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The Fighter in 5 metres.
6 May 2008
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jump of 8 metre of top
28 May 2008
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Çanakkale'de deniz onbeş metre çekildi
1 Mar 2009
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200 Metre Sürüklenen Araçtan Yaralı Kurtuldular
8 Apr 2009
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"Bir metre yirmi dört santimlik bir çocuğun kendi dünyasının dışındaki bir nesneyle ilk karşılaşmasının öyküsü. Bir çocuğun gözünden dünya."
5 Aug 2009
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Dağcılardan İki Bin Metre de Sahur
31 Aug 2009
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*******buildingbuddy****.au/building-costs-per-square-metre.htm When one hears the word team, an idea that comes into mind is working towards a common goal - and this is how we expect teams to function. It is important that the team does not stray from the objectives set to be achieved, but how do we ensure that the team still works as one? Team building programs have been formulated throughout the years to strengthen the bond among team members, and between team leaders and their members. Other than increasing cohesiveness, team building programs allow individuals within the team understand their roles better so they can have more coordinated actions towards the achievement of their objectives.
8 Mar 2010
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Lifeguarding at the Kingsbrook HOA
4 Jan 2007
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Le plus long trajet de Natation au monde ;p
14 Aug 2007
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Usain Bolt sets a new World Record in 19.19 at the World Championships in Berlin 2009
24 Aug 2009
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Barcelona'da Avrupa Atletizm Şampiyonası'nda İstiklal Marşı... Nevin Yanıt altın madalyasını alıyor.
3 Apr 2011
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This is a friend of mine jumping off a 20 metre cliff into a river in cairns australia.
5 Oct 2006
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saut depuis la citadelle de Bastia (18 metres)
11 Dec 2006
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i was shooting my pneumatic from 10 metres away it went through the wood and the chair WTF
18 Jun 2007
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10 metres spider web in my backyard, I also have seen a 20 metres web but I didn't have the camera back then - Dame!
28 Jun 2007
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Water Flowing UP a Cliff to 24 metres, with NO PUMP! This Simple Experiment in 1995 Pulled Plug On 300-Year old Law Of Physics, Yet has been ignored by many scientists, doctors ever since this historic event took place in Devon. The theory behind this video is based on sound fully repeatable model and gives us for the first time a sound common sense understanding of the driving force behind the very essence of life. I believe I have discovered the primary source of circulation in humans, animals, trees and plants. Gravity provides all of the power. The Experiment: Consists of a single length of 6 mil bore strong nylon tube, filled with pre-boiled water. Both open ends are immersed in two large water filled bottles at ground level. 10 millilitres of coloured salt solution was added to the centre of the tube, which was raised on a rope and pulley to the height of 24 metres. Result: As the centre of the tube was raised, the salt solution begins to flow down one side causing one bottle of water to overflow while the donor bottle water level falls as water travels from one bottle up the suspended tube and down the other side into the recipient bottle. The Video is unedited since the event and provides accurate timescale for the suspended fluids remaining actively circulating inside a tube suspended more than double the limit thought to be possible for a liquid to exist under such tension. Explanation: This simple Flow and Return System must exist wherever evaporation takes place from a liquid that contains substances denser than water! A tree for example evaporates almost all of the water drawn through the roots from its leaves in a process called transpiration. Evaporated water does not contain salts or sugars, so these substances MUST be concentrated to some degree at the leaf. Gravity pulls the denser or concentrated sap down, represented by the 10 millilitres of salt solution in the experiment. The downward flowing sap generates a positive pressure in front of it and at the same time a negative tension behind it, which is powerful enough to lift less denser fluids in adjoined tubes, represented by the salt free side or rising side of the suspended loop of tubs shown in the video. Andrew K Fletcher
26 Aug 2007
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