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MGS4/MGS1 teaser
6 May 2008
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Metal Gear Solid Video Game Made by Nikola Tefov
2 Jul 2008
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This is Metal Gear Solid 1: Twin Snakes.... it's a remake wiht my new program. But it is my first try with a game music video, think is very cool. This is my 3rd try, making a good MGS music video. And I think this one was really... really nicely made.
18 Aug 2007
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A video montage for the famous game: Metal Gear. It shows scenes from metal gear twin snakes, metal gear snake eater and the new metal gear MGS4P:guns of patriots. Music is by Rum Band: Tarek Al Naser. Trailers used in the montage are from: www.gamestrailers****
15 Jun 2009
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***********/software/tivoli/products/monitor/?cm_mmc=agus_itmbipcty-20090810-usitp200-_-n-_-mgs1-_-m Ernie Gilman and Mac Holloway from IBM discuss the performance gains and cost savings customers can achieve by upgrading their OMEGAMON monitoring software. ____________________________________________ Gilman: 02:05:34 - Well you know, everybody’s under cost pressures today. And trying to get more cycles out of the z box they have today. And when I tell them that they can put in some software, such as the OMEGAMON, and immediately get benefits out of that, [onscreen text: Saving money] get cycles back and save money, it’s like getting a check at the end of the week, they’re very excited about that. Mack: 02:25:14 - There are already three of the version 4.2 OMEGAMONs out there. They all have some substantial value adds, in terms of [onscreen text: Performance gains] performance, in terms of consumability. Note: this is a long pause here, please tighten up and add a “white pop” to cover I just get so jazzed when I look at the stuff and how we leverage this. We get some of this from one group, we get some of it from another group. All of this converges in this product, this suite we call the OMEGAMONs. And they’re all continuous in getting better. Gilman: 02:08:48 - … I had a case last week where a customer implemented the OMEGAMON, they created a new workspace. Just by the fact of creating this workspace, they saw problems in their environment they had never seen before. “white pop” to cover It’s a matter of getting the right information in the right format to the right people. The data’s there, but I just have to get it to the person in the right format. [onscreen text: Reducing time to resolution] And that’s what’s so exciting about OMEGAMON is that the data is, I don’t know where the problem is but if I can present it in the right format, they can say, ah! I see the problem. Mack: 02:22:37 – … So we’re leveraging some key technology to [onscreen text: Reducing migration time by 75 percent] reduce the migration time by 75%. That’s a lot of staffing that just doesn’t get spent. We’ve also done a bunch of work around trying to reduce the consumption of CPU and we’ve seen[onscreen text: Reducing CPU usage by 50% reductions both in excess of 50% in the product, but then we’re also working with customers to say, here’s how you can leverage the product. Then we see as much as 50% reductions there. This is what they need. They need to save money. The costs of our products has to be something that adds value. Gilman: 02:12:21 - Well you know the thing about OMEGAMON is the customers are used to a lot of people coming up to them saying we can do this and that and so forth. The difference is IBM delivers because of the investment [onscreen text: IBM delivers improvement] we make. We’ll put in this product, it actually uses less cycles for more functionality. It’s like you put OMEGAMON in, put in a new release, it’s like writing you a check.
2 Sep 2009
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