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The fourth installment of "Those Little Moments." New York City traffic can be rough especially with how many idiots you find on the road. Here's a video of one such moron and our reactions to his stupidity.
24 Feb 2007
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The third installment of "Those Little Moments." We question the six year old about the things that are important to him in his life. What do little kids think about?
24 Feb 2007
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the best moments of world cup 06 including italias victory in 24 years
2 Mar 2007
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Funny Moments In Life " kids , bloopers , ) very funny
7 Mar 2007
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En geyik an [The Deer Moment in AntaLya (DOGAN CAR AUDIO)]
11 Mar 2007
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The narrator's name is the late Paul Frees. His distinctive voice can also be heard in several other Disney attractions such as "Haunted Mansion" (narrator), and "Adventure thru Inner Space" (narrator). In 1965, the figure constantly went into spasms in mid-performance. After thoroughly checking the robot's electrical system, maintenance realized that the show's power supply was fed by the same sub station that fed 600 volts to the Monorail. Whenever the Monorail, ran in these sections, there would be a power surge, causing Lincoln to spasm. Surge suppressers didn't work, so Lincoln's power line was run under Town Square and linked to another sub station behind City Hall. This was the first Disney attraction to show on both coasts simultaneously: New York Worlds Fair and Disneyland The 1st Lincoln figure built was shown at the Worlds Fair The 2nd Lincoln figure built was a spare never shown to the public The 3rd Lincoln figure built was a revised design and shown in the Worlds Fair second year The 4th Lincoln figure built was shown at Disneyland Buddy Baker composed the original music for this attraction. Voices: Pre-show narrator - Pete Renoudet Abraham Lincoln - Royal Dano Clip and info of Disneyland's Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln courtesy of DLDHistory****
22 Mar 2007
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We all have those uncomfortable moments. This is a moment between two friends, car keys and a heavy box... ENJOY! a LAUGH BUREAU production... we subsidize laughter
26 Apr 2007
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Chuck Woolery still talks about this classic moment that happened on October 27th during his hit dating show, Love Connection. www.lastcallcleveland****
26 Apr 2007
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very last moment in time - lidsay lohan
31 May 2007
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The clip collection of funniest football moment. must see!~
15 Aug 2007
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This is a section from Diggnation's episode 100 highlighting the funniest moments in the show over the past two years.
9 Jun 2007
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The best painful moments ever!!
7 Jul 2007
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