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With the new power that Arcelor Mittal has gained from its move in the Automotive industry, some important questions arise in this demanding and important segment; how to think and act on a global platform? The group has come together very quickly in this new market to ensure that they remain customer focused and present one face to the client. In this episode see the new challenges being faced and the resolutions that Arcelor Mittal are introducing as they tackle this new global opportunity. Find more at *******
20 Feb 2007
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In the highly competitive arena of research and development, Arcelor Mittal today faces the challenge of integrating R&D departments worldwide. From cooperative projects to knowledge sharing and deciding the future of R&D departments, many issues must be addressed. In this episode, hear how Arcelor Mittal's people are facing these issues and what they are doing to make the integration a reality. For more information see
22 Feb 2007
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In the competitive market surrounding the Americas, Arcelor Mittal is a key player, moreso than ever before. In this episode, we explore the changes that the integration is bringing to its competitors, employees, plants and customers As globalization takes hold and becomes a vital strategy, hear first-hand what some of Arcelor Mittal's employees have to say about the challenges faced by the Americas, and how in the integration weaknesses can become strengths. For more information see
23 Feb 2007
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Assessing the impact of company procedure on economic, social and environmental issues is a key topic. Arcelor Mittal will not be admired by communities or society purely on being the most profitable. The Arcelor Mittal Foundation has been created to develop further programs in this area. Felicidad Cristobal has been visiting our sites all over the world seeking the best initiatives and practices for sustainable development. See some of the programs we are participating in which are enriching lives in society and those that are contributing towards preserving local values, beliefs and traditions. We are taking our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. For more information see
6 Mar 2007
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There's a group of people whose ears are peeled and whose eyes are riveted on every move made by Arcelor Mittal. Intimately concerned by all intentions and decisions, Arcelor Mittal's shareholders question, inquire, and anxiously await every next move. From past performance to future goals and potential, much is going on to instruct, disclose, reassure, and inform the shareholders. In this episode, we hear their voice, their concerns, and explore the impact of this century's largest merger on the company's shareholders.
17 Apr 2007
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There was a time when steel and concrete used to be two rivalling building materials. Today, however, architects combine the two materials, thus profiting from the advantages of both and soaring to previously unknown heights. This episode explores the differences between steel and concrete construction and the development of modern composite building, showing how Arcelor Mittal employs its worldwide know-how in order to contribute to building some of the highest towers in the world.
1 May 2007
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This episode gives a candid look into the mindset of Arcelor Mittal’s teams in dealing with environmental issues. With such an effect on the worldwide landscape, how they deal with these issues is of upmost concern to us all.
1 May 2007
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How can we face the challenges of future markets without compromising security? New markets are the key to a successful business future. But how can you detect them in time, understand their specific properties, know where to put your priorities? Courage and perspicacity are needed when it comes to accepting challenges and responding quickly to new situations. This episode explores the new markets of the future, showing how Arcelor Mittal faces political, economic and population challenges in China, India, and Africa.
17 May 2007
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Ten months ago, worries were that the merger of Arcelor and Mittal might not succeed, the integration of two completely different business cultures being an enormous challenge. To achieve integration, Arcelor and Mittal have emphasized transparent internal communication and created a new brand that symbolises the common values of the merged company. Now ArcelorMittal is prepared to face the huge challenges of our time such as climate change, sustainable development, and responsible leadership, and it is willing to lead the way.
24 Jul 2007
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this is the video of Mr. L.N. Mittal on his visit to IIT Bombay.... shot by me...........
9 Feb 2009
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Freida Pinto and Madhur Mittal on Danny Boyle and how he is a great director at Dubai International Film Festival - Slumdog Millionaire Interviews
20 Mar 2010
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Mittal vs Mittal tackles the issue of post-marital rape.Karan Mittal (Rohit Roy) plays an industrialist who is a total rich brat and is accustomed to having things his way.The film is directed by Karan Razdan of Girlfriend fame and produced by Dinesh Chug. It also features Hazel in as an item number.
10 Oct 2011
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