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Examination of the Internet's Effect on Entertainment and News Gathering in the Participation Age SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- November 29, 2006 /PRNewswire/ -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:SUNW), the creator of the open source Solaris(TM) Operating System (Solaris OS), today announced the launch of The Big Mashup (at www.sun****/thebigmashup), a unique online experience examining how the world of entertainment and news gathering is rapidly changing as the network blurs the line between audience and entertainer, viewer and newscaster, fan and producer. With Internet technology—music and movies, broadcast news and blogs, entertainers and audiences—can all converge and mix online. The Big Mashup will feature a documentary with media and entertainment thought leaders, a community blog discussing the impact of changes brought on by the network, and Snapp Radio, an online music and photo application mashup developed by Sun Labs and featuring and RadioParadise streams paired with Flickr images. "The Internet today is all about participation, collaboration, and community — we all see this every day by the rise of citizen journalism, blogs, podcasts, online videos, and mashups of all kinds," said Ingrid Van den Hoogen, senior vice president of brand and global communications. "Our Big Mashup brings together leading innovators across various new media sectors to address the future of entertainment and the growth in the network which is fueled by community and collaboration." Chris Melissinos, Sun Microsystems' chief technology officer for Web 2.0 and a self-proclaimed video game addict, hosts the documentary video showcasing entertainment and media thought leaders such as Andrew Baron, founder, and Joanne Colan, host of Rocketboom; Gillian Caldwell, executive director of WITNESS; Joel Hyatt, Current TV's CEO and co-founder; Douglas Rushkoff, writer and lecturer on technology, pop culture and media; Paul D. Miller/DJ Spooky, artist, writer, musician and producer; and Martin Stiksel,'s CCO. These industry pundits will give their perception of how the network has changed for businesses and the way entertainers perform. Another key component to The Big Mashup is Web 2.0 music application, Snapp Radio, which streams music from or Radio Paradise and weaves in Flickr photos tagged with keywords or emotionally evocative tags corresponding to the song. Links to related communities and websites that explore the new realm of entertainment online will also be included on the site.
8 Dec 2006
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Anchorman 300 Mashup Get paid for sharing videos just like this one! *******www.thevideosense****/user/machogriz/
30 Apr 2007
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A mashup of Brit Brit's VMA performance and lunatic Chris Crocker's rendition.
19 Sep 2007
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Mashup Composer Promo
3 Nov 2007
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Experimental Pax Stereo Mashup #2 - Crazy Stuff :) More info at Pax Stereo Tv -
5 Feb 2008
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We are the Mashup Card company. Our website was built for social networkers who want to share video and photo ecards by remixing their personal content with free internet content. We encourage individual and group creativity with many options to customize our Mashup Cards. Our platform was designed for people who use social networks like Facebook and MySpace . It incorporates many features to help them collaborate with friends, as well as integrate their favorite media, whether it be on their PC or on the net.
Lee Kolbert - who is teachakidd on twitter - has figured out a way to mashup twitter and to organize an educators community. Austincast**** interviews her on her first skype session ever and she reveals how all this works.
25 Mar 2008
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1:43 presents an original mashup featuring rock band Korn and Ubisoft's Haze video game. Executive Producer/Creative Director: Spencer Striker and edited by Ben McGill.
3 Nov 2009
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1:31 presents an original mashup featuring rock band Korn and Ubisoft's Haze video game. Executive Producer/Creative Director: Spencer Striker and edited by Robert Lyon.
2 Aug 2009
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Official video for the Fatboy Slim Eclectic Method mashup.
15 Aug 2008
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Celebrity Catwalk Jazzamatazz Mashup. More information at Pax Stereo Tv (
31 Aug 2008
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Poo Bears red carpet celeb event
10 Sep 2008
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Poo Bears MTV VMA pre-party red carpet mashup event.
10 Sep 2008
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