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22 May 2007
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GlobalWon Plus is a fresh, fun game that tens of thousands of people all over the world are playing. GlobalWon Plus is uniquely designed to ensure that lots of players win prizes all the time. The odds of winning our Top Prize are one in a million, 14 times better than your chances of winning the UK National Lottery. With GlobalWon Plus you choose numbers from 0 to 9, rather than from 1 to 49, meaning your chances of winning any prize are much better. GlobalWon Plus also multiplies your opportunity to win prizes if you refer other players to the game with a unique prize-sharing scheme. Like other lotto-style games, our game is based on 6 numbers, but instead of using a random number generator, we use the closing figures of six major European Stock Markets to determine our winning numbers. This makes our game completely unpredictable, fair and tamper-proof. Deloitte oversee the whole process to safe-guard us the consumers and to ensure all stipulations in the Licence are adhered to. It's simple to play and easy to win -- all you have to do is Join and buy tickets.
11 Jan 2008
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Another song from my friend singing!!!
16 Jan 2008
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I was suggested to sing this song by Ingrirose, so i did!! I also felt like dressing up :P hope you enjoy!!!
10 Jul 2008
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Translation: Hi So today I noticed that I had never spoken Portuguese in my videos, how terrible Maria!! :P I wanted to send a kiss to Portugal and to all of you who speak Portuguese... Ok, the song Im going to sing now is by a great portuguese artist called Rui Veloso. I love this song, I dont know if you've ever heard of "Nunca me esqueci de ti?" but you should because its such a beautiful song...anyways, I hope you dont fall asleep while Im singing! Bjinhos a todos!! Hope you enjoy! Kisses and Hugs!! Mia
13 Nov 2009
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One of my favorite songs by two of my favorite artists! Colbie Caillat and Jason Reeve's beautiful song...
11 Apr 2009
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Hey! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying a very Jolly New Year! Here's an original song! Kisses everyone! Be Happy and Smiiile! xoxo Lyrics every word I write im always thinking about you Every song i sing is with you're face painted in my mind I need you to realize How much I need you in my life You keep me alive And ill always fight for you Cuz I love you And I need you Lawrence you are my guiding light To whats true thats me and you forever my heart is in your hands.... Every smile i make is so true cuz im truly happy Every day i awake I thank god for giving me you well i know sometimes Ive made mistakes Ive gone and choose the wrong way But I need to to know that ill always love and only need you
6 Jul 2011
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I am a huge groupie of MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE... I love their music and their whole artistic expression. This song is one of my I hope you all enjoy! Kisses and Hugs!! Smiiile :) Mia
12 Jul 2008
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One of Colbie Caillat's beautiful songs! This one means alot to me :) I know its a very mellow song but it makes me smile so I thought I could try and make you smile by singing it! Kisses and Hugs xoxo Mia
12 Jul 2008
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I adore John Mayer and this is one of my favorites! Im not that good at playing it (sorry), but I know I wouldnt do the song justice if I didnt at least try to play it on guitar :) Hope you enjoy!! Big Kisses and Hugs! Smiiiile!
12 Jul 2008
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Me and Ana former members of "Audacity", wrote this song while still in school at the age of 16.. Hope you enjoy it! Hugs & Kisses Mia
13 May 2010
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Heya People!! I felt it was time for the Music to come back onto my site!! Its been a while! So anyways... I was in the studio today with Ryan and Brent and we wrote this song... I'm in love with it!! I hope you guys enjoy!! Better Off: I packed my bags Im about to get away Need some distance from the games you played Nothing special, just some time alone I hope you think about me when im gone It doesnt matter what you said It only matters how you said it It doesnt matter what you did It only matters how you did it Oooh I guess im better off without you I breathe better Ooooh Im better off!!!
28 Feb 2009
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Hey!! this is my favorite song of my own!! I really hope you enjoy it! :D
12 Jul 2008
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Well, this is for ALL the people who have supported me and shown me their love!! It means so so much to me! This is just me, spilling out my feelings to all of you!! Im so grateful!! Love Mia
2 Aug 2008
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15 Nov 2007
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