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Set in New York’s world of high stakes corporate litigation, Damages follows the lives of Patty Hewes (Close), one of the nation’s most powerful and morally questionable litigators, and her bright, ambitious protégée, Ellen Parsons (Byrne), as they become embroiled in a class action lawsuit targeting Arthur Frobisher (Danson), one of the country’s wealthiest CEOs. As Patty battles Frobisher and his attorney, Ellen witnesses just what it takes to win at all costs, as it quickly becomes clear that lives, as well as fortunes, may be at stake.
29 Jan 2008
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En güncel altyazılı fragmanlar için lütfen *******sinefabrik.wordpress**** adresini ziyaret ediniz.
11 Sep 2009
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A review of the new releases due in theaters from Hollywood in October 2007. Movies include: Feel the Noise, The Heartbreak Kid, The Seeker - The Dark is Rising, Elizabeth - The Golden Age, Michael Clayton, Sleuth, We Own The Night, Why Did I Get Married, 30 Days of Night, Gone Baby Gone, Rendition, Reservation Road, The Comebacks, Things We Lost in the Fire, Dan in Real Life, Saw IV.
6 Oct 2007
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What did you think about the Oscars this year? We thought it was boring, so we sang a song about it. Get the free mp3 here: *******rhettandlink****/blog/2008/02/25/oscar-song-blog Lyrics: This is the 80th Annual Academy Awards song to summarize the Oscars 08 it won’t take very long... it was boring boring boring i was bored outta my mind. coulda been snoring or en-joying doin pretty much anything else with my time. ------------ A 98 year old man talked for 5 minutes straight but nobody would stop him cause he’s 98 and we got to admit, it kinda hurt our feelings: all the acting awards went to Europeans that freaky lookin woman named Tilda Swinton she freaks me out; she freaks me out she won the best supporting actress for her role in Michael Clayton but she freaks me out; her face freaks me out. ----------------- the 80th Annual Academy Awards song to summarize the Oscars 08 it didn’t take very long... it was boring boring boring i was bored outta my mind. coulda been snoring or en-joying doin pretty much anything else with my time. but if a couple of things had gone a little coulda been a great Oscars... for instance... ------------ now, we don’t know if you noticed it, but we sure did. that slick spot on the floor where Colin Farrell slid we don’t mean to be mean with this song we’re writin' but if he’d a fell--that would’ve made things exciting and what if his fall began a chain reaction? Cate Blanchett started having contractions Patrick Dempsey runs up, says “You know, I am doctor!” delivers the baby; she says “I’ll name her Oscar!” and the crowd goes wild. Now that's worth watching!
25 Nov 2010
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Want to watch full movie? Please visit Release Date: March 20, 2009 - Plot Summary: Oscar® winner Julia Roberts and Clive Owen reunite for "Duplicity," from writer/director Tony Gilroy (seven-time Oscar®-nominated "Michael Clayton"). In the film, they star as spies-turned-corporate operatives in the midst of a clandestine love affair. When they find themselves embroiled in a high-stakes espionage game, they discover the toughest part of the job is deciding how much to trust the one you love. CIA officer Claire Stenwick (Roberts) and MI6 agent Ray Koval (Owen) have left the world of government intelligence to cash in on the highly profitable cold war raging between two rival multinational corporations. Their mission? Secure the formula for a product that will bring a fortune to the company that patents it first. For their employers—industry titan Howard Tully (Tom Wilkinson) and buccaneer CEO Dick Garsik (Paul Giamatti)— nothing is out of bounds. But as the stakes rise, the mystery deepens and the tactics get dirtier, the trickiest secret for Claire and Ray is their growing attraction. And as they each try to stay one double-cross ahead, two career loners find their schemes endangered by the only thing they can't cheat their way out of: love. Starring: Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, Tom Wilkinson, Paul Giamatti, Rick Worthy
31 Dec 2008
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Oscarbelönade Julia Roberts och Clive Owen återförenas i filmen Duplicity, regisserad av Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton, som nominerades till hela sju oscars). De spelar två agenter som inleder en kärleksaffär. När de hamnar mitt uppe i ett komplicerat kontraspionage inser de att den tuffaste delen av jobbet är att våga lita på varandra.
16 Jul 2009
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I bakvattnet av avslöjanden om tortyrmetoder som använts av den amerikanska armén i Afghanistan och Irak, kommer en film om en mindre känd förhörsmetod med ursprung i New Age-teorier. Den har använts i USA:s krig mot terrorism bland annat i förhör vid Guantánamo Bay. Filmen handlar om en hemlig enhet i den amerikanska armén som utgår från teorin om att man, med rätt mental träning, bland annat kan gå igenom väggar och murar och att man kan döda getter genom att stirra dem till döds. George Clooney ("Michael Clayton", "Syriana") spelar huvudrollen i MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS och producentpartnern Grant Heslov, som bland annat har skrivit och producerat "Good Night and Good Luck", gör sin regidebut inom långfilm. Filmen är baserad på en bok skriven av Jon Ronson, som även har sänts i en dokumentär tv-serie i Storbritanniens Channel 4.
17 Feb 2010
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Poikani Kevin on Lynne Ramsayn ohjaama emotionaalisesti latautunut trilleri, joka perustuu Lionel Shriverin koskettavaan ja rankkaan romaaniin. Elokuvan pääosassa nähdään Tilda Swinton (Orlando, Michael Clayton). Eva (Swinton) siirtää kunnianhimonsa ja uransa sivuun synnyttääkseen poikansa Kevinin (Miller). Äidin ja pojan välinen suhde on vaikea alusta saakka. 15-vuotiaana Kevin tekee jotain käsittämätöntä ja anteeksiantamatonta. Eva joutuu painimaan oman surunsa ja syyllisyydentuntonsa kanssa. Rakastiko hän koskaan poikaansa? Ja kuinka paljon Kevinin teosta on hänen syytään?
20 Apr 2012
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Den fjärde filmen i succéserien Bourne. Huvudrollerna spelas denna gång av Jeremy Renner (Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, The Town) och Rachel Weisz. För regin står Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton), manusförfattaren till de tre tidigare Bourne-filmerna.
29 Aug 2012
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