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Goebbels Speaks About Jewish Communism Marxism
3 Sep 2018
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Today, Marxism-Leninism represents a most complex and powerful doctrine developed by Communist theoreticians and practitioners in every corner of the world. 'Its universal library offers dynamic political weapons and comprehensive theories, diversified approaches and seductive slogans. On one side of the globe, there is the Yugoslav moderate theory of reformed Communism and participative economy which lures masses into socialism. On the other side of the earth there are Chinese slogans which are more productive in inflaming a Communist revolution. Marxism-Leninism is particularly effective on the semantic level where it exhibits a devastating duality. It lulls its adversaries to sleep, while at the same time it mobilizes its followers to revolutionary action. The Communist International's Seventh Congress concluded that open use of revolutionary terminology does not promote the Marxist-Leninist drive for world domination. Therefore, "revolution" has been changed into "liberation," "world conquest by the proletariat" has been changed into "peace and socialism," "armed seizure of power and liquidation of the bourgeoisie" has been rephrased to read "peaceful and gradual transition to socialism.'' Even the word "Communism," which every revolutionary is so proud of, has been changed into "progressive, "anti-Fascist" or "liberal." Further, to confuse their adversaries, the Marxist-Leninists have devised a new language which uses old words in the basic vocabulary. When they say "imperialism arouses the wrath of the people and digs its own grave," they mean "through our manipulation of the local Communist parties, and with a vast auxiliary corps of dupes ; and sympathizers, we so arrange matters that the free enterprise system and democracy are destroyed from within. All we need to do is push it into the grave." Thus, the free, complacent, conscience-stricken, guilt-ridden, sex-sodden, drug-driven, decadent, and often antagonistic societies have been manipulated by goal-oriented, dedicated, and shrewd Marxist-Leninist dialectics into a notorious period of so-called peaceful coexistence and plain overt hostilities. "Detente" has become not the hope of free people everywhere, but rather their doom. "Detente does not necessarily spell out the end of the struggle between the two social systems," says Pravda. "The struggle will continue between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie." In other words, the so-called detente is nothing more than a form of Marxist-Leninist art skillfully geared toward pacifying the American public by encouraging them to act ridiculously nice while the Communists kick the daylights out of them. The result is that the free world continues to shrink. Democracies cannot handle periods of low-tension confrontation. They have - an almost universal desire to believe that peace is the natural condition of man, that armies are temporary nuisances, that conflicts of interest can be dissolved simply by a policy of good will. Unfortunately, nothing is further from the truth; but for some reason free people prefer to believe it. From: MARXIST FUNDAMENTALS by Prof. Libor Brom *******www.marianland****/marx01.html Song: Obama Gestapo by Rafael Brom - Cosmotone Music (ASCAP) *******www.marianland****/music/changealbum.html
5 Apr 2012
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I explain what is commonly known as Socialism, which is Marxism or Democratic Socialism.
14 Sep 2019
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With his latest work, MY WINNIPEG, iconoclastic filmmaker Guy Maddin continues in the freewheeling, genre-bending tradition that has made him one of Canada’s most consistently intriguing and internationally respected artists. MY WINNIPEG is a documentary (or docu-fantasia, as he describes it) about his hometown. Equal parts mystical rumination and personal history, city chronicle and deranged post-Freudian proletarian fantasy, MY WINNIPEG - which is framed as a goodbye letter - blends local myth with childhood trauma. Somehow, it all feels seamlessly assembled, utterly if perversely logical-a beautifully personal meditation on belief and truth, memory and myth. A deliriously layered provocation, MY WINNIPEG is outrageous, informative and wildly entertaining.
6 May 2008
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This video is a comically serious anti-communism diatribe masquerading as an educational film. It contains the familiar notion that Americans who understand capitalism know that it is superior to all other forms of economic systems. It also contends that the average American should be aware of the ways in which socialist governments promote their philosophies abroad in order to be able to resist their propaganda and brain-washing techniques. As the narrator speaks, he sometimes adds flair with some low-tech visuals. For example, as he is explaining how communism would bring our economy crashing down, he knocks over a tower of blocks. Then, he holds his hand over a globe, creating a shadow over it, and explains how socialism is “casting a shadow” over the globe. Equal parts hilarity and horror, The Responsibilities of American Citizenship is can't-miss classic extremism.
21 Aug 2008
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Which US war do these lies apply to? All of them. Freedomain Radio www.freedomainradio****
22 Oct 2008
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Communism shall overcome.
3 Mar 2009
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Bize Ölüm Yok-Grup Yorum
15 Feb 2009
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Just read and think carfully please this video for you. You have the choise
17 Jun 2009
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Hon. James David Manning discusses Islam, Obama and Socialism. Follow us on twitter *******twitter****/ATLAHWorldwide For moe information *******www.atlah****/ Distributed by Tubemogul.
1 Oct 2009
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Yuri Bezmenov is a former KGB agent and an expert on ideological subversion. He discusses the slow process of demoralization that transformed America from a conservative and mostly homogeneous country into a socially-marxist and egalitarian one. Interview conducted by Edward Griffin in 1984.
3 Jan 2010
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This is an introduction to the Plebeian Party with discussion about the Party's goals and aspirations. Find us *******www.facebook****/group.php?gid=120920137936677 or *******www.meetup****/Arizona-DemoEcon
27 Aug 2010
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July 25, 2011 (1:55) In his first court hearing for the attacks that killed 76 in Norway, Anders Breivik was charged with committing acts of terrorism.
26 Jul 2011
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THE RADICAL LEFT ARE COMING FOR YOUR CHILDREN. Mentally ill men are being dispatched to Kindergartens, to tell our children that gender is a choice. THEY MUST BE STOPPED.
12 Aug 2018
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Iignacio M. García Medina - Marxismo cultural-1
28 Aug 2018
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El Marxismo Cultural Destrucción de la Sociedad
30 Aug 2018
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