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This amazing high-tech modern washroom glass door works no less than a magical door. If you are unaware of the technology, you wouldn’t dare to go in.
17 Apr 2018
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Finance Leaders, isn't it time you expected more from your Accounting Software? Say hello to smart, intuitive, time-saving software, say hello; to bluQube!
12 Aug 2019
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Teasing modern technology could cost you your pants. Try explaining that to your girlfriend.
30 Mar 2006
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Old people using modern technology. Dangerous.
6 Apr 2006
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Fred Hassen CEO of "Sit Means Sit" dog training, frequently pulls youngsters out of crowds to show what a remote dog collar feels like and it's adjustability in modern technology dog training. Over the years, dog training has certainly changed for the better as far as advancements in people being able to maintain their own training, and in speed of training. Fred Hassen's "Sit Means Sit" Dog training, has long been the leader of remote dog training throughout the United States and Canada. This is a live video clip from a Fred Hassen demonstration at a home show in Tucson Arizona, showing the adjustability of a dog training collar and it's various levels. Fred Hassen's "Sit Means Sit" dog training, does not sell remote dog training collars to the general public without training, and does not recommend the training of a dog, without a certified "No Limitations" or "Sit Means Sit" Dog Trainer. For more dog training information, or information on their dog trainers, please see www.sitmeanssit****
24 Dec 2006
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Nick and Kris debate the marvels of modern technology. Gary uses his wonderful mind powers.
4 Mar 2007
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Dont Let The Fish Get You Fishing is the activity of hunting for fish by hooking, trapping, or gathering. By extension, the term fishing is applied to pursuing other aquatic animals such as various types of shellfish, squid, octopus, turtles, frogs, and some edible marine invertebrates. The term fishing is not usually applied to pursuing aquatic mammals such as whales, where the term "whaling" is more appropriate, or to commercial fish farming. Fishing is an ancient and worldwide practice with various techniques and traditions and it has been transformed by modern technological developments. In addition to providing food through harvesting fish, modern fishing is both a recreational and professional sport.Fishing is a very ancient practice that dates back at least to the Mesolithic period which began about 10,000 years ago. Archaeological features such as shell middens discarded fish bones and cave paintings show that sea foods were important for survival and consumed in significant quantities.
12 Aug 2007
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The BMW brand stands not only for modern technology but also for innovative design.
20 Sep 2007
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ARCAGILITY advertising agency arised out of need to offer the market from one place hole, qualitative service of modern technolog
1 Dec 2007
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get cable television *******www.easytvpc**** you can now get cable television on your home pc due to modern technology. Download the software and see for yourself.
12 Feb 2008
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As an homage to some of our favorite tricks, heres an old one that has been around for ages but some of you may not be aware of. In this video we show you how to utilize modern technology to always have your notes in plain view. We will do this by taking a common object that no one will think twice about and altering it to fit our needs.
10 Jun 2009
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We all have dreams. But how far are you willing to go to make yours come true? ILLUSIONSTUDIOS is an internationally renowned laboratory of original audiovisual formats developed for the entertainment industry. This factory of successes is currently positioned among the leading companies in Argentina and Latin America, in the production and distribution of film, theatre, television, internet and mobile contents of the highest quality. ILLUSIONSTUDIOS’ animated fantasies are the result of an original aesthetic development, modern technology application, a combined language of 2D traditional and digital animation, 3D animation techniques, live action and the use state-of-the-art visual effects (CGI). ILLUSIONSTUDIOS is a key piece for Argentina’s audiovisual development as it has produced and created the most successful animation film in the history of Argentinean cinema. Patoruzito competed against Hollywood mega-productions, keeping its position at the top of the audience preferences during months, not only in Argentina but also in other markets around the world. The top quality and inspiration are backed with our own 2D and 3D animation studio, the talent of a permanent 150-artist staff, 2D and 3D animators, cartoonists, designers, digital artists and technicians in every field of live production and animation. ILLUSIONSTUDIOS has the necessary tools to explore all artistic possibilities when the time comes to bring a character to life. The company not only conceives products from the original idea but it also has the distribution structure and the support to secure their positioning in the market. Therefore, treating each product from beginning to end, from the artistic as well as from the commercial point of view, positions ILLUSIONSTUDIOS as the major company in the market segment.
1 Jan 2011
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