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No matter where you are or what situation you are in, you can become blissful, loving, energetic and peaceful by using the strategies of the law of attraction as taught by The Science of Getting Rich and The Secret.
17 Jun 2007
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The Science of Getting Rich Affiliate Program is not only the best quality program on the market today, but the best to have as a business in any situation. Any person, no matter what his/her living situation, can be successful in their personal and financial life with the SGR Program.
17 Jun 2007
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Michael Beckwith reviews the history of The Science of Getting Rich as it relates to Wallace Wattles, Lloyd Conant, Bob Proctor, Rhonda Byrne, The Secret and the new Science of Getting Rich Program.
17 Jun 2007
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Teaching children gratitude that becomes an unconscious habit will keep them in a state of abundance. Many good things will be attracted to the children because they will be connected to God. What a wonderful foundation for growth to adulthood and spiritual awareness.
19 Jun 2007
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Michael Beckwith introduces and Bob Proctor discusses Wallace Wattles first lesson called The Right to Be Rich. The audio is from The SGR Program which shows how to apply the Secret in your life by using all of the laws of the universe, including the Law of Attraction
6 Jul 2007
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Using the law of attraction in a state of gratitude and joy, a person can create a vision that will be attracted into his/her life. Attach yourself to the bigger pictures of wealth and abundance, friends and laughter, health and harmony, thereby leaving the details to the creator, who will pleasantly surprise you
18 Aug 2007
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Rev Michael Beckwith shares the important message of The Secret SGR, and how you can be of greater service to the world. It's about You Becoming More You.
15 Oct 2007
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*******www.jwsreview**** Bob Proctor has recently introduced a new company that he will be working with that has the capacity to seriously change the financial future of peoples lives. Joseph Wealth Systems is set to explode on the home business scene and those people that are positioned before the explosion are the ones who will gain the most. Visit the review site above for more information on why Bob Proctor is getting involved with Joseph Wealth Systems.
31 Mar 2009
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*******thesgrprogram.internet-successful-tips**** If you’re struggling in your financial life, then this FREE TELESEMINAR, will finally give you the proven, century-old formula to attract wealth, abundance and security
5 Jun 2009
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Brian Wong talks about how he attract the SGR PROGRAM and made a lot of money and you can do it the same. Get 7 Free Lessons from THE SGR PROGRAM here: *******dwarfurl****/e2c5b
13 Sep 2009
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