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* CRISPIN PORTER + BOGUSKY using TIVO StopWatch. * NOKIA to announce digital music store. * WALLSTRIP lands DELL sponsorship. * CNN signs multi-year GOOGLE AdSense deal. * AT&T looking to consolidate media accounts. Read more at www.media30****
29 Aug 2007
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* NEWS CORP & NBCU unveil "Hulu." * APPLE adds TV shows to iTunes UK. * FOX selling Family Guy on Xbox Marketplace. * NETFLIX doubles streamed content in six weeks. * ORCA to deliver digital content for BLOCKBUSTER. Read more at www.media30****
30 Aug 2007
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* NBCU tells Apple it won't renew iTunes contract. * DAILYMOTION draws $34 million in funding. * JOOST lets developers make widgets. * MTV plans multi-platform push for video award show. * NBC to begin streaming Conan O'Brien. Read more at www.media30****
6 Sep 2007
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* APPLE won't sell NBC shows for the upcoming season. * SONY planning video download service. * JOOST acquires customizable programming guide start-up. * DOUBLE FUSION to announce technology for dynamic in-game advertising. * THOMSON purchases SYNCCAST for digital distribution. Read more at www.media30****
6 Sep 2007
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* NBCU sells TV shows on AMAZON Unbox. * YAHOO acquires BLUE LITHIUM ad network. * APPLE hosting "special event" at 1 PM Eastern time. * HBO purchases film made in the Second Life "virtual world." * VIDEOEGG gets $15 million in funding. Read more at www.media30****
6 Sep 2007
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* ABC and WBTV agree on rights for online content. * VUDU launches set-top box for movie downloads. * HP to ship IPTV software with its computers. * MICROSOFT launches Silverlight with strong list of partners. * UNIVERSAL MUSIC sues VEOH for copyright infringement. * APPLE reveals new iPods and slashes price of iPhone. Read more at www.media30****
6 Sep 2007
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* WARNER BROTHERS to announce 24 new web productions. * APPLE considering a bid on wireless spectrum. * TIME WARNER investing in SCAN SCOUT. * APPLE leaks reference to upcoming video rentals. * MOTOROLA sees surge in IPTV box shipments. * MUSIC LABELS to launch "ringles." Read more at www.media30****
10 Sep 2007
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* APPLE looking to cut TV download prices in half. * JUSTICE DEPARTMENT comes out against Net Neutrality. * MTV NETWORKS to put THE DAILY SHOW online, for free. * NCTA offers dual "must carry" for 3 years. * APPLE to give angry iPhone buyers $100 credit. * NCTA launches ad campaign on the transition to digital. Read more at www.media30****
11 Sep 2007
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* ABC switches course, looks for online partners. * NAB fights unlicensed, "white space" devices. * DIRECTV uses TANDBERG's workflow system for VOD. * CBS adds affiliates to its Audience Network. * MYSPACE distributes videos for MY DAMN CHANNEL. * WPP buys SCHEMATIC. Read more at www.media30****
11 Sep 2007
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* FCC passes dual must carry. * TV AD SALES drop 2.4% in the first half of '07. * NICKELODEON's "iCarly" is an online/offline success. * NEWS CORP. plans to stick with iTunes. * VIACOM rolls iFilm into Spike****. * YAHOO signs deal with BEBO. Read more at www.media30****
12 Sep 2007
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* HULU to acquire MOJITI. * MYSPACE planning original online series. * YAHOO brings Internet music show to MTV. * COMSCORE releases new online viewing data. * VERIZON extends FiOS TV to 24 new communities. Read more at www.media30****
13 Sep 2007
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* VERIZON files lawsuit to overturn spectrum auction rules. * VIACOM to launch new social network. * MYSPACE producing original documentary series. * SONIC MOUNTAIN acquires FIREANT. * PRINCE to sue YOUTUBE over infringement. Read more at www.media30****
14 Sep 2007
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* BRIGHTCOVE to pull back portal and focus on services. * COMCAST acquires BuddyTV. * YAHOO launches social-networking MASH. * SAG gains jurisdiction over Internet-only "Quarterlife." * SPIRALFROG launches free, ad-supported music service. Read more at www.media30****
18 Sep 2007
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* APPLE announces iPhone for the UK. * GOOGLE unveils AdSense for Mobile. * AOL to consolidate digital ad groups and move to NY. * NYTIMES**** drops paid subscription wall. * MYSPACE at work on hyper-targeting ad system. Read more at www.media30****
19 Sep 2007
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* GOOGLE launches Gadget Ads. * CABLE OPERATORS developing standard for interactive ads. * MGM to start an HD channel. * MURDOCH considering a free WSJ****. * DIGG rolls out social-networking features. Read more at www.media30****
20 Sep 2007
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* NBC U to offer free, ad-supported downloads. * ABC adds shows to AOL. * APPLE brings iPhone to Germany. * STARZ MEDIA distributing via Unbox and Xbox Live. * DIRECTV VOD is coming soon. Read more at www.media30****
21 Sep 2007
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