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In the last episode of the MetaMovies exclusive web series, Armageddon Inc, Chuck and Linda are starting to get a taste of what being a horsemen means. And they're not sure if they like it. Stay to tuned for more future Armageddon Inc episodes at: ***********/OcelotWebworks And keep up with Horsemen of the Apocalypse at: *******www.indiegogo****/ArmageddonInc2
28 Oct 2011
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You'd think that promotion to Horseman of the Apocalypse would make you happy but not when your boss is War. Watch the latest episode of the original dark comedy web series, Armageddon Inc, exclusively on MetaMovies.
21 Oct 2011
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At the junket for Puss in Boots, Matt just wants to learn a little Spanish from stars, Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas. But everyone just ends up confused. Puss in Boots is in theaters this Friday.
26 Oct 2011
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At the Puss in Boots junket, Matt Zaller sat down with Zach Galifianakis to explore the myth of Humpty Dumpty and some casual cat talk. Puss in Boots is in theaters October 28th.
28 Oct 2011
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At the junket for the comedy, Tower Heist, Matt Zaller wanted to make sure that comedy legends Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy knew just how much they've served as an inspiration to him. Tower Heist is in theaters this Friday.
2 Nov 2011
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If Casey Affleck is the journalist at the recent junket for Tower Heist then where exactly does Matt Zaller fit into this? Tower Heist is in theaters this Friday!
3 Nov 2011
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In in this exclusive clip from, I Melt with You from Magnolia pictures, Richard (Thomas Jane), Ron (Jeremy Piven), Jonathan (Rob Lowe) and Tim (Christian McKay) are old college friends that gather annually for a week in Big Sur to celebrate their friendship and catch-up on each other’s lives. They seem like typical men in their forties – all with careers, families, and enormous responsibilities – but like most people there is a lot more beneath the surface. I Melt with You is On-Demand now: *******www.magpictures****/ondemand In theaters November 4th.
8 Nov 2011
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Inspired by Jonah Hill's role in the forthcoming, The Sitter, Matt Zaller shares a few children's poems he's penned himself. The Sitter is in theaters December 9th.
30 Nov 2011
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Just being in Matt Zaller's presence, despite the adorable baby, can cause you lose street cred, as Method Man quickly found out. The Sitter is in theaters December 9th.
7 Dec 2011
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Is Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie better than Gone with the Wind and a couple of the Crocodile Dundee movies? Only NACA can decide. Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie is currently on VOD at: *******www.magpictures****/ondemand/ - Billion Dollar Movie is in theaters March, 2 2012.
3 Feb 2012
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