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Massive Waves Hit Oil Rig
26 May 2017
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Caught on camera: People Dragged out to sea By Massive Waves
9 Mar 2019
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This wave is so huge it seems like he's riding it forever. So cool.
30 Nov 2007
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Amateur video taken aboard a cruise ship shows a massive wave smashing windows and flooding parts of the vessel. Two passengers died and 14 were injured when the wave struck the ship which was sailing near Spain Wednesday. (March 4)
6 Mar 2010
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The crowd went nuts in a synchronized way, they created a wave at the divider which caught the eye of the performers on the stage too. That wave was massive.
25 Jun 2018
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These guys take on some massive waves, but end up paying the price for being ballsy.
5 Oct 2006
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On the North Shore of Maui, giant ocean swells slam into a uniquely-shaped reef and create one of the most massive waves on earth known as Jaws. The world's elite surfers flock to Jaws to take on 50 to 60-foot monster waves.
6 Jun 2007
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On the North Shore of Maui, giant ocean swells slam into a uniquely-shaped reef and create one of the most massive waves on earth known as Jaws. The world's elite surfers flock to Jaws to take on 50 to 60-foot monster waves.
8 Jun 2007
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4 Dec 2007
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Awesome Surf Action from the East Coast, Massive wave rise been taken on by a daredevil.
7 Feb 2008
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Crew struggle to stay upright as ship drops down the backside of a MASSIVE wave.
25 Jun 2008
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18 Jun 2009
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