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MGK salonu komple yenilendi. Yenilenen salonda Ortadoğu barış görüşüldü.
28 Feb 2009
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machine gun Kelly literally gets booed on stage while singing #Rap_devil is this the beginning of the end for #mgk? is he regretting for dissing #Eminem
21 Oct 2018
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14 Aug 2011
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Chop Shit Down Records Diss - MGK look for more from them on these pages facebook - chop shtt down records youtube- Big Loony youtube- chop shit down records
6 Sep 2018
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So decided to create a whole new genre of music called Riddim Rap!! It is basically just using riddim/dubstep beats and rapping over it in a certain way!! For my first Riddim Rap song I used the song Edge by Rezz as it is one of my favorites....Also I share a lot of similarities with MGK and Eminem so the intro is just a shoutout to them saying their both dope afff and they should focus on the whack ass rappers in the game and drop the I decided to help them out and diss Tekashi 69 hahah these are all jokes btw...but also i still am one crazy mother effer.....
11 Sep 2019
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Cynicus Releases the Second Visual Off Of His Newest Mixtape "Out On Bail: Hosted By Big Mike".... Download "Out On Bail" Here: *******www.datpiff****/Cynicus-Out-On-Bail-mixtape.63787.html Keep Enemies Close (Directed By: Swiv3l Vision)/Blood Money (Directed By: Cody Films) facebook****/iamcynicus twitter****/cynicusnetwork instagram****/cynicus youtube****/cynicustv new.myspace****/cynicus****/u/0/b/117919264968315542700/117919264968315542700
3 Apr 2013
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Eminem is one of the most talented rap artists that has graced the surface of this earth. That being said he has beaten women, used his position to negatively influence kids, and started his career dissing the likes of ICP, Vanilla Ice, and several other well known artists at the time. Throughout his career he used diss tracks masterfully to gain attention and fame. Consider this track a wake up call to the millions of rap fans who want to hear a worthy opponent for once. We decided if we are going to diss someone it needed to be the one worth dissing and for the right reasons. Before posting comments we challenge listeners to listen to this track on an actual system. (Not computer, not phone) If you would like to hear EM respond simply facebook your friends this video and help us reach 2 million views and you will hear a series of battles that will not soon be forgotten. Thank you for your support! Want to hear a lyrical song now? Listen to "Royalty" *******www.palefacepicasso**** Peace to all who believe, and pray for the one's who don't... Rated as TOP ARTIST/ALBUM pick for 2013 Read more about Paleface Picasso: *******www.palefacepicasso****
14 Jun 2013
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Taken from my album Amnesiac. Coming August 16th. Remix by Catherine Bliemel (OBLVYN)
5 Aug 2019
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Produced by Alex Call Composed by Ashok Kailath & Alex Call
5 Aug 2019
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The track I'm most proud of from my album, Amnesiac.
17 Aug 2019
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See who won Rap Devil vs Killshot from my perspective.....Im also a rapper from the Midwest so I think my perspective is unique and have some thoughts you probably have not heard before!!! For anyone that doesnt know Rap Devil and Killshot are songs by Machinegunkelly and Eminem where they diss eachother!!!
17 Sep 2019
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See the conclusion to my persepectives of Rap Devil and Killshot!!!
17 Sep 2019
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So decided to do a little freestyle over Billie Eilishes Bad Guy and DaBaby's Suge....hope you guyzz enjoy!!!
17 Sep 2019
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Thanks for 10k on Facebook link Produced by Stevie B (Pittsburgh top Producer for Jimmy Wopo, Taylor Gang, Hardo and many more) Recorded and Mixed by Van Leeuwen Mastered by best mastering company, Red Tuxedo Directed/Edited by the amazing 4th and Anchor
28 Sep 2019
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RIP Chestor Bennington decided to do a cover of one of my favorite songs of his that I still listen to on a constant basis....Suicide is a serious issue in our society and please anyone who reads this never actually dont go through with it I struggle with depression as well so I know it can get bad
5 Oct 2019
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