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Models by Kurooni, T-tom Zsaber by Yollew (I know Kurooni's model has a Zsaber as a facial expression, but I wanted to use the sword vmd too) Motion, Camera by Ryukrieger Stages by Nutureka Music from Okami (Demon Lord Nine-Tail's Extermination) MME: S5Shader, AutoLuminous, ObjectLuminous, CheapLens, MotionBlur, SoftSmoke_SP, SoftParticleEngine, KiraKira, SimpleMagic Vol4 ver1 1 (Slash_lv1_2, SlashHit_lv1, SlashHit_lv2, SlashHit_lv3, Move_lv1, Explosion2_lv1), HgSAO, HgSSAO, WorkingFloorAL, Diffusion, o_SelfOverlay, o_Bleach-bypass, o_toProcColor, Nostalgia, o_Tonemap, Cinemascope
2 Mar 2019
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