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Nick says Alexa that trees are talking to him in an upset voice (to make it sarcastic), in reply Alexa speaks some military terms and plays music to prove it’s existence!
17 Apr 2019
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and that for funny reason..... The term gun is often used synonymously with firearm, but this is common only for civilian usage. In military usage, the term refers only to artillery that fires projectiles at high velocity, such as naval guns (which are never referred to as cannon) or tank guns. A gunner is a member of the team charged with the task of operating and firing a gun. By military terms, mortars and all hand-held firearms are excluded from the definition of guns. Two exceptions to this are the shotgun - which is hand-held, has a smooth bore and fires a load of shot or a single projectile known as a slug - and the machine gun - which is a fully-automatic weapon mounted on a tripod or bipod and almost always operated by a crew.
12 Aug 2007
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