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WARNING: What is our government up to?! This deals with very strange and disturbing subject matter - it may shock you. However this is not my reason for posting it. I have come across this from sources that I am not allowed to disclose. This movie is about just what the title states, that is all I can say. Strange bizarre footage that seems to delve into the unexplained. This movie shows clips that are REAL. You of course may judge for yourself. I posted this for the people who dare to seek the truth as I do, you know who you are, the open minded folk. I also posted it to show things that are happening around you that you dont know about. Now and in the past. Knowing, understanding, and searching truth is the reason I have taken great risk to show you this. NOTE to all: I have not filmed these videos myself. I am just exposing the truth and what is real.
24 May 2008
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Nell'ambito delle operazioni di aerosol clandestine nei cieli del mondo (chemtrails o scie chimiche), le ricerche svolte in questi ultimi mesi hanno portato ad alcune conferme sia per quanto riguarda gli obiettivi di questi esperimenti militari sia per quanto concerne i metodi e le strategie. Tempo addietro, abbiamo mostrato diverse riprese video che evidenziavano un dettaglio rilevante: gli elementi chimico-biologici vengono dispersi, in moltissime occasioni, al di sotto o all'interno dei cumuli da bel tempo e quindi a quote non idonee alla formazione di scie di condensa. I cumuli sono nubi di tipo basso. Essi si trovano a quote comprese tra gli 800 ed i 2.300 metri e si formano generalmente in presenza di alta pressione. Di solito quindi compaiono nelle giornate di bel tempo oppure subito dopo un acquazzone. I cumuli denotano valori di umidità atmosferici piuttosto alti. A questo punto nasce un problema: i sistemi di comunicazione militare di ultima generazione tra le stazioni radar a terra, i satelliti, i velivoli con o senza pilota, i nanosensori wireless hanno bisogno di due condizioni: a) Il medium atmosferico deve essere reso elettroconduttivo attraverso la dispersione di metalli quali l'alluminio ed il bario b) I valori di umidità relativa devono mantenersi su livelli bassi I militari hanno risolto questo problema, impiegando squadriglie di aerei che rilasciano nell'atmosfera (alle quote dei cumuli) sali di bario, trimetilalluminio e gel di silicio, così da creare un canale per le frequenze radio e, nel contempo, disgregare i cumuli presenti nonché impedire la formazione di nuovi. Una volta che questo compito è terminato, altri velivoli vengono dirottati sulle aree nelle quali si deve operare una serie di sorvoli definibili "di mantenimento". Ecco quindi spiegato l'impiego di aerei che, palesemente, rilasciano scie di tipo evanescente pur con temperature estremamente basse e che alcuni possono scambiare per contrails. Ciò rientra nell'esigenza di ottenere una valida dissimulazione nella creazione di una copertura elettroconduttiva a bassa quota che sia costituita da strati artificiali o da nebbia chimica. Infatti gli elementi dispersi con le scie di tipo non persistente hanno la capacità di diffondersi in tempi brevi nell'ambiente circostante, creando un effetto da vetro smerigliato. Il cielo appare opaco, riflettente, abbagliante. La colorazione azzurro pallido al mattino e bianco latte al pomeriggio, nonché la completa assenza di cumuli da bel tempo, rivelano la presenza di attività di aerosol che tutto sono fuorché scie di condensa. I servizi meteo annunceranno giornate soleggiate con "innocue velature di passaggio" o nebbie diffuse... in realtà sono micidiali nebbie di ricaduta, originate dalla presenza di metalli ed altri elementi diffusi in atmosfera.
31 Jan 2009
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She is genetically enhanced. He is a military experiment gone wrong. He is assigned to bring her in...or take her down. Be he never bargained on her being so powerful...or so beautiful. A novel by Christine Feehan.
25 Jul 2006
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A military experiment gone wrong. Genetically altered and psychic, he will bring her back, dead or alive. A novel by Christine Feehan
21 Aug 2006
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The military experiments on them. Enhanced them. Then imprisoned them. When they escape they are bent on freeing others like themselves, but the government would rather see them dead. ISBN-10: 0515135968
3 Mar 2008
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Iraq War part 1 - Raw Footage of everyday war in Iraq. This raw footage of war in Iraq give you a sense of what the military experiences on a daily bases while fighting the war in Iraq. This is the real thing folks . War in Iraq on tape actual footage raw video. Many soldiers have died while fighting the war in Iraq. The war in Iraq is over 5 years and going. Will the war in Iraq ever stop? watch for your self as you witness the life of a soldiers daily fighting in the Iraq war zone. War in Iraq, Iraq war video footage. War in Iraq, Iraq war video footage.War in Iraq, Iraq war video footage.War in Iraq, Iraq war video footage.War in Iraq, Iraq war video footage.War in Iraq, Iraq war video footage.War in Iraq, Iraq war video footage. War in Iraq, Iraq war video footage. War in Iraq, Iraq war video footage. War in Iraq, Iraq war video footage. War in Iraq, Iraq war video footage. War in Iraq, Iraq war video footage. War in Iraq, Iraq war video footage. War in Iraq, Iraq war video footage. War in Iraq, Iraq war video footage.
11 Apr 2009
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ForRent**** "Ready2Move?" Video Contest: Frank, the Neighbor just doesn't understand the meaning of boundaries. His "military experience" seems to have leaked into his personal life…and the life of others! Find an apartment any time, any place on ForRent****.
19 Jun 2009
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Gregory Coleman, a major in the DC National Guard, discusses how he has been able to succeed in the Executive MBA Program at Wharton. Although he had no prior business experience, his military experience has taught him values that have been useful throughout the program. Some topics came with challenges and took some time to master, but he was able to engage all the material in a professional manner and “just get it done.”
24 Dec 2009
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Here the Israeli talks about the war on Lebanon. This video was taken down on Feb 25th. Payoneer CTO Covers Up Colleague's Special Forces Experience --- A video clip is pulled, indicating that the Israelis are trying to conceal Yuval Tal's military experience as a former Israeli special forces soldier, after the Payoneer link to the Mossad's Dubai hit was exposed. Tal's company Payoneer was largely funded by a Herzliya-based venture capital company, whose founder served in the elite Unit 8200 of the Israeli Intelligence Corps. *******www.takeourworldback****/dubaimossad.htm dubai assassination torture murder lebanon hamas palestine palestinian mossad cia mi6 israeli israel zionist zionism meir dagan netanyahu netanyahou zog nwo Yuval Tal payoneer special forces operations tsahal idf metabank mastercard bank meta intelligence corps previous form suspect guilty spy killing assassins hezbullah syria fox news herzliya 8200 unit cover up video Yaniv money trail Chechik elite combat bibi Silicon Valley Greylock Partners Carmel Ventures Comverse infosys verint logger kobi alexander fbi wanted dual citizens New York Times Wall Street Journal leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh united jewish communities taglit-birthright Marni Mandell Tel Aviv nsa Sayeret Matkal
5 Mar 2010
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Dr. Donela and the staff at Adirondack Tri-State Podiatry are committed to providing you the highest quality of foot care in a warm, friendly and genuine environment. We continually strive to give each patient the individual attention they deserve, in a dignified and confidential manner. In short, we walk the extra mile for our patients.Doctor Donela is a dedicated, experienced, Board Certified Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. He continually strives to keep informed of the latest technology and treatment modalities in the field of Podiatry. His special interests are biomechanical dysfunction, including heel pain and lack of first joint motion of the foot. Doctor Donela began his private practice in Bennington Vermont in 1976, after graduating from New York College of Podiatric Medicine and serving in the US Air Force. His military experience provided an extensive surgical exposure. He expanded his practice to North Adams, Massachusetts in 1983. His wife Barbara, a Registered Nurse, has worked by his side in the office for the past 30 years. Their love of the Adirondacks led Dr. Donela to open a medical office in Lake Placid, New York in 2004, and most recently he became affiliated with Smith House Family Health Care Center in Willsboro, New York . When their busy schedule allows, the Donelas enjoy flying their single engine RV-7A airplane, named Adirondack Express, which they built several years ago. What Sets Dr. Donela Apart: He is a caring and compassionate physician who makes certain that his patients know how to reach him at all times. Our staff at Adirondack Tri-State Podiatry is dedicated, talented and well-trained. We love Podiatry, and will do everything we can to help you feel comfortable and informed. We closely listen to you and care about your health. We emphasize thoroughness, attention to detail, and the highest quality of patient care. Visit our website: *******www.tristatepodiatry****
10 Feb 2011
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Download here: ******* What to do: 1. Use Serial. 2. ENjoy it!! Now you can search every sort of cracks, serials and covers,without falling into crap like toolbars, popups, spyware, adware, malware. Visit: *******ultracrack.blogspot**** Universe at War: Earth Assault, begins in the year 2012 when an alien race known as the Hierarchy lands on Earth to strip-mine the planet. Before their landing, observatories and scientists on Earth gave warning of aliens but the human race, as a whole, is not able to organize a unified military front against the alien forces. Because the Hierarchy has vast military experience from invading and destroying other planets in the universe, the human race is not able to withstand their forces
14 Apr 2011
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When Charles D. Crouchley Jr. arrived at Camp Devens, Massachusetts, in August of 1943, he and his wife, Petunia, kept their love alive and strong through letters to each other… Witness a touching love story from history in All My Love, Chad. This book is a collection of those letters that Crouchley, a school teacher prior to his deployment, penned during his two-year stint in the United States armed forces. Not only does it chronicle one man’s military experiences in the United States and overseas during World War II, but it also demonstrates the fervent love and passion Crouchley held for his wife and his family. Fall in love with this tale!
20 Oct 2011
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