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Model No. 29: The project is designed to develop a robotic vehicle that follows a specific path. This project doesn't require a microcontroller for its operation. A pair of photo sensors comprising IR transmitter and photo diode is used to detect the specified path for its movement. Line follower robot is a useful robot that is used in ware houses, industries, and stores etc, where it follows a dedicated path. For complete information about this project, visit *******www.edgefxkits****/line-following-robotic-vehicle
24 Jun 2013
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Model No. 61:More and more microcontrollers are embedded in a large area of products from industrial to domestic domains. A good example is the automobile, a modern one containing tens of microcontrollers. As their number increased the communication between them became necessary. The serial solution was preferred and a lot of serial buses and protocols were developed optimizing different parameters of the communication. For complete information on this project, visit *******www.edgefxkits****/networking-of-multiple-microcontrollers For other final year engineering projects, visit*******www.edgefxkits****/ Edgefx Technologies provides 100% output guaranteed electrical and electronics live project kits for 3rd & final year engineering students. We provide various types of projects like embedded projects, robotics projects, electrical projects and communication based projects and help to thousands of ECE and EEE students in improving their practical knowledge in electronics.
27 Jun 2013
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Back in the old days the COM port or known as RS-232 (EIA-232 standard) is one of the essential communications protocol and hardware use in many computer system installation start from small UNIX machine to the mainframe. For more information please visit *******www.ermicro****/blog/?p=325
21 May 2009
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As the electronics hobbyist one of knowledge that we have to be familiar with is how to make our own printed circuit board (PCB). Making our own simple single side PCB actually is not require a sophisticated technique and technology as you might think, instead most of the required materials is already available at your home.
1 Feb 2010
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The dsPIC33CH family was optimized for high-performance digital power, motor control and other applications requiring sophisticated algorithms and addresses the trends for faster, more efficient motors and more sophisticated algorithms for better efficiency.
1 Nov 2018
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First test of my fully automated waffe-machine. It carefully opens a valve from it's 4 liter tank while weighing the stir very accurately. Controlled by an Atmel AtMega32 microcontroller and runs completely by itself. Enjoy!
10 Mar 2007
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My first PIC microcontroller project, using cell phone, motion detector (and/or smoke detector), laser barrier.
4 Jan 2008
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Poor man's laser show. Homemade PIC microcontroller based 3 axis laser spirograph. For details, visit apdigitallight****.
23 Feb 2008
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Fresh NEWS about Electronics World. Microcontrollers, Semiconductors and Industry News.
11 Apr 2008
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News on electronics parts, semiconductors, microcontrollers and devices
9 Feb 2009
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The video features creative power sources for MSP430 ultra-low power microcontrollers based applications.
20 Aug 2008
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One of the important features in todays modern microcontroller is the capability of converting the analog signal to the digital signal. This feature allows us to process the analog world easily such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, distance, etc; which usually captured by electronics sensor and represent it on the change of voltage level. For more information please visit *******www.ermicro****/blog/?p=121
7 Jan 2009
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Sometimes we need our microcontroller to interact with more human readable information. It will be better for us if we could make it display the words not just blinking the LED. Today most modern gadget such as mobile phone and PDA, use LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) for interacting with us. In this project we will learn how to use the 2×16 LCD for displaying the rooms temperature. For more information please visit *******www.ermicro****/blog/?p=519
1 Mar 2009
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TI announces major expansion of embedded processor portfolio with 30+ new ARM® devices. Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced the major expansion of its embedded processor portfolio, adding 31 new ARM® processors that provide customers with scalable solutions ranging from a $1 to greater than 1 GHz in future devices. The new processors include 29 Stellaris Cortex™-M3 microcontrollers (MCU) and the first two devices in the new Sitara™ family of ARM9 family and Cortex-A8 technology-based microprocessors (MPUs). This portfolio expansion builds on TI’s recent Luminary Micro acquisition and adds to the industry’s broadest range of ARM technology-based processors offered by a single supplier. For more information, visit www.ti****/arm-pr. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******multivu.prnewswire****/mnr/ti/39149/
22 Oct 2009
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Use an Arduino microcontroller to sense invisible electromagnetic fields using wire, a resistor, and an LED. Aaron ALAI's EMF detector project is awesomely simple to make and fun to use. An upgraded version can be built using an LED bargraph for more 'meter-like' functionality. original project can be found here - *******www.aaronalai****/emf-detector additional info, and Arduino sketch - *******blog.makezine****/archive/2009/05/making_the_arduino_emf_detector.html audio/video by Collin Cunningham
17 Dec 2009
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The 8 pins PIC12F683 microcontroller is one of the smallest members of the Microchip 8-bit microcontroller families but equipped with powerful peripherals such as ADC and PWM capabilities. This make this tiny microcontroller is suitable for controlling the DC motor speed. In order to demonstrate the PIC12F683 capabilities and to make this tutorial more attractive, I decided to use the PIC12F683 microcontroller to generate simple and yet fascinating laser light show from a cheap keychain laser pointer.
21 Apr 2010
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