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Le 2 octobre 2009, le Collectif des Mal Logés en Colère investit l'agence en conseil financier de jean Marie Meissier: celui-ci vient d'empocher six millions d'euros pour avoir "négocié" la vente de 30 000 logements sociaux d'ICADE à d'autres bailleurs HLM. Cout total de l'opération : deux milliards d'euros pris sur les fonds du logement social pour racheter des logements déjà payés par l'argent public ! La co-directrice de l'agence Meissier Partners déclare " Nous ne vous devons rien", avant de faire évacuer les lieux par les garde mobiles. Stop au hold up permanent sur les fonds du logement social ! Un logement pour tous, tout de suite <A HREF="*******"></A>
5 Oct 2009
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9 May 2013
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We are joined by guest Douglas Messier from the site *******www.parabolicarc**** to talk about New Space, Human Space Flight and where the space program will go from here. In the news we have: Florida airport gets its Spaceport license: ******* Yuri's Night vidcasts!: ******* Phoenix is probably dead: ******* China Spacelab, Tiangong-1: ******* epic will be available shortly. Hopefully in about a week. Until then just know that yes, we have the post show available for epic members. Get your subscription buying finger ready!
13 May 2013
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This spot highlights Mark Messiers bold guarantee. In the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals, Messiers Rangers were down 3 games to 2. Messier boldly guaranteed victory. Then delivered with a hat trick. The Rangers went on the Stanley Cup finals and won the cup. It made Messier a New York legend and helped end the Rangers 54-year drought.
22 Apr 2007
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One of Leetch's most famous goals. This goal gave the Rangers a 1-0 lead in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Assists were from Zubov and Messier.
10 Nov 2009
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Nouveau film qui sortira le 7 septembre. Une comédie qui fera l'ouverture du Festival des Films du Monde
19 Jul 2007
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Adler - Sochi meat
20 Aug 2008
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Vancouver Canuck Henrik Sedin Wins Hart Memorial Trophy at The 2010 NHL Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada. Vancouver Vagabond Heath Tait accepted a Silver Ace Award for his feature documentary Vancouver Vagabond a few weeks earlier at the famous Las Vegas Hilton Casino Hotel.
26 Jun 2010
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28 Jul 2007
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Hubblecast 11: A grand design in a galactic festoon The galaxy Messier 74 lies at a distance of over 30 million light years. In this latest image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope the enormous swirls of this stunning spiral galaxy arc across space, adorned with glowing pink regions of hydrogen gas and lit by the pale blue light of millions of newly formed stars. Credit: ESA/Hubble (M. Kornmesser
12 Dec 2007
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We've seen greats like Gretsky, Orr, Messier, Lemieux, Jagr, and several others. In your opinion...who is the best today...George hands down thinks to disagree.
27 Feb 2009
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The government of the not too future of Nation-State is so partisen and devided, it can no longer look after even the basic needs of the citizens...that's really out there isn't it. Shot in west Hollywood and Westwood, in only a handful of locations, contains superb work by Noelle Messier, Jesse Holland, and the vey beautiful, Kelli Nordus. If things get much worse, you can expect a similar scenario here, which would mean this was no longer science fiction, but political reality. Now availabe streaming from Amazon ***********/Chronicles-Roman-Numeral-X/dp/B001T6I8BM?&camp=212361&linkCode=wey&tag=straightawaym-20&creative=391821
4 Sep 2009
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Water slide!! Think again. A curry slide in Scotland is simply so much fun. Think you can get messier? The just do it, get showered and get it to us *******www.tritongoodcleanfun****** and win £1,000.
13 May 2010
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It seems that we are a nation of cleaners. A third of us (34%) spend at least an hour a day doing household chores, and we’re spending an average of 8 hours and 44 minutes a week getting the DIY done! In fact, DIY tasks are costing us £715 a year on average. The research commissioned by Kärcher, who make the UK’s top Multi Purpose Vac, also showed that more than half (57%) of us think we’re good at cleaning. Yet one in ten admit they leave DIY tools lying around the house, and nearly a quarter leave hair in the plug hole. One in ten has confessed to walking mud into the house. Cleaning is also hitting our relationships. Nearly half of us are arguing with our partners about how untidy they are, or their lack of help with household chores. And it seems it’s impossibly difficult to get our loved ones to do jobs around the house, with nearly two thirds (63%) admitting we have to ask our partner at least twice before they’ll help out. Yet when it comes to happiness, keeping a tidy home seems to come high up the priority list. More than half say they’re happier and less stressed once the housework is done, and a quarter think a clean and tidy house leads to a clean and tidy mind! But it seems not everyone is on the same wavelength. While two thirds say the lady of the house is the one wanting to keep things tidy, more than half of the time, the men are messier, with women getting the blame only 28% of the time. With all this chaos, how do we get our house in order? DIY expert Tommy Walsh is on hand to offer his top tips on making our homes a happier place!
24 Jun 2011
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BY EVAN BUSH ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN More bad news for President Obama ahead of his jobs speech -- Solyndra, a California company that benefited from a $535 million dollar stimulus loan and Mr. Obama’s public support shut its doors Wednesday and declared bankruptcy. Now, it’s being investigated by the FBI. ABC’s Brian Ross has the background: “Up until the very end, the Obama administration said it was money well-spent: creating more than 3,000 jobs at a so-called green company that made solar panels. The company’s bankruptcy Wednesday punctured that claim and led Republicans in Congress to question whether undue influence by Obama campaign supporters was involved in what appears to be a half billion dollar hit for taxpayers.” Solyndra has been under scrutiny after claims the Department of Energy showed favoritism to the company. iWatch News reports: “The company, which counted among its investors a major fundraiser for President Obama, had received a half-billion dollar government loan following a fast-track approval process and involving an interest rate lower than other green projects [benefiting] from Energy Department help.” Things got even messier Thursday -- the FBI and Energy Department inspectors raided Solyndra’s California offices. The San Jose Mercury News describes the scene: “Federal agents swarmed around Solyndra’s campus in Fremont to execute a search warrant and interview laid-off employees … Employees were checked and asked to identify themselves on the way into one of the Solyndra buildings. ‘We are carrying out search warrants in relation to the DOE contract,’ an unidentified male FBI agent told an employee as he went in. ‘...We're just looking for stuff right now.’” The Bay Citizen spoke to a former Solyndra employee, who wasn’t surprised to hear about the raid. “I'm happy to see it, because documents sometimes have a way of getting shredded … Hopefully, the FBI will get down to what actually happened, because there really was a lot of money that was being infused into that company. There's no good reason that it went down the way it did.” Forbes says this raid calls more than the just the loan into question -- but the entire solar industry: “The real take-away is this: Can U.S. companies developing advanced solar technology compete against low-cost Chinese manufacturers who benefit from state support and a government policy to create markets at home and abroad for their products?” The San Jose Mercury News reports Solyndra employees were sent home last week without severance packages. A spokesman for the company speculated that the FBI was looking for information on the Obama administration’s loan guarantee.
13 Sep 2011
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