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*******www.GreenJoyment**** If you live in an apartment, you can still grow vegetables. Milk jugs, potting soil, and tomatoes combine to make simple summer plants, and you can use something you're probably throwing away right now: milk jugs. This video will show you how to plant tomato and pepper plants in milk jugs for growing plants in a small space from reusable milk jugs. The inspiration for this: Carrie and I saw a TV commercial where they were selling some plastic thing you could buy for $20 to grow your own tomatoes. What's the point of that? People have plastic containers like milk jugs that they throw out every day. We actually got the milk jugs for our tomato plants from the coffee shop where Carrie works sometimes. Carrie told me that the coffee shop throws out at least 15 of these milk jugs EVERY day. That's unbelievable. (Think about the hundreds of thousands of milk jugs thrown out every day my the thousands of coffee shops across America alone). So we turned them into tomato planters. If you live in an apartment or have limited space, this could be a perfect way for you to grow tomatoes as well. Grow your own tomatoes and peppers from milk jugs. To get more great tips like this, visit *******www.GreenJoyment****
7 Jun 2009
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SS Engineers & Consultants are a leading supplier of food processing equipment and solutions. When planning a new processing line in an existing Plant or putting up a new production building we can engineer and advise the layout to achieve the best and most productive solution where the best products are produced. We can also plan where and how to make the milk-reception, pasteurizing-facility, filling/packing rooms, incubation, fermentation, and cold-stores, where to install Generators, Compressors, Boilers, etc. Contact us: SS ENGINEERS & CONSULTANTS #11-49, Morampudi Junction, Rajahmundry - 533107, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. Ph: (+91) 883 2426845, 46, Fax: (+91) 883 2430819
14 Oct 2019
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An educational relic, This is the Dairy Industry takes viewers on a stroll through milk and dairy products production in the 1950s. Some amazing statistics are also thrown out: it’s alleged that 30% of the American diet is based on milk products. The rows upon rows of machines and masses of workers who control them demonstrate butter churning on an industrial scale. As an enriching addition to facts and information about the dairy industry, the lifestyle of the middle class and mainstream American is also beautifully represented. This is the Dairy Industry is a wonderful walk through the milk plant and 1950’s culture.
3 Sep 2008
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Welcome to Food & Biotech Engineers(India) Pvt Ltd.( *******www.dairyfoodtech**** ), manufacturer & engineering consultant of food/starch/dairy & biotechnology plants. ISO 9001: 2000 certified company, established in 1999, at Faridabad. We are honored by Delhi for Self – Made Industries, Rajiv Ghandhi Shiromani, Business Sphere & Udyog Patra. We offer a wide range of engineering & construction services at Competitive prices and have expertise in supporting Turnkey Projects. Our product range includes Fruits and Vegetables Processing Projects, Herbal Extraction, Instant Tea & Coffee Powder Plant. Liquid Milk Processing, Dahi, Fat Butter Oil, Khoa, Ice Cream & Flavored Milk Plants are available in Dairy Processing Projects. Our range of Fruits & Vegetables Processing Projects include Lemon Juice, Mango Processing & Fruit Juice Concentration Plant. We offer Industrial Effluent Handling Projects that are widely appreciated in the market. Instant Tea & Coffee Powder Plants consist of Cleaning, Blending, Roasting, Grinding and Extracting. Filters, Dryers and Evaporators under Herbal Extraction Plant is our specialization. For the best quality products log on at – *******www.dairyfoodtech****
21 Jul 2011
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Station for domestic and industrial wastewater deep biochemical treatment Alta Air Master Pro is a modular treatment structure with unlimited capacity and almost unlimited functionality. Combination of biological and physical-and-chemical treatment allows receiving of guarantied results for ample quantity of parameters and reduce size and price of treatment facilities. Station for domestic wastewater deep biochemical treatment Alta Air Master Pro is an ideal solution for domestic wastewater treatment: • hotels; • resorts; • health resorts; • housing estates; • cottage estates; • microdistricts; • settlements etc. Presence of its own treatment facilities in the housing estate significantly increases site ecological value, its attractivity and resident comfort level. It provides stable profit for management company. Based on the stations for wastewater deep biochemical treatment Alta Air Master Pro, by implementing the range of important modifications, we have developed and successfully operated treatment plants for industrial wastewater treatment for: • milk plants; • poultry farms; • meat packing and meat-processing plants; • fish farms; • food industry enterprises etc. Alta Group Company focuses on ecological performance, durability, reliability, low costs of installation and maintains during the whole development and production cycle.
25 Jul 2018
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