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Mold Treatment with Mold Remediation Kit. <*******> Mold spores are present in the air and may settle onto surfaces if there is sufficient moisture. As the molds grow, they cause considerable damage. They leave a musty odor; they discolor fabrics; and sometimes they eat into them until the fabrics rot and fall to pieces. They also discolor leather and paper. We know how to stop mold and make your house clean. <*******>
24 Feb 2007
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Eliminate mold - it is possible! The answer depends upon what is meant by “completely eliminate mold.” To keep a building completely free of mold spores requires very efficient air filtration and is only accomplished in special situations such as hospital operating rooms and manufacturing “clean rooms.” Mold spores are in the outside air virtually all the time and some of them will get inside buildings. <*******> It is possible to keep mold from growing inside a building. Mold Remediation Kit is the key to controlling mold in interior spaces. Visit our web site to get more information <*******>
5 Mar 2007
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Cimbras, Encofrados, Formaletas , Formas, Moldes
8 May 2007
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Set up a elastomer mold in a very old machine
1 Jul 2007
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Con la ayuda de la computadora vemos el interior de un molde. El bebedero es la conexion entre la maquina y el molde.
1 Jul 2007
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This is a how-to video on the process of plastic cap making using dip molding.
13 Aug 2007
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This video is about hotels that use interior vapor barriers on exterior walls. This is vinyl wallpaper that has mold behind it. Did you ever wake up in a hotel room and have a stuffy nose
27 Aug 2007
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Crawl space designs are causing major problems. The Crawls space should not be vented the exterior. The crawl space should have a proper vapor barrier. The crawl space should be properly conditioned and de-humidified. If you smell musty odors or mold odors in home that have a crawl space, you have moisture, leakage, condensation and mold problems. For more information on this topic go to wwwhouseinvestigationscom---- good stuff. Marko Vovk
28 Aug 2007
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This is a video the the Mould Lab at the University of Oregon. Falco K9 Academy trains dogs that can detect hidden mold. This is the lab that we use to confirm the dog's findings and for our training aids.
2 Oct 2007
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This video segment will show you the basics of working with the TAP Silicone RTV System. This segment (Part 2) will show you how to mix and pour a bubble free mold.
19 Nov 2007
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This video segment will show you a few of the many ways to make mold boxes or containers.
22 Nov 2007
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Molded Peach
5 Jan 2008
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