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Learn Martial Arts in Rugby Warwickshire at Ju-Jitsu-Rugby. A style dedicated to effective Self Defence. Self Defence must be simple to be effective.All techniques involve Gross Motor skills so virtually all people are capable of performing them. Ju Jitsu Classes are available for adults and there is also a great Program for children. Visit our website for more details -
2009 US Open World Martial Arts Championships July 3 - 4 Disney World
26 Jun 2009
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On the 9th day of March 2019 there was a bigg martial arts championship in Aarschot city in Belgium. Master of Chinese martial arts Douwe Geluk form Apeldoorn city in the Netherlands particpated at this great event. This Martial Arts Championships were for the Chinese martial arts like: Kung Fu, Wu Shu, Sanda Sanshou Chinese Kickboxing, Pushing Hands and taijiquan a.k.a. Tai Chi Chuan The event was organised by the Vlaamse Wu Shu Federatie together with Jurgen van Horenbeek and Said Belabed a student of Chiu Chi Ling. Douwe Geluk won a Golden and a Bronze medal at this great martial arts event.
18 Mar 2019
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Crazy 88 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu offer Baltimore Martial Arts training in a 12000 sq. ft. Martial Arts facility located conveniently between Baltimore and Columbia Maryland. The school is part of the Team Lloyd Irvin Association – the Mid-Atlantic’s most successful MMA and Grappling Competition team.For More Details Please Visit Our Website *******baltimoremixedmartialarts****/2012/03/is-it-possible-to-become-religious-in-one-tournament-the-big-sal-story
6 Jun 2012
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Golden Bridge Event is a martial arts competition and championship organised and hosted by Hung Gar teacher shifu Mark de Haan from the Netherlands. Mark de Haan is also the founder of the KFVN Kungfu Vereniging Nederland ( Kungfu Organisation the Netherlands ) In this video you see different athletes competing at the Golden Bridge Martial Arts Event 2019 in Holland. Many of the participants are from Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. Different styles were present like: Shaolin Kung Fu, Wu Zu Quan Five Ancestors Fist, Tai Chi Chuan, Pak Mee Pai, Hung Gar Kung Fu, Pushing Hands and many others.
18 Apr 2019
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Martial Arts master Douwe Geluk from the city of Apeldoorn in the Netherlands is participating at the World Championships for Chinese martial arts in Emeishan in China. He and his training partner Laura Bonthuis will compete at the highest level of Chinese martial arts. Tai Chi Apeldoorn Bron van Geluk Fu Yuan
11 Jun 2019
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From the 2005 CharlyieLee championship.
27 Mar 2006
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som hits
25 May 2009
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Legends of Fighting Championships 31 on April 10, 2009
7 Dec 2009
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National Champion in 2nd National Martial Arts Championship 2004
20 Feb 2007
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*******www.usopen-karate**** There are competitors from more than 35 countries who travel to the Coronado Springs Resort in Disneyworld some hot, hot, hot martial arts competition.. This year's US Open ISKA World Martial Arts Championships will be held the weekend of July 1-2, 2010. The performances from the US Open Night of Champions will be televised on ESPN this is one tournament you do not want to miss! *******usopen-karate****/registration/
9 Mar 2011
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Human Mobile Stage No. 58F, The Celebration of 37th anniversary of establishment and 87th Staff Inauguration of Chung Oi Chau Biu Martial Art Sports Association and Chau Biu anniversary Banquet Party. And it also was 50th Anniversary of Death of Master Chau Biu. Time: 16-04-2010 (Chinese Lunar date 14th March of each year, it was day of the death of Master Chau Biu in 1961). We are very pleasure and thanks for all the guests were presented, special thanks for the masters of ceremonies: The councillor of Central and Western District of Hong Kong Island. Mr. Chan Hok Fung, he is a member of Democratic Alliance For Betterment And Progress Of Hong Kong. Here-under called as "DAB". The Chairman of DAB Southern Sub-branch Hong Kong Island, Mr. Yeung Wai Foon. The President of Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association, Sifu Kong Pui Wai. Representative of Chau Ka Schools from Australia: (1) Australian Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy, Sifu Mr. Randy S. Bennett (Black Man) and his wife Mrs. Victoria Milton and his four disciples (2) Germany: German Chow Gar Association. Sifu Mr. Ali Ol and his wife Mrs. Mehtap Yesiloz and five disciples. (3) U. S. A. Hung Tao Choy Mei Kung Fu Academy -- Sifu Jeff Welch. In 2010, some students of our association are winning 65 pieces of Golden, Silver, Bronze Medals, and Best Performance of below Championships. These Medals are keeping in our association. Therefore our association is issued some flags for them as souvenirs. This Video information: (1) Meeting Opening Address: Our Chairman Sifu Chan Man Cheung. (2) Staffs Vowing Inauguration: MC by: The councillor Mr. Chan Hok Fung. (3) Staffs Appointment Certificates: MC by: The councillor Mr. Chan Hok Fung. Recd by our chairman Chan Man Cheung. (4) Consultants Appointment Certificates: MC by: The Chairman, Mr. Yeung Wai Foon. Received By: Our Vice Chairman Sifu Wong Tin Hon. (5) MC Address: The councillor Mr. Chan Hok Fung. (6) Issued Flags to our schools honored Students. Issued Flags to our schools honored Students information. (6.A) Flags Issued by (as below name as MC By: The councillor Mr. Chan Hok Fung。 Winner of (below name as Recd by:Gold medal of Mens of 2010 Traditional Kung Fu Competition。 (6A.1) Recd by:Mr. Cheung Wing Kit- Fist – Gold Medal and Wooden Staff – medal. (6.B) MC by: The President of Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association, Sifu Kong Pui Wai. 2010 Opening of Martial Arts Championships of Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association Ltd. Best Performance. Men adults Short Weapons: (1) Chow Wing Hoo (2) Kwan Wing Lung Men adults Fists: (3) Kwan Wing Lung (4) Cheung Wing Kit Male Youth Fists (5) Sun Hung Kwong (6) Chow Kwong Tim (7) Wong Yiu Lung (8) Leung Cheuk Man Male Youth Fists (9) Lee Ka Tat (10) Tai Ping Kuen Men Group Fist Training (4 persons)– Silver Medal。 (11) In the name of Chung Oi Chau Biu Art Sports Association (6C) MC By:The Chairman of DAB Southern Sub-branch Hong Kong Island, Mr. Yeung Wai Foon. Winners of: 2010 Opening of Wushu Championships, Traditional Martial Arts Competition of Hong Kong Wushu Union (Below Name as 2010 OOWP)。 Men Traditional Wushu Fist Recd by: (1) Cheung Wing Kit – Gold Medal (2) Sun Hung Kwong– Silver Medal (3) Kwok Kit – Silver Medal (4) Wong Yiu Lung – Silver Medal (5) Chow Kwong Tim– Silver Medal (6) Leung Cheuk Man – Silver Medal (6D) Mc by: Honourary Chairman of our association Mr. Lee Hang Shun. Winners of: 2010 4 th World Traditional Wushu Festival Championship in Wudang Hubei. China. It also treated as Traditional Wushu Olympic Championship of the world and two years per time. (Our team was sponsored by: Honoured Chairman Mr. Lee Hang Shun, Au Kit Yee and our Chief Kung Fu Instructor: Ho Kim Hung) Recd by: (1) Cheung Wing Kit – Gold Medal (2) Kwan Wing Lung– Silver Medal (3) Sun Hung Kwong – Bronze Medal (7) Lion Eyes Dotting Ceremony (Eyes and Horn Opening) (A)Middle Lion - MC by The President of Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association, Mr Kong Pui Wai, who wore in a Black Suit. (B)Left hand side Lion MC By the chairman of Chau Biu Chinese Boxing Ltd, Sifu. Tsui Mi Lam. He wore in Black Outer Shirt. (C)Right hand side Lion MC by the chairman of Chung Oi Chau Tin Chinese Boxing Association. Sifu Law Cheuk. He Wore in Long Sleeves Shirt. (7.1) Lions for ceremony were sponsored by our Our Association Honorary Chairman Mr. Cham Ka Kit. (7.2) Lions dancing: The Lion Dancing Teams of Chung Oi Chau Biu Martial art sports Association. (7.3) Wooden Basin Ching: Lion Head:Chow Wing Hoo Lion Tail: Kwan Wing Lung Other Chau Ka Kung Fu details please refer to Human Mobile Stage Part 1 (Descriptions and comments), length: 5:55.
8 May 2011
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