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Guitar play inspires passion at all ages - Used to be kids would watch their favorite rock stars and try to match their moves wailing away on an air guitar, but with today's technology even the youngest fan can take a lick at "real" guitar play. Video games and play guitars have made the instrument accessible to everyone, but this holiday season Mattel's (NYSE: MAT) I Can Play Guitar, featuring a unique plug & play learning system, brings the real magic home with the help of Nickelodeon favorite Drake Bell. Just as Drake launches his solo career with a summer tour and a starring role in "College," to be released March 2008, he's working with Mattel to help kids make their rock star fantasies come true. The plug and play learning system makes playing the guitar as easy and fun as playing a video game. It looks just like a real electric guitar, but features color-coded finger position buttons on the frets and abbreviated strings, perfect for small hands. Kids simply follow along with the fun games and visuals on their TV screens, matching color-coded images on the screen to the buttons to jam like rock stars in no time. Produced for Mattel
31 Jul 2007
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Dave Graveline interviews Tim Sheridan from Mattel at the 2009 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Into Tomorrow celebrates 14 years ON-THE-AIR.
14 Jan 2009
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Jerry Oppenheimer reveals many little-known facts about the company history of Mattel and the odd corporate culture existed. Oppenheimer reveals to Kurt Schemers the most shocking revelation uncovered in the course of writing Toy Monster.
10 Jun 2009
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*******www***ol-christmas-gifts**** The motto for the Mattel Mindflex Game is "Think it. Move it. Believe it." Those who believe in psychic powers or telekinesis will enjoy the game at one level, while those who are firmly grounded in science and logic will appreciate it on another level. "Think it" explains how the game is played. It moves ball with a fan that is powered by your ability to concentrate. The fan receives this information via a headband device that transmits the power of your brainwaves to the game unit. "Move it" refers to using your mind to, ultimately, make the ball move. You use the power of your mind to raise and lower the ball, and use your hand to adjust the position of the fan, allowing the ball to move left and right. At first it's a bit foreign trying to focus the mind, but once the ball rises just a little bit, you're hooked! "Believe it" is exactly what you'll do once you harness the power of your mind to move the ball. Soon everyone will be amazed at your "powers" to maneuver the Mindflex ball in different ways. Then they will want to try it, too. The game comes with nine different obstacles that can be arranged in dozens, if not hundreds, of variations. You can also play Mindflex without any obstacles for an easier game, or less competitive experience. 5 game variations can be selected. Freestyle is perfect for beginners. The obstacle course is more advanced (though it's customizable based on how challenging you want it to be). Other variations of the Mindflex Game include: Chase the lights, mental marathon, danger zone, and thoughtshot. Mindflex makes a wonderful gift for anyone interested in the powers of the mind or looking for a unique game that mystifies as it entertains. In short, it's sure to be a hit for just about anybody on your holiday shopping list, but you better hurry, because once the word gets out this game will be flying off the shelves.
9 Dec 2009
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CES covered the Mattel Mindflex and we have a new evil hack to the Mattel Mindflex that literally gives you a shock of your life. Instead of focusing on concentration, which the Mindflex claims, some hackers have turned it into the a very fun prank and you'll love this video. Apple is making major news, not about the iPad, but about claiming they own 20 patents to the most popular smart phone technology and now they've sued HTC (maker of Google's Nexus One) for "stealing their patents." Apple has made it official - this is war against Google! Once best friends, now new enemies? Last but not least, 2 major UK publications are posting a photo of a ghost that was captured by a man's iPhone. We have the photo and explain what's going on. As always, support the show by purchasing some of the coolest t-shirts, cups, mugs, gift cards, wedding invites, and birthday gifts by using our two promo codes MOXIMOSHOW10 and MOXIMOSHOW12 at Zazzle**** - they have the MOXIEST stuff! Also, follow the Moxie Mo on Twitter and join our Facebook page to stay up to date on everything moxie!
10 Mar 2010
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*********** Mindflex is the most favored game for ages 8 and above. A different way to learn the game -- making use of the power of the mind. Discover this fantastic game, test your mind power & find out for you
27 Apr 2010
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Kids' imaginations will take flight with the Matchbox Sky Busters Aircraft Carrier. Enter a world of aerial adventures with this portable playset that features all the high-flying details of a real aircraft carrier, enabling kids to create their own exciting adventures. The action plays out in the control tower, two working elevators, projectile launcher with two projectiles, and a helicopter landing pad. The playset can hold up to eight Sky Busters aircraft and comes with one Sky Busters plane. *******www.timetoplaymag****/toys/1942/mattel/matchbox-sky-busters-aircraft-carrier-playset/
30 Jul 2010
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Mattel is taking a big risk, unveiling its newest full property in a long time. Conceived not just as a toy line but as a full entertainment franchise, Monster High includes dolls, books, clothes, accessories, online experience and, of course, entertainment. *******www.timetoplaymag****/toys/1944/mattel/monster-high/
30 Jul 2010
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There's a new kind of comedy that's delighting the preschool set—robotic trucks with plenty of play and lots of attitude. Stinky the Garbage Truck is the latest entry. Combining kids' fascination with garbage trucks (power and mechanics meet gross), and a brand of humor pitched perfectly to kids three-plus, Stinky is a big green truck that looks like a real working garbage truck. In its free-wheeling mode, it offers classic fun as boys can drive around, load, and unload. *******www.timetoplaymag****/toys/2124/mattel/matchbox-stinky-the-garbage-truck/
30 Aug 2010
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This week, Rico's investigations take him to Mattel headquarters where he gets a preview of this holiday's top toys from the big cheeses at Mattel. From Barbie video girl with a color LCD on her back to the newest Loopz motion memory game, Rico will get a sneak peak at all the latest and greatest toys from Mattel and give you and your readers a heads up on the hottest toys out there.
10 Sep 2010
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About the size of a credit card and as slim as a cell phone, Hot Wheels R/C Stealth Rides are the first-ever fold-flat R/C cars from Mattel. Yes, flat. *******www.timetoplaymag****/toys/2167/mattel/hot-wheels-r/c-stealth-rides/
18 Sep 2010
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Barbie stars as herself in the 2010 all-new movie, Barbie A Fashion Fairytale. Wearing her famous fashion show outfit that magically transforms from a princess gown to a party couture dress, Barbie embarks on a journey to Paris where she makes new friends and stars in a fabulous fashion show. The fun of the movie comes to life with dolls and playsets, allowing girls to recreate scenes from the movie or create their own fairytales. *******www.timetoplaymag****/toys/2174/mattel/barbie-a-fashion-fairytale-glitterizer/
17 Sep 2010
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Test your memory and your reactions with Loopz. This new interactive memory game consists of four independent semi-circular rings, or "loopz". Combining music, motion, and memory, this game really gets people moving as they match the patterns of light and sound by motioning their hands through the rings. *******www.timetoplaymag****/toys/2182/mattel/loopz/
17 Sep 2010
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Are you a Bezzerwizzer? Trivia, tactics, and trickery come together in Bezzerwizzer, a popular European game making its way to America this year. This game is a new twist on trivia with 20 categories of questions, plus stealing and tile-swapping for fast-paced game play. It's not enough just to know all the answers in the different categories, though. You have to be a savvy strategist and lucky to win at this game. The gameplay is designed so that at any time, opponents can steal cards, change the configuration of the board and take away advantages. This adds an exciting dimension to the play that makes it more than just a traditional trivia game. *******www.timetoplaymag****/toys/2183/mattel/bezzerwizzer/
17 Sep 2010
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Preschoolers can work their minds and bodies with the fun new Red Rover game. This memory matching game features an adorable electronic talking dog and 12 bones with colors and numbers, shapes, or letters on them. The object of the game is to collect the most bones. The game is set up by randomly placing the 12 bones face down around a room. Press the dog's nose and Red Rover calls out which bones he wants. Preschoolers run to find the right bone and feed it to Red Rover. If they're right, they keep the bone. If they're wrong, Red Rover encourages them to go back and find the right one. Whoever helps Red Rover the fastest wins. This game is a lot of fun and great for preschoolers. Not only does it get kids active and working on memory skills, Red Rover also helps preschoolers recognize letters, numbers, shapes, and colors in a fun way. *******www.timetoplaymag****/toys/2184/mattel/red-rover/
17 Sep 2010
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