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Graffiti by Agents of Change, secrets by MI6, all natural Cola by Red Bull.
20 Aug 2009
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9/11 Questioned by Intelligence agent
26 Dec 2009
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Rob Mathews walks us through the newest game mode, MI6.
1 Nov 2011
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Where's the part of the training course where you drink martinis?
19 Aug 2011
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QUANTUM OF SOLACE dá continuidade às aventuras de James Bond (DANIEL CRAIG) em 007 CASSINO ROYALE. Traído por Vesper, a mulher que amou, 007 luta contra o impulso de tornar pessoal sua última missão. Em sua determinação de descobrir a verdade, Bond e M (JUDI DENCH) interrogam Mr. White (JESPER CHRISTENSEN) que revela que a organização que chantageou Vesper é muito mais complexa e perigosa do que seria possível imaginar. Informações forenses vinculam um traidor do Mi6 a uma conta bancária no Haiti, onde um erro de identidade apresenta a Bond a bela e agressiva Camille (OLGA KURYLENKO), uma mulher que já possui sua vendeta particular. Camille leva Bond diretamente a Dominic Greene (MATHIEU AMALRIC), um empresário cruel e importante peça da misteriosa organização. Em uma missão que o leva à Áustria, Itália e América do Sul, Bond descobre que Greene, conspirando para obter controle total de um dos mais importantes recursos naturais do mundo, está forjando um acordo com o desterrado General Medrano (JOAQUIN COSIO). Usando seus parceiros na organização e manipulando poderosos contatos na CIA e no governo britânico, Greene pretende derrubar o atual regime de um país latino-americano e colocá-lo sob controle do General em troca de uma área de terra aparentemente árida. Em meio a traições, assassinatos e hipocrisias, Bond busca velhos amigos na batalha para descobrir a verdade. À medida que se aproxima do homem responsável pela traição de Vesper, 007 precisa manter-se à frente da CIA, dos terroristas e até de M, para desfazer o sinistro plano de Greene e paralisar sua organização.
9 Feb 2009
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Remote Viewing refers to the attempt to gather information about a distant or unseen target using paranormal means or extra-sensory perception. The CIA, MI6, MI5, NSA, Mossad and many other intelligence agencies have taught agents to learn remote viewing for years. Remote viewing was popularized in the 1990s, following the declassification of documents related to the Stargate Project, a 20 million dollar research program sponsored by the U.S. Federal Government to determine any potential military application of psychic phenomena. Remote viewing, like other forms of extra-sensory perception, is generally considered as pseudoscience due to the need to overcome fundamental ideas about causality, time, and other principles currently held by the scientific community, and the lack of a positive theory that explains the outcomes.
25 Feb 2009
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Compiled from leaked surveillance footage taken during an official investigation in 2002, WMD pieces together the story of an ordinary MI6 desk officer who discovered deliberate flaws in the evidence being compiled to invade Iraq and tried to expose the truth.
12 Jan 2009
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Here the Israeli talks about the war on Lebanon. This video was taken down on Feb 25th. Payoneer CTO Covers Up Colleague's Special Forces Experience --- A video clip is pulled, indicating that the Israelis are trying to conceal Yuval Tal's military experience as a former Israeli special forces soldier, after the Payoneer link to the Mossad's Dubai hit was exposed. Tal's company Payoneer was largely funded by a Herzliya-based venture capital company, whose founder served in the elite Unit 8200 of the Israeli Intelligence Corps. *******www.takeourworldback****/dubaimossad.htm dubai assassination torture murder lebanon hamas palestine palestinian mossad cia mi6 israeli israel zionist zionism meir dagan netanyahu netanyahou zog nwo Yuval Tal payoneer special forces operations tsahal idf metabank mastercard bank meta intelligence corps previous form suspect guilty spy killing assassins hezbullah syria fox news herzliya 8200 unit cover up video Yaniv money trail Chechik elite combat bibi Silicon Valley Greylock Partners Carmel Ventures Comverse infosys verint logger kobi alexander fbi wanted dual citizens New York Times Wall Street Journal leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh united jewish communities taglit-birthright Marni Mandell Tel Aviv nsa Sayeret Matkal
5 Mar 2010
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Bond is Back.... in casino Royale. Mike and James give the Broke Ass review.
4 Dec 2006
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Chris West, a regular contributor to Lusso Magazine heads to an undisclosed location in the middle of the country to meet up with ex-special forces officer Dave Thomas for lessons in evasive driving. Dave, MD of Spy Games and a private security company talks us through the manoeuvres, his opinion on the new Cadillac SRX4 and the Hummer H3. Fred Smith, an evasive driving expert runs us through the technique for the perfect J-Turn, a move that allows the car to move from a fast reverse to normal, forward motion in one continuous swing. This video is a promotional video for Lusso Magazine -- the UK's premier luxury lifestyle magazine. The feature on Evasive Driving and Armoured Cars will be available in our Russian Special edition -- Lusso 13 - available July 2008. Subscribe now to make sure you get your copy. Lusso 12 will be available on the 17th March 2008. Camera and Post: Jonny Jones -- Music: Leigh Boardman -- Gunnery Exercise -- Composed by Leigh Boardman, Performed by Cipher Awakes Good Morning Vietnam -- Composed by Leigh Boardman, Performed by Cipher Awakes To The Ruskies -- Composed by Leigh Boardman, Performed by Cipher Awakes Presented By: Chris West Dave Thomas Fred Smith Thanks To: Spy Games Mischief PR Barbara Normile Cadillac UK Hummer / GM UK Lusso Magazine is published in the UK by SWR Media Ltd - Lusso, Lusso Films and LussoLuxury**** are all copyright SWR Media Ltd 2008 -- Directed By: Daniel Sharp Jonny Jones Produced By: Jonny Jones Daniel Sharp
3 Nov 2008
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Secret agent captured on camera, training for his new assignment, move over Bond, Bourne and Bauer!
2 Apr 2008
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New James Bond Movie Quantum of Solace
30 Jun 2008
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covers the news of the day including the coronation of Barack H. Obama. Alex will delve into Obama's inaugural speech and do a detailed analysis. He also takes your calls.
13 Mar 2009
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