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Mujer sin lĂ­mite ..mente abierta he esperimentado todo en el sexo
fear at its worst.
24 Mar 2008
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Banned from youtube for "hate speech" I dont hate the mentally challenged and I dont encourage hate or prejudice. this is just a couple funny stories that involves them and myself
6 Jul 2010
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I explain who should work and how much, according to traditional values.
3 May 2019
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Confronting popular opinion with facts.
11 Jul 2019
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I prejudice a major problem? Is there a difference between phony prejudice and real prejudice?
20 Jul 2019
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I examine the race issue very carefully. There is more here than meets the eye.
20 Jul 2019
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September 20,2008 at Venlo,the Netherlands. Motorbike run for persons with mental handicaps.
19 Oct 2008
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Amy Houston Academy is a public elementary School from Pre-K to 8th grade students. The school specializes in "Special Needs" students. Most with physical, emotional, or mental handicaps that need a different learning environment then what is offered in traditional schools.
22 Nov 2008
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Mentally handicapped, these two young students got this four hands improvisation on half length concert piano. It happens just this morning on their own! Surprising... Defenitly, music got no borders, no limits... look for this mixed handicaped and professionnal concert : www.teranga-show**** www.myspace****/michaelbougonsaxophone
14 Dec 2008
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Surprising! a rising star... Fabrice, trizomique, mets le feu! Plus sur www.teranga-show**** www.myspace****/michaelbougonsaxophone nouvelle star casting sliding flute aggun academy dan alice handicap mental handicapped people solo percu defistival enrique iglesias chute gad almaleh nouveau dvd byonce live clash marine mechin anne part 2 hason mraz if i were a boy smosh snatchers dan black yours gun pixelate gorby sav omar fred des
14 Dec 2008
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57- To Patients, 58- Emotion, 59- Behaviour, 60- Optimism. To patients First: a positive mind. Because a negative mind worsens the suffering. The Immune System declines when a person is negative in relation to their suffering. If a person believes in the cure, the person has every chance of winning over the disease. When a person thinks that the disease has no cure, the persons chances of cure are already very reduced. Therefore, thinking in a positive way is very important. The mind has enormous power of both cure and destruction. The increasing cases of autoimmune diseases stem from a negative mind. In that case of scleroderma I described at the Cardoso Fontes Hospital, her unconscious mind generated the disease. She had a mentally disabled son, her husband had abandoned her, and left her unable to work. Her mind created the disease so that the whole family would help her, because she was completely destitute, without anything, with a mentally handicapped son and without being able to work and having to care for him. The disease was the solution to her problem. And the auto-hemotherapy was the solution for the disease. Relationship between emotion, health and disease Pleasant and good emotions generate health. Bad emotions: fears, fear of violence, hatred, anger and sadness generate disease. Everything that is gratifying to a person, tranquillity, safety and love generate health. A simple example: a person suffers from psoriasis and is on holiday goes to have a swim in the sea, stays in the sun, is on the beach, the psoriasis disappears altogether; then the person goes back to work, on the following day everything bursts out. Why? If the person really liked their work, the effect would not be that much. But if a person goes to work in a job they dont like having contact with people they dont get on with, the person is not happy there so the psoriasis diverts the persons attention to their body. The unconscious represents 90% of us . We are only 10% conscious - 10% rational and 90% irrational. And this 90% answers to our wishes in the way it can. It somaticizes diseases to divert attention from the mind. In reality, many times disease is not the problem, it is the solution. But afterwards the person doesn't accept it, because it brings suffering, then the person wants to cure the disease. What makes a person change their behaviour? The most important is not to cry over spilled milk. What has no remedy is already remedied. This philosophy completely changes life. Chinese people consider that disease is guilt. They consider disease as something the person creates. Our negative side, always waiting for the worst, is a factory of diseases, favouring a low level of the immune system. An optimistic view of things - always seeing something good in everything bad that happens, this changes our health very much.
24 Jan 2010
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MYTHOMAN is one TERANGA's favorite songs. Download for free MYTHOMAN in HQ : www.teranga-show****/Download/mythoman.html Impressive! Mentally handicapped musicians give the best of themselves on stage, playing with professionals. It is a cocktail of energy, generosity and sincerity, for all types of audiences. There are 2 parts : first part is the integral concert, and secondly a documentary that is to show the work and the process fo creating the music that the musicians go through, based on rhythm sensations. More info and shows on : *******www.teranga-show**** Teacher and Artistic Director : Michael Bougon www.michaelbougon**** DVD Director : Cyril Auribault pour Artis-Studio www.artis-studio**** Producer and management : Musique & Handicap 78 www.musiquehandicap****
31 Mar 2010
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