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Michael K. Williams * The Road * RealTVfilms Red Carpet - click for more *******www.RealTVfilms****
10 Nov 2009
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Chicago Bulls 7 Michael Carter-Williams heat printed Jerseys from sunshinesportswear
1 Mar 2017
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Ripartendo dal bellissimo Happiness, Solondz torna a narrare, attraverso gli occhi di tre sorelle, le cui famiglie sono vittime di pesantissime tragedie quali pedofilia, depressione e solitudine, un'America che esiste e di cui nessuno vuol parlare. Il racconto è basato su due tematiche, forgive and forget, perdonare e (o) si dimentica, non si perdona; se si perdona, spesso non si dimentica. La questione del perdono e dei suoi confini si insinua attraverso una serie di storie d’amore che si intrecciano, fornendo chiarezza e, probabilmente, alternative al sollievo che dà l'oblio. Sono passati dieci anni dalle scioccanti e tragiche rivelazioni che hanno mandato in frantumi il mondo della famiglia Jordan. Ora, i fantasmi si aggirano e incombono, tormentano e consolano mentre Joy (Shirley Henderson) scopre che suo marito Allen (Michael Kenneth Williams) non è del tutto guarito dal suo peculiare "disturbo" e fugge alla ricerca di conforto e consiglio da parte di sua madre e delle sue sorelle. Viene perseguitata da visioni del suo ex corteggiatore Andy.
17 Apr 2010
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Michael Bloomberg discusses who will likely have to pay for changes in healthcare in the future and what steps the next president of the United States will have to do. Dr. William Brody and Judy Woodruff contribute.
6 Dec 2007
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Michel Bloomberg with Judy Woodruff and Dr. William Brody discuss the state of healthcare in the nation and the role of the federal government. Bloomberg also hsares his thought of being a vice-presidential candidate.
6 Dec 2007
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Information Theory: George Gilder at Bar-Ilan University *******intelligentdesign.podomatic****/player/web/2009-12-21T15_09_37-08_00 God's Creation - The Coded Language of DNA - video ***********/watch?v=hIF_dJVfutE "Evolution lacks a scientifically acceptable explanation of the source of the precisely planned codes within cells without which there can be no proteins and hence, no life." David A. Kaufman PhD. The Capabilities of Chaos and Complexity - David L. Abel - 2009 Excerpt: "A monstrous ravine runs through presumed objective reality. It is the great divide between physicality and formalism. On the one side of this Grand Canyon lies everything that can be explained by the chance and necessity of physicodynamics. On the other side lies those phenomena than can only be explained by formal choice contingency and decision theory—the ability to choose with intent what aspects of ontological being will be preferred, pursued, selected, rearranged, integrated, organized, preserved, and used. Physical dynamics includes spontaneous non linear phenomena, but not our formal applied-science called non linear dynamics(i.e. language,information). *******www.mdpi****/1422-0067/10/1/247/pdf i.e. There are no physical or chemical forces between the nucleotides along the linear axis of DNA (where the information is) that causes the sequence of nucleotides to exist as they do. In fact as far as the foundational laws of the universe are concerned the DNA molecule doesnt even have to exist at all. "There is no known law of nature, no known process and no known sequence of events which can cause information to originate by itself in matter" Werner Gitt - Former director of the German Federal Physics and Technology Institute The materialistic argument essentially appears to be like this: Premise One: No materialistic cause of specified complex information is known. Conclusion: Therefore, it must arise from some unknown materialistic cause. On the other hand, Stephen Meyer describes the intelligent design argument as follows: Premise One: Despite a thorough search, no material causes have been discovered that demonstrate the power to produce large amounts of specified information. Premise Two: Intelligent causes have demonstrated the power to produce large amounts of specified information. Conclusion: Intelligent design constitutes the best, most causally adequate, explanation for the information in the cell. As with evolution itself, the problem for the origin of life clearly turns out to be explaining where the information came from in the first place: The problem of the origin of life is clearly basically equivalent to the problem of the origin of biological information. Origin of life theorist Bernd-Olaf Kuppers in his book "Information and the Origin of Life". Natural selection cannot explain the origin of life Excerpt: DNA is not a special life-giving molecule, but a genetic databank that transmits its information using a mathematical code. Most of the workings of the cell are best described, not in terms of material stuff — hardware — but as information, or software. Trying to make life by mixing chemicals in a test tube is like soldering switches and wires in an attempt to produce Windows 98. It wont work because it addresses the problem at the wrong conceptual level. Paul Davies *******creation****/ns-origin-of-life "The belief of mechanist-reductionists that the chemical processes in living matter do not differ in principle from those in dead matter is incorrect. There is no trace of messages determining the results of chemical reactions in inanimate matter. If genetical processes were just complicated biochemistry, the laws of mass action and thermodynamics would govern the placement of amino acids in the protein sequences. Hubert P. Yockey: Information Theory, Evolution, and the Origin of Life, page 2 and 5 Evolution vs. Functional Proteins - Doug Axe - Video ***********/watch?v=M4FvdOxIDfU Intelligent Design: Required by Biological Life? K.D. Kalinsky - Pg. 10 - 11 Case Three: an average 300 amino acid protein: Excerpt: It is reasonable, therefore, to estimate the functional information required for the average 300 amino acid protein to be around 700 bits of information. I(Ex) - Inat and ID (Intelligent Design) is 10^155 times more probable than mindless natural processes to produce the average protein. *******www.newscholars****/papers/ID%20Web%20Article.pdf Scientific Evidence For God Creating The Universe - 2008 - video ***********/watch?v=JQhO906v0VM Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/
30 Dec 2010
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The first thought I had when I saw the bacteriophage virus is that it looks similar to the lunar lander of the Apollo program. The comparison is not without merit considering some of the relative distances to be traveled and the virus must somehow possess, as of yet unelucidated, orientation, guidance, docking, unloading, loading, etc... mechanisms. And please remember this level of complexity exists in a world that is far too small to be seen with the naked eye. This excellent video gives a small glimpse at the intricate, and humbling, complexity that goes into crafting the "simple" non-living bacteriophage virus. For anyone who has a molecular biology project they would like to bring to life with such stunning animation, please contact: Seyet LLC - Life Science Animation | Visual Communication Company *******www.seyet****/ "There are no detailed Darwinian accounts for the evolution of any fundamental biochemical or cellular system only a variety of wishful speculations. It is remarkable that Darwinism is accepted as a satisfactory explanation of such a vast subject." James Shapiro - Molecular Biologist CELL TO VIRUS - SIZE AND SCALE - Move Cursor At Bottom Of Graph To Zoom In ******* The Capabilities of Chaos and Complexity: David L. Abel - Null Hypothesis For Information Generation - 2009 To focus the scientific communitys attention on its own tendencies toward overzealous metaphysical imagination bordering on wish-fulfillment, we propose the following readily falsifiable null hypothesis, and invite rigorous experimental attempts to falsify it: "Physicodynamics cannot spontaneously traverse The Cybernetic Cut: physicodynamics alone cannot organize itself into formally functional systems requiring algorithmic optimization, computational halting, and circuit integration." A single exception of non trivial, unaided spontaneous optimization of formal function by truly natural process would falsify this null hypothesis. *******www.mdpi****/1422-0067/10/1/247/pdf *******mdpi****/1422-0067/10/1/247/ag Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/
20 Jan 2010
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Most materialists are adamant Darwinian evolution is proven true when we look at the supposed 98.8% genetic similarity between chimps and man. Though suggestive, the gene similarity, even if true, is not nearly good enough to be considered conclusive scientific proof. Primarily this "lack of conclusiveness" is due to concerns with the second law of thermodynamics and with the Law of Conservation of Information. But of more pressing concern, body plans are not even encoded in the DNA code in the first place. This inability of body plans to be reduced directly to the DNA code is clearly shown by Cortical Inheritance. Cortical Inheritance: The Crushing Critique Against Genetic Reductionism - Arthur Jones - video Part 1 ***********/watch?v=5JzQ8ingdNY Part 2 ***********/watch?v=o1bAX93zQ5o Steven Meyer - Functional Proteins And Information For Body Plans - video ***********/watch?v=Ex8Fj8UAxc8 This inability for the DNA code to account for body plans is also clearly shown by extensive mutation studies to the DNA of different organisms which show "exceedingly rare" major morphological effects from mutations to the DNA code. Darwin's Theory - Fruit Flies and Morphology - video ***********/watch?v=hZJTIwRY0bs If all that wasn't enough, the Human Genome Project really put the last nail in the coffin for "Genetic Reductionism": DNA: The Alphabet of Life - David Klinghoffer Excerpt: But all this is trivial compared to the largely unheralded insight gained from the Human Genome Project, completed in 2003. The insight is disturbing. It is that while DNA codes for the cell's building blocks, the information needed to build the rest of the creature is seemingly, in large measure, absent. ,,,The physically encoded information to form that mouse, as opposed to that fly, isn't there. Instead, "It is as if the 'idea' of the fly (or any other organism) must somehow permeate the genome that gives rise to it." *******www.evolutionnews****/2009/07/dna_the_alphabet_of_life.html Thus the 98.8% similarity derived from the DNA code, to the body plans of chimps and man, is purely imaginary, since it is clearly shown that the overriding "architectural plan" of the body is not even encoded in the DNA in the first place. Of more clarity though, this "98.8% similarity evidence" is derived by materialists from a very biased methodology of presuming that the 1.5% of the genome, which directly codes for proteins, has complete precedence of consideration over the other remaining 98.5% of the genome which does not directly code for proteins. Yet even when considering just this 1.5% of the genome that codes for proteins, we find that the proteins, which are directly coded by that 1.5% of the genome, are shown to differ by a huge 80% difference between chimps and man. Chimps are not like humans - May 2004 Excerpt: the International Chimpanzee Chromosome 22 Consortium reports that 83% of chimpanzee chromosome 22 proteins are different from their human counterparts,,, The results reported this week showed that "83% of the genes have changed between the human and the chimpanzee—only 17% are identical—so that means that the impression that comes from the 1.2% [sequence] difference is [misleading]. In the case of protein structures, it has a big effect," Sakaki said. ******* Eighty percent of proteins are different between humans and chimpanzees; Gene; Volume 346, 14 February 2005: ******* A recent, more accurate, human/chimp genome comparison study, by Richard Buggs in 2008, has found the true genome similarity between chimps and man fell to slightly below 70%! Why is this study ignored since the ENCODE study has now implicated 100% high level functionality across the entire human genome? Finding compelling evidence that implicates 100% high level functionality across the entire genome clearly shows the similarity is not to be limited to the very biased "only 1.5% of the genome" studies of materialists. Chimpanzee? 10-10-2008 - Dr Richard Buggs - research geneticist at the University of Florida ...Therefore the total similarity of the genomes could be below 70%. ******* The chimpanzee is found to have a 12% larger genome than humans. Thus, at first glance it would seem the chimpanzee is more evolved than us, but this discrepancy is no anomaly of just chimps/humans. This disparity of genome sizes is found throughout life. There is no logical "evolutionary" progression to be found for the amount of DNA in less complex animals to the DNA found in more complex animals. In fact the genome sizes are known to vary widely between Kinds/Species and this mystery is known as the c-value enigma: Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/
18 Jan 2010
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Waiting Longer for Two Mutations, Part 5 - Michael Behe Excerpt: the appearance of a particular (beneficial) double mutation in humans would have an expected time of appearance of 216 million years, *******behe.uncommondescent****/2009/03/waiting-longer-for-two-mutations-part-5/ Simulating evolution by gene duplication of protein features that require multiple amino acid residues: Michael J. Behe and David W. Snoke Excerpt: We conclude that, in general, to be fixed in 10^8 generations, the production of novel protein features that require the participation of two or more amino acid residues simply by multiple point mutations in duplicated genes would entail population sizes of no less than 10^9.,,,The fact that very large population sizes—10^9 or greater—are required to build even a minimal [multi-residue] feature requiring two nucleotide alterations within 10^8 generations by the processes described in our model, and that enormous population sizes are required for more complex features or shorter times, seems to indicate that the mechanism of gene duplication and point mutation alone would be ineffective, at least for multicellular diploid species, because few multicellular species reach the required population sizes. ******* "I have seen estimates of the incidence of the ratio of deleterious-to-beneficial mutations which range from one in one thousand up to one in one million. The best estimates seem to be one in one million (Gerrish and Lenski, 1998). The actual rate of beneficial mutations is so extremely low as to thwart any actual measurement (Bataillon, 2000, Elena et al, 1998). Therefore, I cannot ...accurately represent how rare such beneficial mutations really are." (J.C. Sanford; Genetic Entropy page 24) - 2005 Random Mutations Destroy Information - Perry Marshall - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4023143/random_mutations_destroy_information_perry_marshall/ Mutation Studies, Videos, And Quotes ***********/Doc?docid=0AYmaSrBPNEmGZGM4ejY3d3pfMjZjZnM5M21mZg Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/
19 Feb 2010
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Joy a fui son mari pour trouver du réconfort et de l'aide auprès de sa mère et de ses soeurs. Mais chacun des membres de la famille connait ses propres problèmes.Sa soeur Trish reconstruit sa vie avec ses enfants après avoir appris que Bill, son mari psychiatre, abusait de jeunes garçons. Elle a rencontré Harvey, divorcé bientôt en retraite, et espère que cette nouvelle présence masculine apportera la stabilité nécessaire à son foyer fragilisé.Helen, la troisième soeur, considère qu'elle est autant victime de sa famille que de son succès a Hollywood, tandis que leur mère Mona ne parvient pas à se défaire d'une tenace amertume envers les hommes.C'est aussi le moment pour Timmy, le plus jeune fils de Trish et Bill, de se préparer à entrer dans l'âge adulte...
30 Apr 2010
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Met Life during wartime heeft regisseur Todd Solondz een vervolg gemaakt op zijn bekende film Happiness. Drie zussen en hun partners struikelen door het leven in een onvoorspelbare en vluchtige wereld. Het verleden is nog teveel van invloed op het heden en de toekomst is onzeker. De rode draad is vergeving en de grenzen daarvan worden in elkaar kruisende liefdesverhalen verkend. Vergeven of vergeten? Dat is de vraag.
14 Jun 2010
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Zakenman John (Dwayne Johnson) maakt een deal met de DEA om de onterechte celstraf van zijn tienerzoon te reduceren. Hij moet hiervoor undercover gaan om een beruchte drugsdealer te ontmaskeren. Om te infiltreren in de drugswereld schakelt hij de hulp in van één van zijn jonge werknemers, die beter bekend is met deze wereld.
18 Apr 2013
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