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An introductory video to a series of video essays by Dr. Ron Ross, the Mile High Motivator.
13 Oct 2009
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Paris Hilton, J-lo and other celebrities consume the time and treasure of many people who are stuck in the mud of life. Why should you clog the most powerful computer in the world (your brain) with useless information about inconsequential celebrities? Why do so many people run their lives on intellectual empty? You may not like Dr. Ross’ answer in this edition of Motivation Moment. Find out. Watch. Listen. Grow!
21 Oct 2009
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Are you lucky or unlucky? Do you get the good breaks or are you broke? Dr. Ross explains the difference between good luck and bad luck. He suggests that you don’t rely on dumb luck to succeed.
21 Oct 2009
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There’s one word you need to purge from your vocabulary…IMPOSSIBLE. Dr. Ross tells the story of a trained scientist who used the word IMPOSSIBLE and was embarrassed by a couple of bicycle shop owners. You’ll love this edition of Motivation Moment!
28 Oct 2009
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Your discontent for not achieving more is not all bad…unless it is negative discontent. Positive discontent is good. Dr. Ron Ross is at his best in this fun and uplifting video.
5 Nov 2009
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What is the message written on your face? An important question to ask if you're attempting to improve your life, increase your happiness or advance your career. Dr. Ron Ross reveals what your face is saying to others. It's only 4 minutes long.
12 Nov 2009
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Whether or not you get anything accomplished in life does not depend on the accuracy of your watch or the brightness of your eyes. It depends on your ability to effectively KEEP WATCH. Watch Dr. Ross’ 4 minute video!
31 Dec 2009
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Getting something done usually stats with a list. Dr. Ross gives you TEN lists of TEN to suggest ways for you to WIGGLE OUT OF THE MUD.
2 Dec 2009
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Do you ask, "What could possibly go wrong?" If so, you need to change the question to, "What could possibly go right?" Why would anyone want to know all the things that could go wrong? Alas, that's how most people view the world and how they are going to function during tough times. Dr. Ron Ross says, "You have to ask the right questions if you want to get the right answers."
20 Jan 2010
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Times are tough and you are tempted to PULL BACK. That could be precisely the wrong thing to do. Dr. Ross suggests it may be better to PUSH FORWARD as an overall strategy for success. He says, “Tough times always offer opportunities.” But those opportunities come only to those who PUSH FORWARD and never to those who PULL BACK.
28 Jan 2010
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Have you failed at something big? Dr. Ross makes three suggestions on dealing with failure. This video encourages you to let folks know you're here, you're smart and you're ready to go again!
11 Feb 2010
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George Foreman, as a fat, balding, 46-year old preacher won the world heavyweight boxing championship for the second time. It is still called one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. Dr. Ross uses George Foreman's example to encourage you to don't plan your fallback, plan your comeback.
25 Feb 2010
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