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A pretentious artist insinuates to the viewer that they are stupid. Any art lover has run in to one of these!Animation created by artist Merrill Kazanjian of New York City.
17 Mar 2008
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An instructional video by tradigital artist Merrill Kazanjian Step 1- Scan the image Step 2- Open the scanned image in Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop and cut out your favorite part. In this instance I chose the head of the closest character. I liked the face that I drew but I decided to change the hairstyle. I always liked NBA all star Ben Wallace's hair so I will use the digital scissor to cut it out. Step 3- Print Step 4- I use illustration markers and color pencils to give my old drawing a new look. For this image, I have combined traditional and digital media over an old pencil sketch. The sketchbook that it was in was taking up space in my studio and I hadn't looked at it for years. I wasnt in the mood to start a new drawing today so I decided to experiment and give new life to an old drawing. Jackson Pollock said over 50 years ago- New needs need new techniques. And the modern artists have found new ways and new means of making their statements... the modern painter cannot express this age, the airplane, the atom bomb, the radio, in the old forms of the Renaissance or of any other past culture. I feel that more artists should try tradigital art. (That is, art that uses both traditional and digital media). I have witnessed many artists who are threatened by technology but the truth is that computers have created more possibilities for artists. Step 5- Finish the figure digitally (more)(
24 Nov 2009
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Prior to 2008, I had never ventured outside of the medium of oil paint. Life got HECTIC and I was forced to reconsider my approach. Here (below) is the story. For the past eight years, I have taught art in schools in Harlem and the South Bronx and my technique was created out of a need that arose in my classroom. Forty five minute periods is not enough time to teach painting. So I switched my painting supplies from traditional supplies, to paint markers to eliminate the set up and clean up. After witnessing the success that my students were having, I decided to push the technique even further, while working in my studio. I learned that mixing color pencils with a "blender" (on top of the opaque layers of the paint markers) marker allows an artist to mimic the effects of glazed oil paint. I incorporated media "cut outs" and printed images in my work. And I found that paint markers were ideal to tie everything together. Finally I learned that scanning my images on to a computer will allow me to edit my "characters" and add crazy effects such as juxtaposing images on top of my creations. The computer also enables me to use the medium that I am most familiar with; oil paint. I usually print my compositions on canvas ( I order an non varnished giclee print) and lay down the finishing touches in oil paint.
1 Dec 2009
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The Art Gallery Alpha Males go to a show, and as usual, don't like it. A short film by Merrill Kazanjian
17 Mar 2008
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Surfer dude catches a big wave, but to the shagrinn of the senior citizen population.- A short film by Merrill Kazanjian
20 Nov 2008
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Kunst falls asleep on his job at Sartbucks and dreams that he is being interviewed on art 21- Art for the Twenty-First century. A Kunst falls asleep on his job at Sartbucks and dreams that he is being interviewed on art 21- Art for the Twenty-First century. A short film by the Artist Merrill Kazanjian of Freeport, NY via Queens. (more)
19 Mar 2008
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This is a Matrix spoof starring Barack Obama Hillary Clinton and the cast of merrillk****. This animation was created by artist Merrill Kazanjian. Admittedly, it is not quite pixar quality, but hopefully the viewer will get a laugh!
23 Mar 2008
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The Art Gallery Alpha Males rock it out in the New York Subway. Kunst recites a poem that he made about MFA's or Masters in Fine Art. This is also meant to be a critique of early twenty first century "Art World" culture. Mentioned are the artists Damian Hirst and Andres Serrano. A short film by Merrill Kazanjian Merrillk****. I sampled the fantastic U2 track, “Desire”from Rattle and Hum, in this four minute fifty second movie. The Art Gallery Alpha Males are meant to be a parody of New York City Art Gallery culture; which is often referred to as, the “Art World”. Also mentioned in this film is Adolf Hitler. Kazanjian wryly penned that Adolf Hitler was a MFA- A “Megalomaniac From Austria”, even though he was rejected from art school and became a dictator who murdered millions of innocent people. Kazanjian criticizes that there is a market for his work (Hitler art sold for over 200,000 dollars in 2006).
17 Apr 2010
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Artist Merrill Kazanjian breaks down how he makes one of his artworks. Merrill had been a teacher for more than seven years and is sharing his artistic processes with the world thanks to Metacafe! The process is: Step 1: Look for interesting facial features (eyes, noses and mouths; even ears) from different photographs and juxtapose them on a piece of paper. Step 2: Make an oval for the head and paste down the facial features. The eyes should be in the middle of the oval. Step 3: Scan what you have so far and reprint it in color on a separate sheet of paper. In other words, scan it and reprint it so that you work on a flat surface. Step 4: Use Paint Markers and Illustration markers to tie everything together. I used Decocolor and Prismacolor markers for this picture, acrylic paint would work equally well. Whatever you choose, the point of the 4th step is to make everything look smooth. (more)
24 Jun 2008
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A time lapse video demonstration of an illustration of Sarah Palin, Gouverner of Alaska, former Vice Presidential Candidate. Artist Merrill Kazanjian uses illustration markers (AD Markers) and color pencils (Prismacolor) to create the illustrated portrait. First, he made a contour pencil sketch without shading. Second, he set the base tones with the markers and then proceeded with several layers of color pencil work. Kazanjian is a New York based contemporary artist who uses a wide range of media in his work. He is best known for his tradigital art work and for the internet series, Art Gallery Alpha Males. his website is Merrillk****
9 Apr 2009
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One hour compressed in to less than one minute. A time lapse / speed draw demonstration in time for St. Patrick's day. I used a mixed media approach to draw this character. I used illustration markers (prismacolor and AD), color pencils and acrylic paint. The color pencils are great for detail and the illustration markers are a fast way to lay down base color. I used only white acrylic paint to cover some mistakes on the sides of the head. I also used a paint brush and mineral spirits (turpentine, turpenoid, paint thinner) to blend the color pencil to give this angry Leprechaun a more realistic look. I made the body separately and I used Photoshop to attatch the head to the body.(Check out some of my tradigital videos to see how I do that). Thanks for checking out the video- Merrill Kazanjian merrillk****
16 Mar 2009
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Tips- Try to notice that the shape around an angry eye is much more compressed than a calm eye. When a person is enraged, the muscles around the eye tighten and pull the eyelids inward. This creates deeper shadows and uncovers more of the white of the eye. In the angry eye there is a separation between the top of the iris and the eyelid. Step 1- Draw a circle with a rainbow shape above it. Remember to leave a space about half of the size of the iris in between the upper lid and upper iris. Step 2- Draw in the shape of the eyebrow. Make sure that it is angled downwards towards the inner corner of the eye. It should actually connect with the eye lashes on the upper eye lid Step 3- Draw in the pupil and the lower eyelid. Leave a black space in the pupil for a reflection. The lower eyelid should graze the bottom of the iris. Step 4- The bottom eyelid is literally wrapped around the eyeball. Make a bowl like shape below the eye and add a squiggly line on the inner corner of the eye to hint at the side of the nose. Step 5- Shade the pupil and iris and the upper eye lashes. Please note that the upper eyelashes are thicker and fuller than the bottom ones. Step 6- Shade in the eyebrow. Please notice that it is not evenly shaded throughout. Step 7- Darken the area around the eye but do not touch the white area. The eyes seem to sink in more when a person is angry, creating deeper shadows. Demonstration by Merrill Kazanjian- Merrillk****
17 Mar 2009
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