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Doctors say that high blood pressure, or Hypertension, is the biggest cause of death in the US. I have chronic hypertension, but I didn't want to take medication, so I experimented on myself. This is my Experimenter's Diary. I can now lower my blood pressure to a normal range in under an hour, using knowledge, methods, and an electronic device called a PEMF. I don't know which of the many techniques was the "best" or the "strongest" factor -- therefore, I hope to hear from your comments. The Law of Gratitude requires me to say, "thanks!!", to Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Mercola, Japanese and Greek scientists who did the studies that I relied on, the TCM doctor on 530 Main Street, Vancouver, Healthy Way in North Vancouver, Wim Hof breathing, Breathology's "breath holding" and Nitreous Oxide apnea breathing, the inventors Bob Beck and Nicola Tesla, and many others. My methods included finger tapping, somewhat similar to EFT but without the affirmations,
15 Oct 2018
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