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In this podcast episode of The Business Power Hour digital marketing expert and small business mentor David Somerfleck is interviewed by the host, Deb Krier. Learn about digital marketing and business growth in this engrossing episode.
18 Apr 2021
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Ohio Prep Stars traveled to the North Coast Saturday afternoon to the Cleveland Browns stadium. To witness, not Lebron James but Glenville and Mentor play an exciting game of high school football. This is what Ohio football is all about, the crowd was loud, the band was playing, and the pads were popping. Here are some of the sights and sounds from this great match-up in which Mentor won 15 - 13.
26 Oct 2006
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tip top mentor owwwwwwwww ...
24 Feb 2007
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SOY's average mentoring match lasts for 3 years. The national average is 9 months. Save Our Youth transforms the lives of at-risk youth through mentor relationships providing the skills for success in educational, emotional, and spiritual development.
17 Aug 2007
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*******blog.affiliatetip**** Shawn Collins talks about finding a mentor in affiliate marketing.
23 Oct 2007
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*******ProsperityCastNetworks**** Prosperity Cast Network - Val Smyth Does it again. If you were in Mentors in Motion, or even Mentoring with Millionares you will want to get a good look at what the Master of Marketing has just launched. Val Smyth, the founder of "THE PROSPERITY CAST NETWORK" would like to make his time available to talk with you directly about partnering with our winning team, should you desire a private conversation... No other company founder in the industry would make time to talk each individual, who would be seriously interested in his/her opportunity. If you would like to take advantage of this unbelievable gesture, please let me know so I can set this up with Val. Companies offer to pay money for his time - YOU get it free for being a potential marketing-partner.... John Gregory 206-350-0765 P.S. Exciting News! The Prosperity Cast Network presents 8 live introductory business calls on our behalf weekly. MIM Online Magazine, Val Smyth, Mentors In Motion val smyth Mentors In Motion. Discover the New MIM Online Magazine. Work with Val Smyth and Mentors In Motion and make 6 figures a year. Welcome to Jeff Mills' Mentors In Motion Page. I will show you multiple ways to earn $10000 in 30 days. Work with Jeff Mills and Val Smyth. Mentors In Motion, Prosperity Cast Network, MIM Online Magazine Mentors In Motion, Prosperity Cast Network, created by Val Smyth, ... Val Smyth, founder of the Mentors In Motion "3 Hour of Power" Val Smyth Seminar Val Smyth Welcome to my new Val Smyth blog I have set up. Over the weeks I will be adding articles on Val Smyth. Please keep coming back and checking for new Former Youth Pastor, Jeff Mills Announces the Immediate Launch of ... For over 10 years, Val Smyth has been a house hold name among network marketers. Val taught over 87467 members over the last 3 years, everything he knows Mentors in Motion Val Smyth Generate multiple $200 direct retail profit streams while learning how to prospect, communicate and close clients effectively. Val Smyth, MIM Online Magazine MIM Online Magazine, the industry's; first Online Audio magazine, mentoring system, created by Val Smyth of Mentors In Motion. Val Smyth MIM Online Magazine with Jim Gras • Internet MIM-Online-Magazine**** with Val Smyth and Jim Gras offer the worlds first Online Audio Magazine dedicated to Internet marketing Tips, Techniques *******www.EasyAbunza****
17 Dec 2007
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*******www.prosperitymasterminds**** *******www.ProsperityMentoring**** Having the right mentor in your life can make a huge difference. How far do you want to go in 2008? Did you accomplish all your goals in 2007? Getting out of that rut and on the path to success can be done more easily with the help of a mentor and a mastermind group. Why duplicate effort when you can profit from the experience of others. Anything I can do to help you succeed, I will. Robert Britt Skype: robert.e.britt office 610-926-7749
6 Jan 2008
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*******www.ProsperityMasterminds**** we can teach you how to grow your network marketing business by 5-9 associates per month. Web 2.0 technology and relationship marketing mentoring program.
7 Jan 2008
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LITTLE GUY NETWORK *******www.The-Little-Guy-Network**** Direct Phone: 469-450-8740 Choosing the right team and mentor is vital to your success in Little Guy Network. Let me guide you and teach you the skills that are working in today's online marketplace. Brand yourself and your business and stand out from the rest of the world. I have partnered with the Top #1 Team in Little Guy Network which includes Kenneth Bittner, Matias Leiva, and Jani Ghaffor and together we make a dream team of online marketers who are going to show you exactly how to make a great income from home. I want you to know exactly what you receive from me when you join us in business with Little Guy Network. I will provide you one-on-one coaching and training on the exact methods we use to drive massive targeted traffic to our websites on a daily basis. We us the latest Web 2.0 & Video Marketing techniques along with some of the most cutting edge marketing software on the planet, so you can basically put your Little Guy Network business on autopilot and know what succeeding online finally feels like. You will get video lead capture pages that pull in new prospects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An autoresponder that will have your prospects pulling out their credit cards and begging you to sign-up. Videos on how to replicate exactly what we do to make a killing from home. Abolustely no one will get left behind as I provide all my contact information to you so you can reach me anytime between 9am - 9pm, 7 days a week for full one-on-one training. There is no excuse anymore not to know how to market your business and make money online very quickly. LGN is revolutionizing the home based busniess industry and now is the perfect time for you to take action and get involved.. Little Guy Network has made it possible for anyone in the world to be in business for themselves right from home for only $200... and that is a lifetime membership! You are also able to earn $150 for every new member you bring into this one of a kind business and on top of that, you are paid daily into your bank account of choice. Give me a call right now so I can educate you and help you learn everything you need to know about Little Guy Network so you can make an informed decision to whether or not this business is right for you. If you can follow simple directions and apply yourself on a daily basis the Web 2.0 techniques we show you, then you will succeed in this business very quickly and make money from home! I am dedicated to your success and personal mentoring and I know you will love what our Top #1 Team in Little Guy Network has to offer you and your future. Charles Clift Online Success Coach & LGN Mentor Dallas, Texas USA (469) 450-8740 To Join My Top #1 Team In Little Guy Network Simply Sign-Up At My Website Below And Let's Get Started Today! *******www.The-Little-Guy-Network**** Little Guy Network Keywords the little guy network "the little guy network" [the little guy network] little guy network "little guy network" [little guy network] little guy network scam "little guy network scam" [little guy network scam] the little network guy "the little network guy" [the little network guy] the little network guy reviews "the little network guy reviews" [the little network guy reviews] the little network guy blog "the little network guy blog" [the little network guy blog] little guy network scam review "little guy network scam review" [little guy network scam review] roadmap to riches "roadmap to riches" [roadmap to riches] edc gold "edc gold" [edc gold] passport to wealth "passport to wealth" [passport to wealth] reverse funnel system "reverse funnel system" [reverse funnel system] cruise to cash "cruise to cash" [cruise to cash] wealthy affiliate "wealthy affiliate" [wealthy affiliate] easy daily cash "easy daily cash" [easy daily cash] myspace "myspace" [myspace] youtube "youtube" [youtube] google "google" [google] google marketing "google marketing" [google marketing] google adwords "google adwords" [google adwords] online marketing secrets "online marketing secrets" [online marketing secrets] thesecretpays the secret pays "the secret pays" [the secret pays] [thesecretpays]
28 Jan 2008
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Global Mentors Training video #2 explaining the advanced marketing and team building skills of the fastest growing Reverse Funnel System team. Get the facts on Ty Coughlin's Reverse Funnel System, the Inner Circle, and Global Resorts Network at *******www.RFSfacts****/ Jonathan Budd, Franco Gonzales, Tatyana Gann, and Adam Holland are leaders in the Global Mentors team. This team is the fastest growing and most profitable team in the Reverse Funnel System. Find out how we're getting the best return on our investments, sponsoring the top leaders in the network marketing industry, and creating FIVE and SIX FIGURES PER MONTH in profits month in and month out... *******www.RFSfacts****
12 Feb 2008
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*******www.prosperitymentoring**** *******www.prosperitymasterminds**** Robert Britt & Deb Britt - 610-926-7749 Anything we can do to help you succeed, we will do. Ask. Skype deb.britt robert.e.britt The Prosperity Cast Network is a lifetime, one-of-a-kind mentoring and marketing system created by the original renegade marketer, Val Smyth. The system teaches you how to build your business utilizing the latest technologies as a complement to building genuine relationships. The Prosperity Cast Network coaches work-from-home professionals to success through mentoring, personal development, and the support of an expert mastermind group. Val Smyth has made millions building downlines in multiple network marketing companies. Through The Prosperity Cast Network, Val is sharing his 28 years of marketing experience and success to help other marketers reach the levels of success most only dream about. The Prosperity Cast Network creates a powerful online/offline, educational, mastermind environment, networking with like-minded marketing partners. YOU are your most powerful tool! The external things are just props placed before you like pieces of a puzzle. It will be YOU that governs where those pieces will be placed! What you get with The Prosperity Cast Network: 1. Access to Val's live Mastery Training Calls weekly! 2. Access to the six most powerful CDs on the internet x 2 - THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM! (shipping included) Val is giving you two copies to save or give away. 3. Access to your own 2.0 high-tech, Prosperity Cast Network replicated website with free support. (First year free, only $99 per year after.) 4. Access to all live opportunity presentations for you and your prospects, on and off line! 5. Access to MIMonline Magazine's online interviews! And the Main Event! 6. Access to PCN's live "Inner Circle Summits" held in exotic locations around the world! Leaders have confidence! When you have confidence, prospects hunt you down and practically beg you to sign them up into your opportunity. Have YOU been trained to be a leader? If you want to build a downline in mlm or network marketing or create a highly successful direct sales business, become a leader first! That’s when the prospects, sales, and money will follow. Prosperity Cast Network ( PCN, prosperitycastnetwork ), founded by Val Smyth and partnered with the GUTz community … together can help you take your mlm or network marketing business to new levels!
14 Feb 2008
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5:02 abunza mentors in motion
25 Feb 2008
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