10 points possible) remember to rate my Video
7 Oct 2010
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Yeah the video of the ghost I made last week was fake and some of you guys mentioned National geographics "IS It Real" That was me on the program that debunked the ghost in the first place.
24 Nov 2008
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In this video we discuss video and photography light kits and what to look for when buying or creating your kit. Lighting is one of the most important part of making a image so understand which one is right for you. All the light kits seen in this video are available from Tubetape**** at the link below: sure and go checkout my website too at
1 May 2009
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*******www.markapsolon**** Here is a video I was sent of a ghost caught on a stop motion security camera. The building is located next to a cemetery and there have been many reports of people seeing things over the fence in the cemetery. The first part is a car leaving the buildings parking lot. Watch the center to see whatever it is. What do you think it is? A ghost? a homeless man?, god who knows? This video is not a program special effect or chroma-key! I hope you guys like it :) There is a point to this video so keep watching
20 Jul 2010
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