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The UK’s Communities Secretary, Ms.Hazel Blears, has praised the positive impact of migrant workers- from many countries- on both the British economy and the society.
23 Nov 2007
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*******CoastGuardNews**** SAN DIEGO - Eleven Mexican migrants were apprehended this morning by Coast Guard officers as they tried to illegally enter the U.S. by boat. While on patrol, the crew of a 33-foot Coast Guard Station San Diego vessel encountered the 30-foot recreational vessel El Pescador at 4:50 a.m., about three miles off Point Loma, Calif. On board, they found 11 migrants, including one pregnant woman. The Coast Guard Cutter Petrel arrived on scene shortly thereafter, and embarked the migrants. The crews returned to Coast Guard Sector San Diego where they were met by agents from Customs and Border Protection's Office of Border Patrol, Marine Patrol, and the HIDTA Maritime Task Force who took the 11 migrants and the 30-foot El Pescador into custody for further investigation and processing.
25 Mar 2008
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Panel 1 Transport plans 3c/litre in October 3 c/litre in 2010 Rail electrification March 17, 2009 Panel 2 State highways Cuts to cycleways Rebstock steps down Mark Berry new guy March 17, 2009 Panel 3 No depression Bernanke says Political will lacking Fix banking system March 17, 2009 Panel 4 Australia cuts Migrant intake To save jobs NZ still in free March 17, 2009
17 Mar 2009
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This a brief introduction into Skilled Migrant Category Residence and New Zealand Immigration. To see if you can move to NZ visit www.careimmigration***.nz and click assessment.
18 Oct 2010
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En el día internacional del migrante la pelicula mexicana "norteado" presenta las dificultades personales y colectivas de quienes buscan cruzar la frontera a Estados Unidos. Al menos 400 personas mueren al año en el intento. TeleSUR
19 Dec 2009
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******* Corrcal S.A. y Plan Retorno Ecuador Info te ayudan con tu menaje de casa y todo tipo de trámite de Aduana y de Comercio Exterior. Hermano Migrante Tu regreso a casa no debe ser un dolor de cabeza...
20 Apr 2010
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BY CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy As many as 150 migrants are missing after a boat capsized off the coast of Lampedusa. An estimated 22,000 migrants have flooded the Italian island amid ongoing unrest in North Africa. Most are from Tunisia – but Italian officials believe this latest migrant boat embarked from Libya. (VIDEO FROM TELESUR) The tragedy is reigniting debate over how to best handle the influx. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been in talks with the Tunisian government. Euronews reports - most of the migrants are simply looking for work in Europe. “Berlusconi was there with his interior minister to talk about the problem and as the Tunisians to do more to prevent people leaving, but with migrants being charged about 1,000 euros each by the smugglers, it could be a difficult issue to solve.” But despite official efforts - ABC Australia says the reality on the ground for would-be migrants is spiraling into a humanitarian crisis. “They are exhausted, strained by a frightening journey across Libya, and now pitifully they are wet too, soaked where they stand by a passing storm. ... In the three days we’ve been here the flow out of Libya has doubled, then doubled again.” “Humanitarian crisis” is an understatement - writes The Guardian’s Simon McMahon - who in no uncertain terms charges Italy with “failing North Africa’s refugees.” “The migrants themselves have complained of being treated as animals. The reaction from Italy's leaders has been … likening the crisis to a ‘human tsunami’... Silvio Berlusconi has offered deportation as the only resolution... This is not a humanitarian response. This is a military-security mission designed to ensure the foreigners are kept separate and sent away as quickly as possible.” Under the Dublin convention of 1990 - asylum seekers must be processed in the country of arrival. A BBC reporter spoke with migrants waiting to be processed - and says - they’re looking for a chance at a new life. “To Europe. All Europe. (Anywhere in Europe?) It doesn't matter. Where there is freedom, democracy, we will go there. We hate the life in Tunisia. We hate to be animals. We want to be normal people, human, nothing else.” According to the New York Times - some of the migrants will be issued six-month temporary residence permits. But France 24 reports - those simply looking for work will likely be sent back home. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
9 Apr 2011
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August 1, 2011 (2:21) Twenty five sub-Saharan African migrants were found dead on a boat that is said to have been traveling from Libya to Lampedusa.
2 Aug 2011
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The REAL reason for Europe's influx of migrants!!! WikiLeaks founder.
25 Jul 2017
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in this video we take a look at the so called migrant crisis and what it means from a hebrew israelite point of view. leave a comment and let us know what you think
3 Nov 2018
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19 Nov 2018
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Migrant influx is a scam
16 Mar 2019
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migrant arrives vomiting blood donald trump may have to close the border down now that the migrants are arriving with ebola virus
23 Apr 2019
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migrants with ebola virus arrive at the local airport ebola outbreak map is tracking the migrants being monitored for ebola virus more information is given each day on our website
23 Apr 2019
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