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Bill Hager, founder of Insurance Metrics Corporation, is a seasoned industry and regulatory executive who brings a distinguished history of insurance expertise to every case.
The Wharton Marketing Metrics program provides marketing and finance executives with the knowledge they need to accurately measure the effectiveness of marketing expenditures. Participants learn to assess short-term and long-term implications of marketing strategies by evaluating intangible assets such as brand and customer satisfaction, analyzing the potential financial impact of marketing expenditures, and discovering how to effectively allocate a marketing budget.
17 Oct 2008
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from the very start people were always talking about metrics, metrics, metrics - i can understand the reason why people want stats, something pretty to look at also to see what video content is doing better than others. we have built in ajax flash stats. We are not sure what to track yet, so we are only tracking uniques for each domain and each service rows media. We are open to suggestions of what else to track thou!
24 Nov 2008
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Numbers, numbers and more numbers. Or in marketing terminology; metrics. But which metrics are important to measure your website or blog success? Although there are many answers to that question, Michael Leander provides his input in this video.
4 Jan 2009
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This short video give tips on what to look at in metrics in social media. This is part one of a two part series discussing social media metrics and how to define goals to gauge both success and failure with social media strategies. Full transcript at: *******www.SearchMarketingGurus****
11 Mar 2009
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******* SAN FRANCISCO -- We caught up with Charlene Li earlier today at the Web 2.0 Expo show. Charlene is one of the most respected visionaries in social media. She shares the basics in how to build the impact for online video. She says while online video is a powerful new medium, its exacting metrics is "a curse.' She explains that video is "infinitely measurable" as compared to broadcast television. She adds that while online video is gaining traction, it won't reach the impact of conventional television for "a decade." More coverage of conference by Dean Takahashi on Venture Beat. -- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer
4 Apr 2009
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*******videos.webpronews**** During SMX Advanced, Mike McDonald of WebProNews caught up with Seth Besmertnik of Conductor to discuss what metrics are important for a businesses marketing opportunities. Many companies consider track rankings, traffic, backlinks, conversions, sales, repeat visitors, and more, but is that really what matters? Seth explains that a lot of time and money go into areas that are not returning what was foreseen...To learn more on this topic, watch Seth Besmertnik's interview with WebProNews.
3 Jul 2009
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Rivmixx interviews Alex Metric Glade 2009. Check out the rest here. *******www.rivmixx****/core/specialfeature_details/id/1790
28 Jul 2009
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Short video on metrics: basic questions to ask yourself about your personal metrics: where they came from and why were they given to you? First in its own series, Part Two in the Results of the Lie of Human Free Will series. Very broad subject: introductory questions and comments.
13 Nov 2009
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this song is owned by: Metric Music International
27 Dec 2009
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*******www.sawmillsoftware**** Learn how to read a ruler easier than ever with Measure-Matic. It's designed to help students who need help with reading and making measurements with both the English and Metric ruler systems.
29 Apr 2010
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In this video report from BlogWorld 2008, Abby Johnson catches up with Greg Go of About****. He speaks about the different metrics to use for your online business and how to make your blog standout. Find out all the details in this video, right here on WebProNews.
1 May 2010
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Can you determine the health and profitability of your organization from just 5 numbers? You could if you had Productivity Metrics in place! Metrics are simply pieces of data that allow you to get a snapshot look at your organization. Productivity Metrics can also be early warning signals of: * Being out of compliance * Critical materials shortages * Violations of service level agreements * Missed customer service targets * Dangerous levels of debt, cash, expenses, absenteeism, and inventory shrinkage In this video clip, we talk about how to easily determine what metrics you need and how to collect them.
6 Jun 2010
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A video book review of Jim Sterne's Social Media Metrics by Eric Pratum of Grizzard Communications Group. The blog post can be found at ******* Distributed by Tubemogul.
17 Jun 2010
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